#regin it took 3 years to discover first versions (2008 - 2011)


it was re-analyzed yesterday as the news came out but the creation data is in march 2008

now look at this

probably this will be because there has been some problems with some files during a migration to windows7 or server windows8 (launched in 2009 but companies mostly wait 2 years before introducing a new system - and this shows why this is in fact a securityproblem).

and this is probably why it had to be replaced urgently by a newer version as Symantec writes in her report - it is an DOS executable and in windows7 the access to the kernel is rewritten and limited and so all those files that before had unchecked access to the kernel like in Linux :) lost it ..... and sometimes were analyzed.  And this is also the reason that Belgacom started investigation its mailserver that after an upgrade was behaving strangely.

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