Belgian Mobile Networks used for Mobile attacks from Inception espionage network

the following Belgian mobile networks were used in these Inception attacks and had mobile malware MMS files being sent over

this shouldn't surprise anybody as Brussels is the diplomatic capital of Europe

we should also remember that in Belgium NOBODY is responsable for MOBILE attacks because the CERT (already underfinanced and understaffed) is NOT responsable for the MOBILE networks, they say that the Belgian mobile operators themselves are responsable

the belgian mobile operators are shouting every so many months about the successes of the mobile data revolution blablabla but there is NO MOBILE CERT and the latest news from PROXIMUS is that the securityteam is responsable for FRAUD but not for malware

this seems to be the responsability of the mobile users but he doesn't know that the mobile datatraffic is not filtered and protected and scanned as is the case with the normal traffic and that there is no securityteam that is looking at and investigating attacks in the mobile traffic

and in any case, very few mobiles are in se secure, they are as secure as computers were 10 years ago (and the same for tablets)

Proximus 197

Mobistar 78


but these are targeted attacks against certain specific targets, so these numbers can't be high

You should read the Inception report - see previous post because there is so much information in it

it is time that somebody in Belgium starts worrying about mobile attacks while our ministers use all kinds of insecure mobiles

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