happy birthday to #Euromaidan while Ukranian Mad Max are still fighting the invading Russians

looks like a Mad Max car if you ask me - they made it themselves in the factory based upon the battlefield experiences

meanwhile at Euromaidan people are now remembering the fallen 100 and the people they lost there


We have hundreds of posting about Kiev, Maidan and Ukraine they are all here in chronological order

and this is when it for us all began and we started to take notice and from that moment on we were hooked and chose our site, those of the people for the people and by the people (in all there are about 800 postings about Ukraine since than). Several times our frontpage was even changed to show the importance of the burning tyres resisting the attacks every night or the invading russian tanks that have been coming without an end the last months.

we have also a tweetlist about Ukraine and in our main tweetfeed Ukraine is always on our mind (and in our eye). We always keep a close watch on what is happening in this new Front for democracy.

and this was one of the first barricades to appear in Kiev

and this is how it ended - when even snipers couldn't end the protest are killing a 100 people and wounding several hundred - they fled and the regime with them

and since one year they had military battles with defeats and success and two elections and a lot of support but not enough of it and yet after one year Putin only occupies 5% of the territory and didn't accomplish his strategic goal.... or not yet

but if anybody would have told us that one year ago, nobody would have believed that that was possible

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