more mediawar than war during first day of protests in Belgium

First the riots during the first big demonstration in Brussels were the result of two unforseen factors

* the riots broke out at the beginning of the demonstration and not at the end of it, as each playbook will tell and has always been the case in Belgium. This made it extremely hard for the police to intervene 'en force'.

* as there were no big riots in Belgium for the last 20 years nor the police nor the organizers had planned for this because the probabllity of such riots was minimal. What both didn't really understand - like the media - is how angry people are over here and that some people want to show this in some particular (but unacceptable) way..... The last three weeks we have been daily bombarded with bad news for people who earn their wages from working.

This was the reason that there was also no real internal 'service d'ordre' that could isolate such elements, coordinate with the police and try to push back onwatchers and keep a distance between the demonstration and the riots.

so since than the governmental parties and the media have kept up the pressure - letting it sound as if we are going to some kind of civil war and rumours without any substance about Hooligans from Holland coming over and other hardened groups were coming to Antwerp. The NVA mayor has mobilized all possible police forces and is awaiting anxiously the first incident 'to intervene' as he has declared in the press.

and the media went with it as some socalled political analysts playing megaphone

and comments in other papers as everything is calm but for how long, when will the street battles begin

how sad they will be that the whole of the big industrialised Port of Antwerp and other industrial zones are going nearly totally down being blocked where they should have been blocked (at the entrance) and there will be no riots (if everything goes to plan) except if DeWever sends his troops to clear the streets and break the strike.

He has set a trap for the unions in Antwerp (demonstrate and I will intervene with all my forces after the first stone) but there is now a trap for him (you have all those forces and we are blocking everything that is economically important in Antwerp, so come and show that you want to break a strike).

at the end of the day we will know who won or if it is just remise (chess)

we will have another 4 days of strikes before the holidays

the media and the public officials should tone down their wartalk. There is no war, there is a show of force and determination. War is in Ukraine. That is war. Every day since a year.

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