#rexmundi leaks what we see and what we don't

  • first we don't see the national registry numbers which is good if that was the intention - we say that you should never fill that in online or any other personal or financial information if you don't have all the necessary security settings (like https, like being protected behind another login screen, etc....)
  • Secondly we see that some people have not filled in all the information which shows that people sometimes begin to think like we do - if you don't need it, you shouldn't get it
  • third the passwords are protected somewhat

but we see

id	langID	hiant_id	cv	tel	naam	email	busnr	office	huisnr	straat	diploma	
postcode voornaam gemeente
paswoord opmerking creationdate nationaliteit geboortedatum geboorteplaats burgerlijke_stand

we have emails and if somebody is still married and the address and so on

and we see

id eid hiant_id video_id arbeidsstelsel cv tel naam type email active straat
statuut bedrijf postcode paswoord
voornaam gemeente opmerking loginnaam fiscale_code creation_date nationaliteit
geboortedatum rekeningnummer geboorteplaats burgerlijke_stand fiscale_code_temp

not everybody filled in their NR of their banc account (wise) but some did and they may have to get some
special protections and maybe change their number of their account viewing the number of personal details
that are published and makes it easier for fraud and phishing

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