#regin everybody knew it now - even some as far as 2003

this the race to backtrack the files and to claim the discovery

probably the package is based on all the older knowledge and all the new things that were tested out at the time or added over time so it is possible that you will find files or code dating long time back and others that are newer or seem more complex 

"The date of origin of Regin seems to be a point of contention in the industry. Symantec claims the malware originated in 2008, Kaspersky Labs’ global research and analysis team reckons early traces of the virus became known in 2003, and a Telecoms.com source from the infosec industry told us that it was around even before then.


Finnish security vendor F-Secure says it came across the virus in 2009, and claims it’s a purely cyber-espionage toolkit used for intelligence gathering. “It’s one of the more complex pieces of malware around, and just like many of the other toolkits it also has a long history behind it. We first encountered Regin nearly six years ago in early 2009, when we found it hiding on a Windows server in a customer environment in Northern Europe,” the firm says on its website.


The server had shown symptoms of trouble, as it had been occasionally crashing with the infamous Blue Screen of Death. A driver with an innocuous name of ‘pciclass.sys’ seemed to be causing the crashes. Upon closer analysis it was obvious that the driver was in fact a rootkit, more precisely one of the early variants of Regin.”


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