Refuse to fill in any national registry servicenumber in Belgian webservices period

if they want all that information they should

* protect it behind locked down webservices hidden after logins with double authentification

if they can't give you that security

you should refuse to fill it in or fill numbers in that are partly correct (the known numbers are your birthday and if you are a boy or a girl all the rest you can fake)

just refuse it or fake it - that will learn them

and in fact institutions and organisations that ask for information online should ask for as little as strictly necessary if they can't give you a secured environment behind a locked down extranet with double or hard registration (and not with the full explanation online of how to do that like the army did with its extranet for Human Resources)

it is your power to refuse because they have no legal or other base to ask you for that number, none  and surely not if they can't secure it

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