#Rex Mundi hacks two Belgian online Temporary work agencies with 6000 files to come online

due to legal threats we can't give the source of the information - if you are smart you will find it yourself

the sum is now 5000 Euro they ask - so nor the bitcoin enormous sum nor the let the curious pay something in some small bitcoin cent seem to have worked

this is back to the beginning for Rex Mundi

we were already sending alerts through different channels but to no avail - every one thinks that they won't be next - so if your security is so lax that you leave sql injections and other security mistakes - why in the hell do you think that you won't be next - do you have a guardian angel or something ?

you are just an url in a database and an application that will test your defenses

there is nothing more to it

for all those not understanding this blog and jumping to conclusions

* I am not Rex Mundi and I have no links to Rex Mundi

* I do not hack nor do anything that is not strictly within the law

* and if I didn't try to make people aware of the dangers with this blog and setting up an open intelligence network than it would even be much worse

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