#charlie It is easy to declare that you have to defend the absolute right of publication

It is easy to say that and to look like the big defender of press freedom and the freedom of speech but it is another thing to do it and to withstand the pressure, threats and insinuations 

I cried for the people of Charlie Hebdo, a paper I have known and loved and with which we grew up and even if we didn't read it or didn't always agree with it we were happy to see that it was still there 

The editor - who was the main target - said he didn't care what happened to him because he didn't have a mortgage, money or a family to care for. He just lived for his paper and his work and thoughts and those of others. This gave him an enormous freedom and you see by the reactions of other papers and press agencies that not everybody has that freedom or that courage. 

So after ten years in which we several times had professional threats, lawyers and were just walking on a rope between two buildings without a safety net, being confronted with a psychological operation against me because some-one out there thought that this was the way to get to my sources. 

And even than as a blogger I was not protected as journalists are against lawsuits, as a security-activists I had only the relationships of trust and confidence with the different people I was working with but there was no formal statue or procedure, I was totally on my own 

All those years, we just kept going, sometimes retreating to protect ourselves or our sources (because people are always more important thatn 'causes') or myself. 

I thought that I had to be more afraid of amateurs than of professionals because you never know what they want to do next and how they are going to try to execute it. The attack on Charlie Hebdo is clearly the work of amateurs that were maybe well trained in the military execution of a firefight but not in the preparation of an operation. 

So the closing down of this blog and more specificially the Belsec operations and .be monitoring and the actions with the cert, privacycommission and other institutions is a virtual death which is so little compared to the carnage in Paris. 

So the question is not  how can we find the attackers, keep Charlie Hebdo going and protect our official media against such attacks, but how can we extend the rights of investigation and publication in all the media platforms - officially recognized or not. 

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