#sonyhack this was a digital Waterloo for network defense, these files show everything was taken

this is an example of the PC's that were taken over

this is part of 1600 linux unix VMware sometimes servers of all kinds

we said all the time that probably some backupservers were also impacted

well here it is

and this is from the list of windows servers  that were found on the network (of the 800)

you will see that there are even windows2000 still on the network and a lot of 2003 servers - this is really OLD

you also see an SMTP server

and what is also interesting is that the excell file for the computers is dated in JULY 2014 while those of the servers just seem to be made yesterday.

well this can mean that the operation started in july somewhere or earlier and that between those date the operation was set up, one step at a time, patiently working through each server, each filestack and each connection, preparing the next step and hiding your tracks

so this could mean that this wipe-attack was just the explosion of thousands of time-bombs that were placed to set off now - coinciding with the film which confirms the possiblitiy that it were the North Koreans as they mostly want their cyberattacks or hacks (becoming public) at certain specific dates or linked to certain events

you have to look through my other open intelligence sources to find the links, sorry guys I have the lawyers from mensura on my neck seeking revenge

it also means that there is no secret information more about the internal network of Sony and it also shows that their internal network was enormously outdated which makes it somewhat responsable for what has happened. If you don't have bunkers to isolate and protect your valuable data inside your network you can as well place it online for everybody to download if your network itself is not secured or is penetrated (or your staff is infiltrated).

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