#sonyhack : how northkoreans deny the hack with newsspeak that they have done it

"Reacting to the news that North Korea is behind the attacks, a person claiming to represent GOP told Salted Hash:

"We are an international organization including famous figures in the politics and society from several nations such as United States, United Kingdom and France. We are not under direction of any state.

"Our aim is not at the film The Interview as Sony Pictures suggests. But it is widely reported as if our activity is related to The Interview. This shows how dangerous film The Interview is. The Interview is very dangerous enough to cause a massive hack attack. Sony Pictures produced the film harming the regional peace and security and violating human rights for money.

"The news with The Interview fully acquaints us with the crimes of Sony Pictures. Like this, their activity is contrary to our philosophy. We struggle to fight against such greed of Sony Pictures."


if you read it you will see that this is typical propaganda newsspeak tactics 

The action is not against the Film because the film is against North Korea but because it harms the regional peace because the dictator in North Korea is so mad about the film that he is capable of doing anything (saying that more attacks and even military incidents can be expected) and so the film harms regional peace and for this reason this film shouldn't have been made because is angers the great dictator. Sony should only have made films that the great dictator likes personally so he isn't so mad that he wants to turn his anger into a destructive attack - cyberwise or military 

so we can expect more such attacks, military incidents and threats from the Great Dictator in the coming weeks 

the only question is how the Chinese will respond or if they will try to calm it down

at the other side, don't be surprised if the film gets a limited distribution and only in specialised festivals and so on and if paychannels won't program it in their library 

with the same reasoning we shouldn't have made any film about Hitler and the Nazis because we would be afraid of his reaction and the same about Ukraine (even if we are holding the same discourse to the Ukraine people all the time, that they shouldn't anger Putin and should try to negotiate something with him instead of resisting)

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