#copyrigth defenders want to take on dns providers to take down sites (back to IP numbers than)

when I started on the internet I had lists with IP numbers of servers on a page

dns and domainnames only came later

the copyrightholders want to go back to that

they want to marginalize copyrightinfringing sites like that

but it can bring down one of the most essential parts of the internet as we know it today

"The MPAA’s legal argument centers on the claim that DNS records are working as an index or directory rather than simply routing data. If that argument holds, then the DNS links could be vulnerable to the same takedown notices used to strike torrent links from Google searches. The net effect would be similar to site-blocking, making it as easy to unplug a URL as it is to take down a YouTube video. It would also cast DNS providers as legally responsible for all the sites on the web, the same way YouTube is responsible for every video uploaded to its network. For many providers, simply managing the flood of notices might create a logistical nightmare.

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