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  • #ukraine tension at the border


  • #ukraine international observers OSCE are abducted by Russian mercenaries

    The hostages are reportedly being held in the State Security Service building in Sloviansk, which has been under separatists' control for two weeks. The authorities said separatists refused to release them until they consult “competent authorities of the Russian Federation.”

    we are living in very dangerous times - days - hours


  • everybody with a site at alfahosting.be should change its passwords NOW

    Rex Mundi declared yesterday that he has hacked alfahosting.be a Belgian cheap hoster with around 13.OOO client playing peanuts for hosting (and having penaut security)

    as I  have been following this hacker since nearly two years and know what he is capable of I alarmed the follwing services

    * cert (they don't have any power to impose a solution and certain actions on alfaphosting) they are only with around 3 persons for the moment, trying to do wonders

    * fccu (they are the policeservice for the internet in Belgium but for that you will need that the service that has been hit files a complaint)

    * the privacycommission as they have now new powers and could have send inspectors to the scene

    it was a very nervous day

    and there are monday a lot of questions to be answered by alfahosting.be





    or you can download them here if they are gone


    if you use the same password at other services you should change those also

    as the site has been online there is a possibility that there are still vunerabilities and backdoors so there is even afterwards a risk for your users especially if you have financial or personal data from them

    you are - as a person or as an organisation - still responsable for that personal and financial data of your customers and users and and you are now faced with the question if you will keep your site online (with all that data for which you are responsble) or close it down and move it elsewhere

    another thing you should consider is asking all your customers to change their passwords - just in case because the hacker has all the administrative passwords with full access to all these sites

    the last word hasn't been said about this case

  • #ukraine is this the weekend of the invasion ? Russia says so at UN

    It may get lost in today's headlines, but last evening the Russian ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, told the Russian media that Russia is considering citing article 51 of the UN charter, the article that applies to self defense, in order to justify the invasion of Ukraine.


    Gazeta.ru reports (translated by The Interpreter)


    The Russian ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin has announced that Russia has the international legal grounds for introducing peace-keepers into Ukraine in the event of necessity. Churkin told Interfax:

    'There are relevant norms in the UN Charter, Art. 51 of the Charter, which speaks of self-defense, and which we, by the way, activated during the conflict in the Caucasus in 2008," he said on the air in the program 'Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyev.'

    'So we have international legal grounds. There is the relevant decision of the Federation Council,' noted Churkin.

    At the same time, the ambassador emphasized that there was still a chance to settle the conflict in Ukraine through the Geneva accords.

    'The authorities in Kiev must show that they really mean what is written in the Geneva accords. I think that there is a chance to return to the Geneva agreement. In fact, there isn't any other rational path,' said Churkin.


  • #ukraine how the present government came about

    "With Russian media referring to it as "coup-appointed", Ukraine’s government has failed to convince many of its citizens of its right to be in office. Although its constitutional foundations are not rock-solid, every effort was made to embed them in strong parliamentary foundations. On February 21st, as part of a deal with then president Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine's parliament voted to reinstate amendments to the constitution, which had been made in 2004 and cancelled in 2010. These shifted the power to nominate most of the cabinet from the president to the parliament. Mr Yanukovych did not sign this resolution, and fled.

    There were no constitutional provisions for this: Mr Yanukovych was neither dead nor sick, and he had not been impeached. It was in these unprecedented circumstances that Ukraine's parliament passed, on February 22nd, resolution 757-VII: "On self-withdrawal of the President of Ukraine from performing his constitutional duties and setting early elections of the President of Ukraine." Of the parliament's 449 members, 328 voted in favour and none against. Subsequent resolutions, all passed with huge majorities, established that the speaker of parliament would become acting president, and Oleksandr Turchynov was voted into that role.

    Mr Turchynov promptly signed the return to the 2004 constitution, meaning his power was limited to appointing only the ministers of defence and foreign affairs who are also referred to as "acting". The rest of the cabinet was chosen by parliament, and since parliament was elected in 2012 for a five-year term, it could stay in office until 2017. Although prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has said he expects his "kamikaze" government to be short-lived, it is not, technically, "interim".

  • #ukraine picture of the bodies of the abducted and murdered Ukranians

    one is an elected official of the Party of Regions (of the ex-president)


    you will also find a russian version of the conversation between their abductor and their russian handler about what they should do with them  (aside from interrogating them)

    anyone has still the idea that the abductors are 'militants'

  • #ukraine putin's race against time, popularity invasion in Ukr falling

    this is a new poll but the older ones were a majority against, but in the east the majorities were smaller

    the neat effect of the occupations and the fights and demonstrations and abductions and killings and looting is that less people support the idea of Russia coming over especially if they see the dare state of Crimea with empty shops no salaries and armed gangs playing policeman

    time is running out for Putin

    but it will take some time before he accepts that

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  • #ukraine are antisemites working at Russia Today ?

    In recent interviews in Moscow with me and at RT's new studios in London, its reporters and producers revealed a view of the world, from conspiracy theories to other, more worrying beliefs, that should give cause for concern.

    According, for example, to Rory Suchet, RT's main news anchor, other news channels are controlled by "financiers" and "corporations". It is all, he told me, part of the "military-industrial complex" and he mused how some people believe "there is too much Jewish money in America". There is an argument, he suggested, that "Jewish money controls a huge amount of foreign policy in Washington".

    among many other strange figures, even soms of their guest specialists are in fact extreme rightwing ideologues of the Euroasian thirdway (marrying stalin and hitler) movement

    just as the journalist in The Guardian says, Russia Today has become such a propaganda channel with sometimes such outrageous documentaries and statements that it is becoming too expensive to give it so much free 'airspace'

    ALjeera had it also difficult in the beginning to find a tone between the arab audience in the Middle East and the western audiences (they have split the tv stations) and to be more critical of jihadist movements and not just a megaphone for their propaganda and accomplishments (on youtube)

  • zone-h.org shows multi domaindefacement (150) at other belgian hoster

    if more domains with the same IP address are defaced than there is a problem at the host level and not at the domainlevel

    the domains are cleaned since than but this is just to give you one idea



  • the documents of the big SABU (lulzsec) FBI case (and other nonpublished)

    back in time

    Big Sabu was at the time of Lulzsec - an offspring of Anonymous that just wanted to create havock by publishing thousands of logins and confidential data from all kinds of big firms and governmental institutions for the fun of exposing the insecurity of it all

    while following sabu online it was clear that he was some-one else from the following crowd, he gave directions, he had ideas, he showed vulnerabilities

    he also became a mystical figure because the US secret service thought first that he was an palestinian, that he worked for the Iranian government and so on and there was an overal watchout for him

    he came and went and came and disappeared again

    (I never chatted with him online as this could bring me in problem with the cybersecurity law - I don't have direct contacts to any hackers and don't want to) This is the reason that I am regulary  thrown out of hackers forums because I am a lamer, just looking and not doing or saying anything useful.

    when it became clear that he was an FBI agant working undercover while still hacking like a kind of honeypot, it went as a shock through the hacker community

    the great sabu was a strange person living in the States found by the FBI (how he thought he could continue to do all this from US soil without being caught finally is something strange, maybe he started to believe the superstatus others gave him or maybe he underestimated the combined intelligence of all the freelancers and agencies actively looking for him)

    why him ? because once they had him, than it is as if you would kill the inspirational leader (for the kids who were joining the hackersworld)

    the second big surprise was whe we learned that the biggest hack with the biggest securityconsequence for people working in governmental institutions and for big enterprises (stratfor a kind of private espionage-intelligence firm that wanted to become bigger and better than the CIA) was done while he was already working for the FBI

    but that were all the logins and personal details of about 1 million governmental key persons all over the world

    stratfor still exists and does as if nothing happened

    during the trial documents are being submitted and they are being published but with huge 'redactions' blacking out certain parts of the proof

    these documents now show the proof of the biggest hackings around the world led ..... by the FBI

    2014-0624.htm Sabu Chats with Havittaja Unredacted April 24, 2014

    2014-0623.pdf Unredacted Sabu Chat (ref following item) April 24, 2014

    2014-0621.pdf Jeremy Hammond Docs on Sabu Aiding FBI Attacks April 24, 2014 (8.7MB) 2014-0620.htm Sabu Aided FBI in Cyberattacks April 24, 2014

    2014-0619.pdf Barrett Brown Pleads Guilty, Faces 8.5 Years April 23, 2014 (2.4MB)

    we will come back on that a bit later

    we also have still a library of other documents that were published shortly afterwards

    these documents you can download here

    if there are documents missing or you have other documents, you are welcome to provice them

  • all websites and social media in Russia have to keep Russian logindata in Russia

    Russia's parliament has passed a bill that could see Western technology firms barred from operating if they fail to store Russian data within the country.


    The legislation would require Silicon Valley companies, such as Facebook, Google’s Gmail, and Microsoft-owned Skype, to relocate Russian customer data back onto Russian soil in order to allow authorities to legally acquire and inspect data at will.



    Currently, Russian authorities have no powers to acquire data outside its borders, unless they submit a lawful mutual legal assistance request, which can be denied by that nation. The "Information, Information Technologies and Protection of Information" amendment, part of the country's anti-terrorism laws, would give state security and intelligence services authority to access the data.

    this goes even further than the NSA

    there is your answer Snowden

    and Russian law gives enormous possiblities for interception

  • #ukraine is Putin a revanchist like Hitler and the agreement of Versailles

    Collapse of an Empire, Yegor Gaidar, the Russian economist and 1990s shock therapist, wrote that “the identification of state grandeur with being an empire makes the adaptation to the loss of status of superpower a difficult task for the national consciousness of the former metropolis.” Gaidar likened the loss of the Soviet empire to Germany’s defeat in WWI and warned, like Weimar Germany, Russia could thirst for a strong national leader to right the wrongs of the Soviet collapse. Empire, after all, was “an easy-sell product, like Coca-Cola” to a parched population. Gaidar turned out to be premature though prescient. Only now, with the crisis in Ukraine, is the opportunity for Russian revanchism—and the collective trauma that serves as its foundation—fully revealed. 
    http://www.newrepublic.com/article/117493/russia-suffering-post-traumatic-stress-disorder (read the rest)

    scary if that is true - if that is the grand plan if that is to be leitmotiv - than this is really scary because it will mean that we will have to arm ourselves very quickly and that we can't give in to anything anymore and even have to retake or transfer what was lost or isn't in the right place

    this idea doesn't come totally out of the blue - because if you hear Putin speak about defending his Russian speaking volk where-ever they live about the mistakes of glasnost and the loss of all those 'buffering'countries after the fall of the Berlin Wall - you can go back to the good books about Hitler and read nearly exactly the same thing

    it is for that reason maybe also no surprise that his whole propaganda campaign uses the second world war as the background setting

    but this is a boomerang, because if we have learned one thing for the second world war is that a revanchist like Hitler never stops, that there is negotiated peace and that his demands and his lust for reconnaissance will never stop and that it will never be enough

    there is also an enormous difference between countries who have liberated themselves from a 'foreign' dictatorial rule and parts of your own country that are occupied by other countries or that were giving in compensation to your neighboring countries quite recently. The countries who liberated themselves after the fall of the Berlin Wall were independent before the second world war (some even had some form of parliamentary democracy).

    for the moment we are living in very dangerous times

  • #ukraine 1200 paid subversives active to try to sabotage presidential elections

    The Prosecutor General’s Office reported that 1,200 subversives have been exposed in Luhansk Oblast [region]. Russian coordinators tasked them with diversions to prevent the presidential elections from happening.

  • #ukraine this is the russian (nucleair missile) airplane that tested the UK airdefenses this week

    the same test was done at Dutch airspace

    and near Scotland for UK airspace

    impressive airplane though

    "The Tu-95 is the world's only swept-wing turboprop ever to enter service. Its distinct engines, each with two counter-rotating propellers, also make the Bear the fastest propeller-driven airplane ever built.The original Tu-95 was designed to carry two nuclear bombs to targets in the continental US.

    Later versions carried cruise missiles for long-ange stand-off missions. The Bear has also been used for reconnaissance, especially by the Soviet/Russian Navy which used the aircraft to locate US aircraft carrier task forceshttp://www.airforceworld.com/bomber/eng/tu95.htm

  • #ukraine 50 banks and companies under investigation for fraud and other crimes

    Google translated http://www.pravda.com.ua/rus/news/2014/04/24/7023467/

    "Special Investigations Unit of the Prosecutor General is checking 50 companies , banks and 33 people from the inner circle of Yanukovych to detect stolen public money .This was stated by First Deputy Prosecutor General Mykola Golomsha , speaking at the conference "The Return of the Ukrainian assets of corrupt politicians ."

    He said that the Prosecutor General's Office is now quite actively investigating large-scale economic and political crimes." All state machine worked exclusively on helping individual officials and managers to manipulate state programs and budget money laundering . Officials having access to public property , stealing them, and the whole system of law enforcement agencies did not notice these manipulations and crimes ," - said Golomsha .

    He admits that until the end no one imagined the scale of corruption that have been the last 4 years ."Together with the National Bank , we now have identified 14 laundering banks that laundered 140 billion hryvnia . We noticed that all these crimes were the beginning of the country's top leadership . Create a network whose purpose - the enrichment of the family of former President Yanukovych ," - said Deputy Attorney General .

    General Prosecutor's Office has filed 264 criminal cases on Ukrainian officials and people who are suspected of corruption and money laundering. In Ukraine as a whole , such cases are more than 1000 .Arrested property and accounts in Ukraine Yanukovych and his eldest son , and Klyuyeva Prisyazhnuk 1 billion hryvnia , and more than 1 billion hryvnia in securities. Ukrainian as their accounts frozen $ 9 million ."Checking their partners , under the control of more than 50 companies , several banks and 33 individuals who could be involved in money laundering " family "- said Golomsha .

    First Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine spoke about the difficulties faced by investigators ." We encountered a problem when all the key positions were people everywhere from 3 regions of the country , close to the family Yanukovych and his entourage ," - said Golomsha .According to him, these people acted even in the middle management level in all regions of Ukraine, and they were given the opportunity to all suspected of corruption and crimes leave the country .Moreover, as reported Golomsha they upgraded special equipment special services from Kiev to the Crimea , and even certain types of weapons allowed to take out many of the documents and evidence in many criminal cases in the Crimea .

    "We do not understand why these cases transferred to the Crimea , for example, in the case of so-called" towers Boyko "- told Golomsha .Now Prosecutor of Ukraine is negotiating with Russia for the return of the documents and equipment.

    " But the investigators were able to retain copies of documents , and we are continuing to investigate - confessed to the first deputy prosecutor general of Ukraine. - Will be created based on the representation of those structures prosecutors and intelligence services, who worked in the Crimea, to protect the interests of the citizens of Ukraine in Crimea and to protect the interests of Ukraine ."With respect to information that a corporation Alexander Yanukovych IACS continues to work without any obstacles , then Nikolai Golomsha told that this information relates to last year's data .

    " At the beginning of the year and even now continue to operate some of the schemes that have been before. We block accounts, now there is a court in Donetsk , which addresses the issue of blocking the accounts of the company Alexander Yanukovych ," - said Golomsha .


  • #ukraine Putin in the list of Time 100 influential leaders but what a description

    not something I would be proud of

    and the black picture is to show how dangerous his thinking and handling is

    this means that since 2008 Putin has now grown into something far worse than even the biggest pessimists have imagined

    maybe he has gone mad

  • #ukraine Europe on the brink of war but most of Belgian press is not interested

    this is one

    De standaard

    Le Soir

    La libre belgique (luckily they have still traditional journalists who see the world as more than hype and excitement and biscuit news)

    read the newsfeeds, read my twitterlists, read belsec

    most of the Belgian press is ignoring too much things for too long and is trying than to catch up and fails

  • #ukraine Russian Foreign Minister wants the best for his daughter and makes sure she is an US citizen

    like everybody with some money in Russia

    would you like to leave her in Putins Paradise without an easy way out if needed ?

    no father with enough money would do that