fanning : some kids lost their digital virginity online and some online firms should protect them better

yep this is one screenshot ..... and the most innocent part of the fanning collections that were downloaded from icloud because they had forgotten to active the most active defense against passwordguessing being prohibiting bruteforce attacks in which thousands of passwords could be tested without any alert

but you have to see the files to understand the real disaster is that these are youngsters who will find some of these files on all kinds of fileservers and pornservers (there is pornographic stuff in it although not that much even if I didn't look at or downloaded each of the thousands of files)

maybe we should demand from online organisations that they protect the files of our kids higher than our own. if we make a stupid sextape than it is our own fault, we are adults - but we can't control them every minute of the day or control every contact or movie they make - so it is up for the online organisations to give them a safer and more secure online environment

and really this is innocent stuff

once digital, it can travel anywhere anytime and once it is out there or with someone else it is gone - out of control - out of your control

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