what we learn about the data rex mundi placed online

it has been uploaded twice 

the first one was uploaded to pastebin and downloaded more than 300 times 

it was destroyed but not good enough because with a search you could find some data (from the internal cache I suppose) that is how we saw that there has been data about Belgians 

we just search pastebin for @skynet.be and seperately @telenet.be and whatever address - a software could do that but everybody that I proposed this found this 'not interesting' even if I got around 50.000 belgian data during the Lulzsec campaign by only doing this 

than it was uploaded to another pastesite but it didn't stay online very long - but was downloaded again several times

than it was uploaded again to another pastesite and after 24h it is offline again (but not from Google cache - forgot that) 

at first view the data is not being uploaded elsewhere 

this protects the individual victims but not the file that has been downloaded (count 400 times) 

it means that once the data has been stolen and the mails with the question of payment has been sent and the cat and mouse game start, you will have to have a legal team ready with the necessary forms to block the content (although it will be much more difficult with some hosters) 

in fact the EC should subsidise a center like that that the hosters can trust that it is not used for censorships but just to keep illegal leaks with personal data from the internet (even if one can ask how pastebin can't do this from the beginning and be more pro-active)

now, for the networks that have members on that list, that doesn't mean that the risk is gone. The list with passwords and emailaddresses is still in his hands and you can never know what they will be doing with this. 

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