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  • #ukraine changing the framework in which we think : Putin is a loser

    We all present and think about Putin as the big winner in this game he is playing now. But in fact he is a big loser.

    We should even pity him.

    He has assembled and trained one of his best intervention armies since long at the border of Ukraine which has an underpaid and underequipped army which is totally immobilized by a political strategic indecision, international pressure and operative limitations which make any real internal military action impossible. But after a few weeks he is still at the border and hasn't conquered one mile of Ukraine even if he was several times on the brink of giving the order to go ahead.

    He has mobilized one of the best organized intelligence and undercover organisations in the world to destabilize and take over a few regions in much the same way as Crimea and where there should have been enough breeding grounds for a popular armed insurrection against Kiev. After a few millions of dollars and hundreds of operatives on the ground there is not one region which is enough under control to be able to fly in the troops and to accept their demand to be part of the New Russia. Worse even in the cities where you have taken over several public buildings and immobilized every police force in the city the number of prorussian demonstrations has now dwindled to such a low number that next weekend nobody will come if you don't pay them more.

    He has now occupied the Crimea for a few weeks and already the shops are empty, the conversion of the local currency to the Ruble is a mess, the local minorities are beginning to protest against the abuses and the big plans to turn it into a Las Vegas or any other investment paradise won't fill the shops and the bankaccounts in the coming days or months. Every so many days new problems arise for which you are now responsable and you can't blame the Ukranian government while the total cost you will have to invest increases with billions every week. Internationally the annexation hasn't been accepted by any of the important countries in the world and legally there a number of complaints before the international courts that may cost a lot of money in the long term (compensations).

    Even if he can speak on television for 4 hours and even if all the main tv channels and the press don't see themselves as journalists but as soldiers of the army creating propaganda of sometimes even the worst kind, he doesn't have enormous demonstrations of people asking him to invade Ukraine to re-create the Old USSR or NeW Russia. Even if he has the best propagandists and an International propagandastation Russia Today to try to impose his framework on the political world and the media and even if he succeeds quite well because their opponents are some young web-enthusiasts from Maidan, Ukraine has never received so much money and support so quickly from so many states.

    and so I think he is beginning to feel very frustrated, unsure and angry (maybe even at himself) because every day that passes without some major developments he can use and the west is increasing its presence and influence at his borders he is proving that it is not by confrontation but by cooperation that ones assures the security of its borders and its political survival and that cooperation is being put on pauze in an ever extending number of domains every week

    and so we are moving back to the good old days of confrontation and cold war mentality but which at the same time look more and more like the endgame for Russia

    and so having despised Gorbachev for the loss of the empire of the USSR he is becoming more and more just like Gorbachev risking another series of 'buffers' before Moscow who want to become independent because you doesn't understand that cooperation makes better friends than threatening them with military power and sanctions and low-level guerilla warfare and destabilization

    with friends like that you need no enemies and you have to look for real friends and you go west instead of east

  • #ukraine rumours the Russian invasion plans are finalised but waiting for final go

    this based upon the fact that after the building of the medical centers just behind the Russian troops stationed at the Ukr border now Russian medical personel is being ordered by the Russian Ministry of defence to stay ready at the hospital to be able to be sent to the Ukraine at any moment

    it has been said to them that the decision to go has been postphoned several times already


    on Russian blogs there is also some speculation now going on

    but this can also be done the 9th of may which is also a day of victory parades over fascism

  • #ukraine this is how a proUkr hooligan manifestation looks like

    and on the channel you find more video's inclusive of some fights that broke out with prorussian manifestators who attacked them with bricks


  • #ukraine joke of the day - funny pic

  • #ukraine sick russian media interview blindfolded bloodied captured Ukr officers

    this is not a way to do journalism

    sick propaganda trick


  • Japan has a plan for a new GPS systems that could be correct on the centimeter

    source http://spectrum.ieee.org/aerospace/satellites/japans-plan-for-centimeterresolution-gps#.U1xSjt2bV7Q.twitter

  • #ukraine antinazi publication Searchlight calls for boycot of 'Russia Today' because of its links with international nazis

    We appeal to all anti-fascists not to accept any offers of screen time from RT and to think about the repression of anti-fascists in Russia on the receiving end from its present government.

    they do that on the basis of the fact that some of their experts that they often present on the screen are neonazis who are part of the extremeright eurasian thinking which is antisemite, antidemocratic and racist - even if they like Putin and Stalin as much as Hitler and Mussolini and despise even much more the USA, CIA, NATO and so on


  • #ukraine two incidents are taken place that may be used for Russian invasion

    it seems that the water to Crimea has been cut off and Ukraine is responsable for 85% of all water for Crimea and Russia says that Ukraine has cut it but Ukraine denies it and says that Crimea has stopped the pumps necessary for pumping the water from Ukraine into their bassin but also that Crimea has also a large outstanding debt to pay for its water

    the second incident is even more worrying, In the South of Ukraine is the biggest dump of firearms of Eastern Europe (about 1.5 million) and there are now shooting incidents around the place. even if some say that it is staged but there is some action there

    in any case it is sure that in case this place comes into the hands of the russian occupiers that there is a new problem

    and we don't have to count on the military and antiterrorist groups of Ukraine or their political-military leadership which have been wanting (even if the reason is that they don't want to have any death on their hands that could be used as a pretext for Putin to send his troops in (bored of drinking Coffee in a military crisis center where nothing happens)

    for my Ukr friends it is not the reality that is important now but how it is perceived and to influence this clear messages and clear acts have to be undertaken so that there is no misunderstanding

    nobody will critize you for sending a big battaillon of your army to protect this installation or take it back and to declare the zone a military zone what it in fact already is and to forbid anyone else with firearms - demonstrations or roadblocks or whatever

    this is the russian version (saying they are in control of the mines)

    "Soledar in the Donetsk region and attacked a checkpoint of pro-federalization activists, one of the leaders of local self-defense forces told RIA Novosti. Federalization supporters have blocked the way to the salt mines of Soledar, where the armories are located in order to prevent Ukrainian National Guard from getting their hands on the weapons.

    Protesters’ representative told RIA Novosti that the warehouses date back to the Soviet era and mostly contain large amounts of obsolete weapons, such as Mausers, Colts, Degtyarev machine guns and PCA submachine guns. Federalists retreated from the first checkpoint when the unidentified men attacked them, protesters’ leader told RIA Novosti. About 50 protesters, mostly unarmed, are now preparing to repel another attack at the second checkpoint Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_04_26/Unknown-gunmen-attack-pro-federalization-checkpoint-in-Ukraines-Soledar-3024/

    any gun that can still kill is not obsolete and if they are obsolete maybe the international community should have a program to destroy them and use the metal for better purposes

    but according to the Ukr army information they are in control of the dump and the Russians are attacking

  • #ukraine russians now trying to provoke Polish nationalism in Ukraine

    "Poles in the Zhitomir Region want to form autonomy with broad self-governance rights on the territory of Ukraine. According to the statements made by some representatives of that ethnic minority, "over the last decades they have been going through difficult times being prosecuted and discriminated against by the Ukrainian authorities". The Polish authorities support the idea to unite with their historic homeland. Over the past few years they have been freely handing out Polish passports on Ukrainian territory anyway.

    With Warsaw's approval the Ukrainian Poles started to demand that the authorities in Kiev give back TV broadcasting in Polish, revive the Polish street names in Zhitomir Region and open kindergartens and schools with the Polish language.

    Nationalists in Poland itself also came alive. The radical nationalist party of Ruch Narodowy together with the Hungarian Jobbik Party has published a joint statement demanding autonomy for the Poles and Hungarians living on the territory of Ukraine. In Warsaw maps are being published that show parts of Ukrainian territory as “originally polish”.
    Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_24/Ukrainian-territories-used-to-belong-to-Poland-turned-into-base-for-the-nationalistic-movement-7324/

    as they are trying to do with the Hungarian minority in Ukraine and the Ukrainan ultra-nationalists

    so this is interesting because there are hundreds of minorities all over Russia who would also like more freedoms and cultural rights and are now being throwin in prision exactly for asking that


  • #ukraine invasion date maybe set to tuesday ?

    than they have something to talk about at the military 1 may parades

    but there are also military parades like that the 9th of may

  • #ukraine the position of the (extreme) right parties toward Putin

    it will be interesting to see if an invasion will change anything

    source http://www.riskandforecast.com/useruploads/files/pc_flash_report_russian_connection.pdf

  • #ukraine different preparations for a war and invasion underway

    so it looks as if they were invited


    the president who visited the pope today has returned immediately to Ukraine viewing the present situation

    also the commancer Pelkrov has taken over the PR and public command of the Russian groups

    If Ukraine will want to take the post over there will be an exchange of fire and there will be reason for the nearby russian troops

    the russian generals are by the way in meeting now at the moment

    probably waiting what Ukraine will do with this provocation and waiting for their moment of glory before they die (of old age)

    and the Russians have positioned a new rocketlauncher at the border

    you can see it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rawG7lDLuIo&feature=youtu.be

  • #ukraine the real lesson of Munich 1938 and why we have to take a firm stand now

    Instead, the unique blunder of the Munich Agreement was to miss the opportunity to paint Hitler as a pariah, as an illiberal and warlike leader bent on upending the international status quo and therefore a threat to European and world stability. Instead of cloaking Hitler’s machinations in Wilsonian language of self-determination and nation-statehood, Chamberlain and Daladier should have characterized the Sudeten Crisis as a manufactured and base exercise in Machtpolitik. Rather than allow Hitler space to coopt the language of international norms, the legitimacy of the Czech border should have been defended with vigor and the rights of Sudeten Germans put in proper context—that is, a responsibility of Prague, not Berlin. In short, whereas Chamberlain in particular saw the Munich Agreement as an opportunity to cement Germany into a new European order, he and Daladier would have been much better off defending the extant one in word and in deed

  • #ukraine sending military material as 'force equalizer' on the table

    Also speaking at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center on April 25, U.S. Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) said he supports providing weapons and ammunition to Ukraine: “If they need them, we should provide them. I would support that.”

    He also said the U.S. should begin sending fuel and body armor to bolster the Ukrainian military’s capability, a concept known as "force equalizer."

    Levin, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, joined a chorus of U.S. lawmakers in calling for lethal aid to be sent to help secure Ukraine’s border with Russia.

    In an April 22 interview on the Charlie Rose Show, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) said that the U.S. should provide Ukraine with light arms, anti-tank, and anti-aircraft weapons, calling Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions in eastern Ukraine “eerily similar” to those of Adolf Hitler.

    When asked about the possibility of receiving lethal aid from the U.S. at a briefing at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on April 24, Ukraine’s deputy Foreign Minister Danylo Lubkivsky said that Ukraine "would definitely be interested to gain all necessary means to protect our country.”

  • #ukraine analysis of the propaganda effect of the sexinvestigation into Maidan by Russiantv

    With its ominous music, dramatic narration, ultra-reactionary pop psychology, and images that alternate between terror and titillation, The Furies of Maidan reinforces the notion that Russia is besieged by enemies who are psychotic, immoral, and perverted. Not only is post-Yanukovych Ukraine dominated by a fascist clique, it is controlled by unnatural women. “This is history according to Putin,” Moscow Times columnist Victor Davidoff told me. “Always blame sex-starved women, lesbians, and the CIA.”

    It’s hard to tell to what extent the average Russian TV viewer buys such crass and blatant propaganda. But there is little doubt that, for now, it has an impact. And perhaps the scariest possibility is that the Russian leadership itself is so caught up in these fantasies for mass consumption that it’s losing touch with reality.


    a very good read about a very very strange investigation even if it is propaganda in the west this is only seen by fringe channels and never on national tv

    it would never have passed any standards and it would never survive any pre-emptive trial to stop it from airing

    but this is russia

    you not only threaten and kill your opponents you psychologically try to torture them on national tv

  • #ukraine meanwhile in Parliament the democratic revolution continues

    Earlier this month, the group managed to get the law on the independence of public broadcasting passed. For Nataliya Gumenyuk, 30, a former public-television journalist who co-founded the independent, web-based Hromadske-TV, this is a watershed event. “We waited for this for years,” she told me. “I could not dream that it would become reality. Thanks to the pressure of civil society, the government is actually giving up the control of the state media.”

    Also adopted by Parliament: A bill on public procurement and another on the appointment of judges, both part of the fight against the corruption entrenched in Ukraine’s public life. Additionally, the legislature completed a reading of a bill on higher education that would give more autonomy to universities. Across the street from Parliament, the interim cabinet moved ahead with a crucial bill on decentralization that would give more power to the regions.

    it is this work that makes it all worthwhile and why we should be looking with pride and astonishment to Ukraine from here because they are moving much faster in the direction of a more democratic and open society than most of the other new liberated countries after the fall of the Berlin Wall or the second colour revolution

    this is the real revolution

  • #ukraine putin picture joke of the day

    for flemish readers there is some special publicity if we go on the page and the advertising is for a game (the stressman - play it now) only it was not intended to be next of a picture of Putin

    yes we are all under stress this weekend