since the forget me ruling Google (and yahoo and bing now) are no internet index anymore

they are only part of the internet and they are becoming more and more irrelevant

we will work on that in the coming weeks by preparing more specific searches to bypass this censorship

(how do I know it is censorship because when I search for the names of spies that are in my books about the latest espionage scandals of the last years (to understand Snowden) it is clear that information has been deleted because it is mentioned under the first page with the search results)

for the moment some say that you can find the urls's that are being abolished in Europe in other versions of the Google search machine

but meanwhile the effect is enormous (and it is bigger than the millions of urls's to pirated content because this is about legal content but that some people for some reason don't want you to see anymore in Google)

"Google was the first company to publish a form to make such requests, and has so far received more than 174,000 requests covering more than 600,000 URLs, removing 41.5% of them from its search results. Now it has been joined by Bing and Yahoo.

for those who have known the internet before Google

we are going back to local searches and linkindexes and keeping information you have found online because you never know how long it will stay online

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