#rexmundi hack we confirm Tobasco.be has lost numbers of bankaccounts (2000 or 100)

It wasn't with z-staffing.org but with the form of tobasco.be that there was the possibility to fill in your bankaccount numbers

they have lost about 2800 accounts

but the export of the data seems to be problematic, in the table it is shown as x.xxxxxE+13 where x is a number of an account that we have changed - so without the 13 other numbers we aren't sure what the number will be and it is not clear if he has been able to download the numbers of the accounts fully and is this a bad export to a table that could be posted on dpaste or if this is the form in which he has some bank accounts

if he has all the bankaccountnumbers in full than he has about 2000 bankaccounts with all the personal details of the people involved

if he has the bankaccountnumbers in the short manner than there are only about 100 bankaccountnumbers in full that were short enough to be downloaded or published in full

now, don't start crying victory because it would be a false victory

we don't know anything and because we don't anything and we live only on suppositions we should suppose only that all that data has been compromised and as it is compromised we shouldn't use and we should change it


and even if he doesn't publish the bankaccountnumbers in full than he can sell them or just upload the full dataset to a real fileserver

anyway, the Belgian banks should urgently start with organizing some methodology to respond to cases like this - informing the victims is not enough - you should help the victims and you should give them the compensation for having to change a lot of administrative things

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