#sonyhack : more internal documents published

"In the documents viewed by Salted Hash, the sales items were for airing rights to various shows such as Dr. Oz, Judge Hatchett, Outer Limits, and Stargate, SG-1. The documents also disclose details related to syndication rights for sitcoms such as King of Queens, Seinfeld, and Rules of Engagement.

While internal sales data is bad enough, the data dump has the ability to make Sony's situation worse.

It includes an internal phone list and organizational chart, complete with names, titles, departments, phone extensions (with outside line dialing information) and cellular phone numbers. The phone list was created in 2009, but it covers the company sales teams in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, and New York. http://www.csoonline.com/article/2852982/data-breach/sales-contracts-and-other-data-published-by-sonys-attackers.html

The full first package is only 25 GB ..... out of the 11 terabyte that was claimed first 

now they claim to have more than 100 terrabyte and they say they will continue to publish information 

but the files are old - which means that they probably have gotten an hold on backupservers (also) which is interesting because those are not always (very rarely in fact) encrypted and the access is not always controlled that strictly. It also explains why so much information could have left the company because it could be that a big filetransfer is totally normal in the backup process 

* hey jan what is this enormous surge in data traffic

* oh, it is the backup processes

* do we do a backup now ? 

* don't know have to ask the backup people, they change all the time when they do backups 

* okay, let's go on to the next incident, attack, malware 

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