update : this blog is FORBIDDEN TO PUBLISH ANY information about online MENSURA DATA

due to a complaint from the lawyers of Mensura we are not allowed to post specific links to the data

we didn't even publish any direct links just how to find it and even than it was just a posting about using Google to find that data

things anybody with a little bit of intelligence and internetknowledge can do

well you have to learn it yourselfs because I am forbidden to write anything about how to find any particular set of data

so people will continue to think that their data is not online anymore

IT is still online

I know how to find it but I can't write about it

or this whole blog will disappear

which is just what mensura wants

to 'make believe' that the data is not online anymore

and that I am not allowed to publish anything anymore

nothing even not a hint

but believe me that data is ONLINE

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