the Dutroux documentary (VTM) and the Dutroux files and the unprotected judicial files

When you are watching the Dutroux Documentary on VTM you will see from time to time pictures that come from the judicial files that were used during the trial.

first it is strange that pieces of a trail are used because I am sure if those files are public

but secondly there is a reason for this and I know very well why there is a reason for it

those pictures probably come from the DVDroms that the journalists received during the trial to make it more easy for them to follow the trial and to do their reporting

only there was no protection on those DVDroms - not on how to access them (password) not on the files themselves (encryption eventually with timebomb)

in other words these files of this trial where easily copied and distributed and if you knew how to strip away the source of the files than you could do that without any danger

I have always found that enormously dangerously and even though there seems to be some law that makes it a crime to distribute these files they could be found in a newspaper or with any interested people or on the internet (part of it on wikileaks)

and it is not that the parliament doesn't know because they have a copy of these DVDroms to show how dangerously it is that these kind of documents is distributed freely without any protection (especially if it isn't that hard or expensive to put impose those protections).



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