We are closing down for always....... update 21 12 (this post will be updated)

update 21/12

1. my sources will stay online and may stay updated

the netvibes are a few hundred RSS feeds

the diigo are a nearly 200.000 links of which we will be liberating a few thousand that will be liberated in the coming days - they were private awaiting treatment

the lists with leaks and insecure belgium are a nice list of leaked data and insecure belgium sites that were hacked or are hackable - if you like to read than you should look at the list documents

the torguide is one of the best around

the twitterlist of leaks and other sources are a nice collection to start with

in January we will close down the following older blogs  insecure.skynetblogs.be, scams.skynetblogs.be be-hacked.skynetblogs.be -  we will place here the links to the pdf archives and others

2. I thank everybody for the support and I thank those who have enough trust in me to understand that I have always been truthful and that the only way to work with sources and contacts is by being totally open about your intentions and the information you have and I won't change that

3. in january I will help with some of the biggest breakthroughs in the fight for privacy in Belgium of the latest 10 years. But not in the limelight

4. meanwhile we are sliding to 2015 and we can only hope that it may only become better because it can't get worse with cybersecurity in Belgium than has been 2014



Some people have been playing a trick on me and my family

this is not worth it

you don't play with my family

after ten years, I have done enough

I have also a life

and other priorities 

It is for the state to invest and to do its work

not me and surely not against my family 


and a happy 2015

I am not coming back. Not this time


just to make some things clear

* I never hacked, I don't know hackers and I am not Rex Mundi, never was and I don't know who he is

* I am open for new opportunities or possibilities to work for a safer internet or network somewhere - only serious offers this time - but this blog will not be updated again but we will update through this post about the clean-up actions and what we will make or not make available

* I am available for other freelance work


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