we would ask one thing from #Rex Mundi - one thing only - don't publish the national registry

do not publish the national registry numbers please they are the UID of every belgian

and the only victims of you publishing this are the victims which will already be victimized again and not because you have published emails and telephone numbers and so on, but because you have also published the unique number they can't change and that will be the their UID for the rest of their lives

and this is the only GOOD thing you can do - it is nearly christmas right ?

it is only one column and won't make the difference in the leak but it will make a world of difference to all the people involved - the simple people that is

nobody else in Belgium cares if you publish these numbers - the privacycommission don't want to ask the online webservices to stop asking them and the online webservices themselves are just thinking of amassing all the possible information without any more security controls

I could ask you not to publish the information but that is something impossible to ask - not publishing the national registry number of the database is something you can do and

something that you have already did before - not publishing the national registry number because we asked you

if nobody in Belgium cares about the use and security of that number in Belgium, except me harrassing the privacycommission and some online webservices about it for years with not much effect I would say - than we could do just one thing good

that is not to say that I agree with your methods or your criminal enterprise - but that you knew already

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