war of words in France about VUPEN

There are for the moment two strategies that are confronting each other in the debate about the freewheeling seller of zeroday attacktools (that aren't covered yet by antivirus companies) VUPEN (in France)

The military say that VUPEN has crossed the red line and that that 'problem' should be revolved soon, meaning that the French state with all its power will come crushing down on them. Vupen understands that power and has announced that they will deplace their offices to Luxembourg and the US (probably because many of there biggest clients like the NSA are over there).

At the other side of the table are the spies and the cyberattackers/defenders who say that in a war of shadows like this you can't let this kind of knowledge and these kind of tools leave to nations that could be your attackers some day (or already are attacking you).

this article in french is a really good read (use google translate) http://lexpansion.lexpress.fr/high-tech/les-mercenaires-de-la-cyberguerre

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