tool to abuse vulnerabilities to ddos sites off the web

" After making public release of DAVOSET (, I've made next update of the software. At 23rd of October DAVOSET v.1.2.1 was released - DDoS attacks via other sites execution tool ( Video demonstration of DAVOSET: Also yesterday I opened a repository for DAVOSET: Download DAVOSET v.1.2.1: In new version there was added support of attacks via WordPress, based on XML support since v.1.1.2 (released at 31.07.2013). After vulnerability in XML-RPC PingBack API in WordPress was found last year, I added support for XML in DAVOSET (to use with XXE vulnerabilities, but it also can be used with this vulnerability). After that people many times asked me to add this support, but nobody wanted to do it by himself, so I added it. Also there were added new services into both lists of zombies and removed non-working services from lists of zombies. In total there are 175 zombie-services in the list. I added 3 and removed 18 zombie-services. I removed a lot of vulnerable sites from the lists, because admins became fixing holes at their web sites in summer - after significant increase of use of my tool.

which means that if your site or webservice is vulnerable it can now not only be hacked but also be abused to attack other sites with an DDOS and abusing about your traffic (if you don't have an unlimited account or just getting your blog or site of the web because it is being abused in such an attack)

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