#anonymous hacks swedish governmental emails in revenge for piratebay takedown

well, imagine the passwords of this kind of emailboxes being published on the web and nobody tries to take down the link and so everybody has access to these boxes

this is but one publication but the same team published other leaks also in revenge

and about the takedown

the piratebay said that because they were using 12 virtual servers in 12 different locations it would be impossible to take them down ..... but this is the theory of virtualisation but in reality there is always a mother or a server that takes all the load while the rest just thinks that you will never try to take them down and that they will never need so much power (and keep down the costs)

another thing is that if you work with domainnames than you have to control the dns server and the ip addresses to which they are linked but if you take down one ip address and it is not possible to add another one than you are cooked

taking down infrastructure like this and TOR takes much more time but in the end you will take it down - except as with Wikileaks several years ago thousands of people start serving a copy on their own servers

maybe this is a model for piratebay to follow

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