#belgacomhack this is the most important desastrous fact for Microsoft

"Before long, Fox-IT discovered strange files on Belgacom’s email server that appeared to be disguised as legitimate Microsoft software. The suspicious files had been enabling a highly sophisticated hacker to circumvent automatic Microsoft software updates of Belgacom’s systems in order to continue infiltrating the company’s systems.

this has been one of the most discussed possible attacks in the securityworld since

years and it was at the time giving the biggest scares at the thought that this would be possible

imagine that you would be able to circumvate this update process or inject it with malware, the possibilities are enormous because this is the most trusted updatechannel ever having access to all systems everywhere on the world on whatever network - even the most secret

the fact that they were able to do this and also falsify the Microsoft certificates poses enormous problems for Microsoft

the question is not if they knew this or if they wanted to help the NSA through this backdoor (or some-one in their organisation without telling anybody else)

the only question is what are they going to do to make it impossible that their updateprocess - which is of vital importance for the security of millions of computers and is the most efficient one in the world - is compromised again - even by an operation by the NSA

trust is total or there is no trust, there is no partial trust, you trust something or not and if you can't trust the update process of Microsoft totally than you can't trust it and than than you will have to put securitycontrols in place and they will at one time or another intervene with the updateprocess (false positives)

so Microsoft ?

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