#sonyhack : DDOS attack against PC clients hosting Sonydata on Torren

"Multiple sources are reporting that the links to the torrents for the stolen Sony internal data were posted on Pastebin late Monday morning. Less than an hour after that post went live, the individual hosts that were sharing copies of the Sony data came under sustained denial-of-service attacks apparently aimed at keeping the files from being shared with other torrent users. http://krebsonsecurity.com/2014/12/sony-breach-may-have-exposed-employee-healthcare-salary-data/

If you know how P2P or bittorrent works than you know that if you don't delete the torrent in your client after you have downloaded it, you are sharing it with the whole world. You are becoming a publisher, a website in fact. 

In this case it makes it enormously difficult for Sony to get the data off the web, but it seems that some operatives (it is hardly Sony itself because this is illegal in some countries even if you can't file a complaint because you are hosting illegal stolen files) are using the DDOS weapon to slow down the computers or sharers of their files to limit the spread.  

This is an interesting development in the Torrent world because it can inspire others and because it will also have effects on routers and other installations not only of ISP's but from customers. You can start a DDOS but you will never because of the nature of the internet control all the fall-out of a DDOS attack

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