#belgacomhack the securityquestion for Cisco to answer

"The most serious discovery was that the large routers that form the very core of Belgacom’s international carrier networks, made by the American company Cisco, were also found to have been compromised and infected. The routers are one of the most closely guarded parts of the company’s infrastructure, because they handle large flows of sensitive private communications transiting through its networks.


"Earlier Snowden leaks have shown how the NSA can compromise routers, such as those operated by Cisco; the agency can remotely hack them, or physically intercept and bug them before they are installed at a company. In the Belgacom case, it is not clear exactly which method was used by GCHQ—or whether there was any direct NSA assistance. (The NSA declined to comment for this story.)


"Either way, the malware investigators at Belgacom never got a chance to study the routers. After the infection of the Cisco routers was found, the company issued an order that no one could tamper with them. Belgacom bosses insisted that only employees from Cisco could handle the routers, which caused unease among some of the investigators

so CISCO you can now explain what you have done lately to make it impossible to do the same attacks again because if you don't than we can't be sure that every CISCO router can fall victim to the same attacks and than we have only two choices

* install very strict securityrules and controls

* change the routers to another firm that can guarantee this security and is not from China

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