how to find anything online if you take your time and you know how

there are 5 ways to find anything online

first is Google  

  and than you have to make first a Google account so you can use the advanced search options

  if the data or some of the data has disappeared from Google you should use BING

  there are some operators "term"  you use to find any data in which there is only that term

   "mymailadres"  will give you everything with your emailadres in it

   than there is the period  (last week, last 24hours, last month) but you always will have to use it without time indicator because that indicator doesn't work that well - it is only interesting to find links that have a good time indicator

   you can also limit to a certain domain or site  site:.....

   another interesting is  filetype:txt for example of .cvs   or .pdf  or .whatever

secondly there are torrents

   here you will have to search at torrent search sites because many links aren't in the searchengines anymore

   you will have to use several because there isn't a google for the torrents

thirdly there are the online forums; IRC and usenet

    several of those forums are blocked off from Google and other search engines

    you have to be member to  be able to see the postings and in some cases you have to upload information that others like to have access to data yourself

    for this you probably will need another identity

    for USenet there are few interesting services that are free and for IRC you have really to be careful for viruses, for snoopers and that you have gone through several proxies because on pastebin you will find a whole lot of IRC logs with the full networkname of your identity.

fourth there is twitter with links to download dumps

   so with the download file servers you will find thousands of files online on these servers

   and they are not necessary on Google or they make no sense (who knows that xhx.avi is the latest film for example)

   they are sometimes only on twitter links to such files so you will have to find the necessary twitter links

Fifth there is TOR where you need to download the client and than to follow our guide to find or search for the files - many services are invite only

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