#luxleaks the first whisthleblower arrested but he was not alone

source http://www.icij.org/blog/2014/12/i-acted-conviction-pwc-whistleblower-speaks-out

the article shows some interesting things.

First it was said that these agreements were so secret that they were hardly communicated about in PWC but here we have some-one who had access to them in a database and was not implemented in setting them up becasue he was disgusted by them.

Secondly he took them with him when he left the firm (like Snowden) but nobody checked what he did, what he knew and what he took with him, even if there were documents that were considered highly secret

third he lost control over the documents and who got them and who did something with them just as Snowden lost control over his documents in which parts are going around the world

fourth there are others and they are hunting them down, one after another and I only hope for them that those who have used the documents have found all the obvious and secret indicators that will facilitate their job (one stupid but efficient trick is to change a letter in each copy)

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