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  • #heartbleed the three major conceptual mistakes that were made

    they say that it was only some code that was overlooked but if we look at it from a bit further, it are in fact three conceptual mistakes that were made and the few bits of code are only the result of these, not the reason

    1. SSL traffic has always to go faster

    When you talk encryption - if it is online or with harddisks - people always complain that everything goes a bit slower and that they aren't used to that

    so you can install SSL-accelerators, you can increase the power of your machine

    or you can keep the logins and other information in the ram so that its users don't have to retype their passwords and that the checking of the credentials can be done much faster

    2. Information on the RAM memory can be read by anyway

    So when you write away information to the ram or some other part of the machine or application for this purpose you have to make it very easy to access because that access has to be accessable fast and it doesn't need any identification

    the result is that you could access that information without any verification

    3. information on the RAM or any other part of the machine shouldn't be encrypted

    off course not because this would make the whole process much slower again and the whole purpose of this line of thinking is to make it as fast as possible


    this kind of mistakes can be found in other code or other set-ups of architecture and infrastructure or identification

    it are logical mistakes because there is no security logic in it, the only logic is the user-experience not the usersafety

  • #UKRAINE Rumours of Russian invasion troops moving to the border NOW

    is this real

    not confirmed

    but possible

    not necessarily that they will cross the border

    but only setting themselves in 'position'

  • #ukraine security activists unhappy with large bonuses for passive and incompetent military hierarchy

    "let’s talk about the “division” procedure for military leadership bonuses. The Head of the Finance Department of the Ministry of Defense Lt.-Gen. Ivan Marko gave a document to the Defense Minister to sign (with the petition the Chief of Staff), which he happily signed. 20 million UAH [USD 1.732 million] went to awards for “Spring Rain” military exercises. Ukrainian Ground Forces received 2.971 million UAH [USD 257,229] of this, the Air Force received 1.717 million UAH [USD 148,658] respectively, and the operational commands received some change.


    But the General Staff got the fattest piece –  9.640 million UAH [USD 834,631]!


    Brothers, well, this is beastliness. The General Staff did not lift a finger during the withdrawal of troops from Crimea. Now, if our servicemen in eastern Ukraine do open fire in self-defense, they do so against the wishes of the General Staff, and under the responsibility of commanders on the ground. During the “Spring Rain” military exercises, the planes were crashing and tanks exploded. Mobilization, which the General Staff is responsible for, has turned into a sad circus.


    Every second of these strategists should be put on trial, and they give themselves bonuses. Incidentally, they are raising money for the army among ordinary citizens meanwhile – they are saying that the military budget is not enough. How can this be?

    this is from the information resistance - security and intelligence people trying to get good information out without operational intelligence and telling the people when and why the military and intelligence hierarchy is failing again

    if this is where the money for the army is going this is sad - especially with an invasion looming every weekend

  • #ukraine we shall overcome (with few and slowly building up, but steadily)

    the re-militarization of Eastern Europe is starting now with feets on the ground

    small contigents but there is also talks that some of the US troops from Afghanistan will be redeployed in Eastern Europe (and if you want battle-hardened troops, I think you have them there)

    For people in Eastern Europe this is a very very important and powerful message

    the people in Ukraine now that Poland is not far and that Poland and Ukraine are setting up different military initiatives by which Ukraine is not member of the NATO (yet) but military becoming intertwinted with a member of NATO (and a very important one that is)

  • #ukraine Russian foreign minister is now announcing the invasion he dismissed 10 days ago

    what does he know that we don't know (much and it doesn't seem too good)

    why was he so sure he could dismiss an invasion in Ukraine 10 days ago and now is setting the framework to make it happen - indicating clearly to the armed forces on the ground what they should provoke to make it happen

    it is clear that he couldn't continue to dismiss an invasion if that what is being prepared and if that is the ultimate strategy (before the 25th of may that is)

    and seeing that since that change of tone the number of declarations increasing the pressure has only increased, this all seems not to be good news (and there are no troops leaving the borderzone, on the contrary, they are now holding exercises)


    this was the diplomat who signed the geneva agreements that Putin never followed up

    this is also an older diplomat who knows his history and is showing that he knows where this will lead to - as it has done before

  • #ukraine Putin sends his airplanes to us to remind us that he still has them

    in case we thought that he was only playing his stupid wargames at the eastern borders

    "Several NATO countries scrambled jets on April 23 after a pair of Russian bombers approached their airspace over the North Sea.

    The Dutch Defense Ministry identified the planes as two Russian TU-95s. It said the Russian jets were escorted by aircraft from the Netherlands, Britain, and Denmark until they departed.

    The British Defense Ministry said the Russian planes flew in international airspace at all times.

    Both the British and the Dutch defense departments said similar incidents involving Russian jets have occurred before, including several in 2013.

    Reuters news agency cites defense analysts as saying Russia uses such surveillance flights to remind the world of its military power and to probe other countries' air defense systems.

    there were also Russian navy ships before the coast of Scotland (which is by the way also the place where most of the UK oil production is)

  • example of my week on twitter

    doesn't seem much but it are no funny pics or games 

  • refugees from now FSB/KGB controlled vkontakte looking for new free country to work in

    this is their appeal

    "As you probably know, I am out of Russia. Me and my team of 12 engineers have a temporary HQ in Central Europe, and we are now looking for a permanent base to work from. We are choosing a new home, a country that will allow us to develop our projects with privacy and freedom of speech in mind.

    Our team includes 6 ACM champions and 6 winners of other programming contests. These guys made it possible for Telegram Messenger to gather 40 million registered users worldwide just within 8 months after its launch. Several members of this team, including my brother, were crucial in making VKontakte what it is today — the only social network that defeated Facebook in an open local market. We are now going to build our next project, a mobile social network.

    What country or city do you think would suit us best? Please feel free to comment below. To give you an idea of our preferences, we dislike bureaucracy, police states, big governments, wars, socialism and excessive regulation. We like freedoms, strong judicial systems, small governments, free markets, neutrality and civil rights.

    P.S. If you happen to represent a government that meets our criteria, you are welcome to share ideas with me at durov2016@gmail.com.

    eastern europe I would say to limit the influence of Vkontakte while giving more privacy than Facebook is able to offer

  • #ukraine hostages of Russian occupiers threatened with death if Ukranian forces advance

    it is as if the waiting game is paying off because

    * there is for the moment no immediate reason or provocation or staged incident that gives the Russians the ultimate reason to begin a full or partial invasion (but we haven't passed the weekend)

    * the real character and tactics of the the occupiers is becoming every day clearer to the outside world (even if they still call them 'militants') but the abduction of journalists and representatives and now this threat to kill the hostages if the army advances on them is so gross that it really identifies as terrorists

    * the people in the occupied cities themselves are becoming wary of those heavily armed goons walking around, arresting and threatening people

    * in the two cities there is a lack of food and services

    * as the police has been disbanded the occupiers are looting stores and there is a general feeling of lawnesless

    * there are racial incidents with anti-semite posters, flyers and demonstrations and even an anti-semite 'prorussian' tvchannel aside the attacks on the Roma living in these cities

  • #ukraine 2014 Europe the year of fear (of war)

    we are nearing thursday and since today the tension and the accusations have increased again (and even more re-inforcements of Russian troops at the Ukrainan border have been noticed according to some rumours or info)

    the abductions of US and other journalists and activists and the tortured body of an earlier abducted elected official have placed the Ukrainan government before the following dilemma

    if they don't interfere to give more security and chase the armed foreign mercenaries away (and gives back some security to the journalists, the citizens in the 'occupied cities' and gets to justice those who are responsable for the torture and abductions)

       than the Europeans will be happy but the Russians will say that the central government has lost control over the provinces where they are supporting these - in fact - terrorist tactics and will find a reason to invade this weekend or on friday (to stabilize everything with socalled spontaneous demonstrations by paid protestors during the weekend)

    if they decide to act and beginning with the smaller towns and cities to retake the buildings, arrest the occupiers or disarm them and man themselves the checkpoints than the Russians have said that this violence will be seen as a reason enough to intervene (and the 40.000 specialized airborn special forces are ready in fact to do just that)

    besides that you have all those declarations, provocations and totally unbelievable propaganda from the Russian channels

    and we know now that Putin decided quite quickly without too much preplanning (it was all done before) when to invade Crimea

    so we are going to another weekend of fear

    the fear of an invasion and the local war in the Ukraine and the cold war over the continent and beyond and a decennuim that will go down the drain untill something fundamentally changes in Russia again 

    it is silly, stupid, unbelievable, too mad for words and it can make me so sad but

    every week(end) putin proves us that we have to plan for war, prepare for war and accept war as a possibility

    maybe than the stakes will become too high for a war and we can live in peace again (I hope)

    without the fear for war every weekend and thinking every morning, do I wake up

    in a continent with a difficult peace at its borders or do we have incidents or wars at our borders

  • #ukraine this happens in Russian occupied Eastern Ukraine if you dare to question them

    it is an elected official of the Party of Regions

    he was found dead today in a river with indications of torture


  • #ukraine Hungary lets itself be manipulated by Russia which incites them to 'retake' their minority

    Mihaly Bayer, Hungary's Ambassador to Ukraine, «the Ukrainian Hungarians would like to create an autonomy and take charge of their own affairs in Ukraine». Bayer did not deny that Hungary was actively handing out passports to the residents of Zakarpatie closing its eyes to the fact that it is prohibited to have double citizenship in Ukraine.
    Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_04_23/Hungarians-Rusyns-in-Zakarpatie-afraid-of-forced-Ukrainization-want-autonomy-3452/
    But if you read the article the only goal of putting this forward on the Voice of Russia is to implement that the Ukr goverment can not cope and that also people in the west don't have enough minority right and feel themselves let down and so on.....

    Some fascists in Hungary are so nationalistic that they think they will be able to retake this part (telling this in the European parliament) but they have also their eyes on other Hungarian parts that they have lost through the two world wards - something these nationalists never accepted

    one should also bear in mind that the democracy in Hungary - even with a very big majority for the rightwing government with nationalistic overtones - is far from perfect and that it is quite hard to have a free press and open discussion environment and where the judicial and other processes are not always as democratic as they should be

    but after all it is part of the European Union and if such declarations were made by this embassador than the European Union should act because if in Eastern Europe everybody starts mendling in each others affairs.....

    at the other side I think it is very interesting for all kinds of nationalists in Russia to read all these articles about the support of Russia for federalisation, autonomy and referendums to know the will of the people

  • #snowden the first tele-rector of the world

    Former employee of the US Central Intelligence Agency, Edward Snowden, who was granted temporary asylum in Russia, has officially taken up the post of Glasgow University rector, according to a university press release. Edward Snowden attended the official ceremony via videoconferencing, and he specifically thanked the university students for electing him their rector. He apologized for his physical absence from the ceremony.
    Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_04_23/Snowden-officially-takes-up-post-of-Glasgow-University-rector-0397/

    he will be a kind of wizard of oz

  • US/Russian cooperation in GPS systems breaks down

    The United States does not allow Russia to unfold the GLONASS global navigation system ground-based infrastructure in the country for now, despite the fact that 11 calibrating signal receivers of the US navigation system GPS operate in Russia, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said at the 8th international navigation forum on Wednesday.
    Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_04_23/US-refusal-to-set-up-GLONASS-infrastructure-in-country-is-politically-motivated-Russian-deputy-PM-0551/

    This was done in peacetime, we are now in frightened times and preparing for a long cold war

    communications and GPS in particular is very important

  • #ukraine alliance of extreme leftwing and rightwing in the European parliament and in Eastern Ukraine

    On 17 April 2014, the European Parliament adopted the resolution "On Russian pressure on Eastern Partnership countries and in particular destabilisation of eastern Ukraine". 437 MEPs voted for, 49 - against, and 85 abstained. The analysis of the vote against the resolution (see below) reveals the formation of the far right/far left alliance in the European Parliament, and this "National Bolshevik" alliance is likely to grow stronger after the European elections in May 2014. The progressive forces of Europe should be worried about the rise of the far left as much as they are worried about the rise of the far right.

    You can find it really strange that

    * right wing and extreme right wing parties that are normally antileft and surely anticommunist defend Putin but it has nothing to do with communism - if Russia is still to be considered communist (just as China) - but with strong leadership (a quality they always adore)

    * leftwing parties are with Putin supporting a dictator and secondly I don't know what they find leftwing in any of his policies and how they can feel at ease between this stalinist-orthodox-military-nationalist-populist coalition in which you sometimes hear things that make you think of our history last century

    On the ground itself - just like in bosnia at the time - all kinds of nationalist and extreme rightwing extremists from Russia are coming to the rescue of their brothers on the ground

    a very interesting article with proof is to be found here (and this will make it clear that the anti jewish pamphlets, the anti roma incidents and the anti-semite tv station are no accident but something logical)


  • how a tweet PR action can FAIL - NY police

  • NIST throws encryption random number generator Dual EC in the dustbin, asks you to do the same

    "NIST also recommended users who are still working with Dual EC random number generator to move on to any of the three remaining approved algorithms in the publication like Hash_DRBG, HMAC_DRBG, or CTR_DRBG.



    There is something important for vendors too: NIST recommends the vendors currently using Dual_EC_DRBG in their products but want to remain in compliance with federal guidance should select an alternative algorithm and not wait for further revision of the revised document and they also provided a list of cryptographic modules including Dual_EC_DRBG.



    Most of these modules implement more than one random number generator. In some cases, the Dual_EC_DRBG algorithm may be listed as included in a product, but another approved algorithm may be used by default,” NIST said. “If a product uses Dual_EC_DRBG as the default random number generator, it may be possible to reconfigure the product to use a different default algorithm.


  • #ukraine Russia finds the international financial markets not very interested

    Russia failed to sell local-currency bonds due August 2023 at today’s auction as an accord to reduce tension around Ukraine faltered.


    The Finance Ministry canceled the sale of as much as 10 billion rubles ($280 million) of nine-year securities because there were no bids at an acceptable price, according to a statement on its website. The ministry is due to issue 10 billion rubles of notes due May 2019 later today.

  • #ukraine shows the ideological confusion of extremists in Russia

    so you have an antisemite wearing a communist t-shirt and calling himself a fascist

  • #ukraine should a german firm still training Russian intervention troops be placed on the sanction list ?

    In 2011, for example, the German defense contractor Rheinmetall signed a $140 million contract to build a combat simulation training center in Mulino, in southwest Russia, that would train 30,000 Russian combat troops per year. While the facility wasn't officially scheduled to be completed until later this year, U.S. officials believe that Germany has been training Russian forces for years.


    Rheinmetall defended the project even after the invasion of Crimea, up until the German government finally shut it down late last month. But many tracking the issue within the U.S. government were not happy with Germany's handling of the Russian contract, and worry that some of the training may have gone to the kind of special operations forces now operating in and around Ukraine.

    “It’s unfortunate that German companies were directly supporting and training Russia’s military even during the attacks against Ukraine,” one senior Senate aide told The Daily Beast. “The U.S. government should call on our NATO allies to suspend all military connections with Russia at this point, until the Russians leave Ukraine, including Crimea.”