#ukraine will decide the balance of geostrategic military power in Europe

why Russia thinks it can bully its borderstates militarily

CSTO Military Data Chart

into becoming a member of their socalled security alliance

Russia Military Alliance Map

in which you see why Ukraine is the missing domino as are uzbekistan, Georgia and azerajan

while trying to keep them from joining NATO

NATO's Expanding Membership Map

and also here you will that the whole geopolitical map changes when Ukraine joins NATO or is linked to it

because if you are linked to it, you are linked to the US and the US has the biggest military machine (even if it doesn't want to use it so massively as it did several times)

and you don't have to be afraid anymore of all those Russian troops at your border because there is a much greater and better shield once they begin to understand that that is necessary to keep the peace - even a cold war peace

and luckily Putin is doing is utter best the last year to convince even the most outspoken defenders of appeasement that it won't work and that Putin is clearly looking for a fight somewhere - the only question is where and when

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