Fake leaks, fake hacks but real leaks and possible leaks

There are some fake leaks around and as an alert blog you will get caught by them. The reason that we can get caught by them is that we have no authority whatsoever to test them. If we would test them than we would be breaking the law and than every stupid lawyer or just some of all the decisionmaker over here which would rather see me go could land me in court so I could lose my job and so on. Because whatever you do or say the fact that you land up in court means that you lose and there is no way that you can correct this. People will always think that there is still something to it and that suspicion will always stay - even if you are looking for another or better job.

So since ten years I have never been in court and I tend to keep it his way even if I was reporting and researching or discovering all kinds of leaks and breaches.

So we never test those leaks because the only test would be that I would try to use the published credentials to get access and that is illegal whatever you say about it.

It is up for the people who own these credentials or the services they use to do the tests and to take immediate measures of protection if that should be needed.

There are also sometimes hacks that aren't hacks because as in the case of some forum the forum wasn't hacked but the old admin had copied all the information of the members and placed it online. It is maybe not a hack but it is a leak and as such it stays a big problem.

So the information we publish here are possible leaks. Something some services need to check out and if it ain't a leak than it was worth testing it because if it would be a real leak than there would be a lot of trouble and work.

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