windows10 will be the perfect platform for securitymanagement for networks

"The new Windows will also offer a unified user experience across all devices, from PCs to tablets to phones. Microsoft drew closer to that with Windows 8, but Windows 10 will complete the vision. The new OS will also offer a universal platform for developers to deploy apps. That's something even Apple lacks, as its Macs, iPhones, and iPads all operate on different -- albeit similar, in the case of the phones and tablets -- operating systems.


Offering a universal experience in which a phone app closely resembles its tablet and PC counterparts should provide a seamless experience for Windows users as they switch between devices. This will actually expand beyond phones, tablets, and PCs: Nadella said he expects Windows 10 to power even "the smallest Internet of Things devices," offering the same experience across the board.

now read this from a security point of view 

you can have in your network the same patching, logging, antivirus and other controls for whatever tool the person is using (desktop, server, laptop, tablet, phone) as long as it is windows10 

imagine that, collecting your logs from all the different tools and putting them in one database being able to follow the attack on a pc, the penetration of his phone and extracting of his address book and than the attack on some-one else in the office or on a server .... 

imagine having one antivirus, one patchmanagment, one application or softwaremanagment for all your tools 

it is not only developers and programmers who may be able to re-use more or less the same code for apps on tablets that become software on desktops or serverbased applications on servers but in the first case it makes it possible for the security-industry to now make real platform for the platform that will give the network- and securityadministrators the possibility to englobe their whole network whatever the tool or the location with the same securitysolution as long as it works on windows10

this change is as big as the famous memo by Bill Gates about security because this changes security in the networks fundamentally from a fragmented always too late solution to a global solution that after the migration and the knowledge management can start to think more preventive and make attacks from taking place instead of trying to stop or correct them

off course, there will be new holes, new strategies and new mistakes but that won't offset this revolution that is now only theoretical but - if the security industriy has any vision left in their immediate salesvisions - also practical. If they don't than I think that Microsoft will develop and integrate its own solutions for its platform and than you will have all those shortvision norisktakers cry to the European Union and the US administration about a new monopoly and so on. If they want to be ready for this revolution - and help make our digital world much more safer than it will ever be possible to make it today - they should start today 

just as Mozilla browser crashed when Microsoft put all of its intelligence and power behind their IE - now much less attractive than at the time - and the linux desktop that was going to replace windows crashed when windows7 came it may be a time of adapt or crash for the too fragmented security industry 

the future is in overview of everthing digital in your network or enterprise and that overviewplatform is in the making and it is not the totally fragmented unixmarket or the confusing Applemarket or the even more individualized androidmarket 

imagine, whatever phone or tablet or desktop you take you have the same stringent security that can be updated anywhere anytime anyhow 

this is also a new securityservice opportunity for ISP's and other operators 

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