#regin two important things we are looking in now - while everybody is feeling secure

this based upon analysis of the NSA documents and of information that was leaked during the Belgacom investigation

* we are not sure that there is no more recent version of Regin than the one of 2008 - 2011 and we still have to be sure that the version 2013 was installed before or after discovery and what are the differences between them

* we are not sure either that there is only a windows Regin and that there is no version or no files for the other OS - as you remember the NSA was talking in her slides about a virtual component that was placed on the harddisk BEFORE the OS whatever the OS and that also unix machines were attacked 

there is no clear proof of both things but we are searching 

so don't feel too safe now

because that may have been the intention

remember it is a spyoperation by spies for spies

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