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  • #ukraine some green men in Eastern Ukraine are Russian mercearies veterans from special forces brigade

    "Green Men ," which took by storm government buildings in Slavic and Kramatorsk , were mercenaries from St. Petersburg . Truly ubiquitous Internet has no boundaries - it became known , arrived from some " little green men " in the Donetsk region. Identified by their photos and their characteristic word " sidewalk ", which in Ukraine and in Russia is not used , except for St. Petersburg.

    These men are veterans of the special forces UFSIN "Typhoon" , which is located in St. Petersburg . For the record: In 2000, Special Forces soldiers "Typhoon" participated in bloody battles in Komsomolsk in Chechnya have lost two people dead.


    google translate


    the history of that battle can be read here

    so somebody is paying them - well if Russians can send mercenaries to do battle and the Ukranians have trouble organizing their army and special forces - maybe the Ukranian TYphoons can send in mercenaries to defend their public places against those mercenaries - proxy war

  • #ukraine this is how propaganda finally wins (and what to do about it and why social media isn't the answer)

    okay we thought we had won and maybe we had - but after the fact maybe we hadn't

    before yesterday there was the staged shooting incident - if there ever was one (the staging was done between 2 in the morning and 10 o'clock when the first tweets, rumors and declarations were send in the world (with Russian press directly present - even with images from the proof before the incident took place)

    but based on the incident and the video and declarations that were coming in it became clear to many people everywhere (on Ukraine twitterfeeds that is) that there was something not right

    * the numberplates that were unscratched on a totally burned out car

    * the cars that were shot from the flanks and not frontal

    * the weapons, the business card with the mistake, the diapers and a lot of other stuff presented as proof

    * the bodies and the story of one men of which people said that he was killed somewhere else

    a few hours later it was clear that it was staged and everybody arriving at the scene (forensic investigators and the OSCE) started to treat as something weird to say the least - but that news never made headlines - it were only the Russian headlines of that day that till today make worldnews

    the next day was a very strange day with the Russian ministry of Defense saying that it is an outrage, that the Ukraine had to disarm even its republican guard (which is part of the official forces, just like in the US and other states but are called reservists which is smarter I think) and that Putin in fact would like to intervene (playing good cop bad cop again) and so on

    the information resistance group effectively said that the plan was that they would have intervened yesterday and taken three provinces (the whole or some parts of it) that is to say before Biden arrives (you must be mad to have even thought about that, the US would have taken it as a very personal insult and the consequences could be everything because than the authority of Obama himself would be directly been totally challenged)

    so let's be happy - in the name of some kind of peace - that it didn't happen

    but it seems that the Russians have won the propaganda war the last days because the western media have taken only their messages in their headlines

    look at this at the BBC

    so if you read only this - what do you think ?

    that extremists in Ukraine are attacking people and that Lavror is right that Kiev isn't doing what it should do - or that maybe it is so - even if you have read some other news

    the greatest problem with all these MaidenPR groups on twitter, facebook and so on is that they are very good in social media and twitter and so on (it kept their revolution alive) but they aren't that good at the international news and propaganda game at a higher level

    at a higher level you need some-one at the level of a minister to come out and give a declaration with a good headline (For example 'the shooting incident is maybe staged for invasion' and 'russian roadblocks and armed occupations have to be disbanded because they are invitations to violence) The press agencies of the world would than feel complied to at least cite this declaration or put one aside each other or to change the headline so they make one article of both press declarations (instead of an eye for an eye it would be a press declaration for a press declaration and a minister for a minister and a verified video for a verified video etc....)

    this means that you need people who do nothing else than

    * prepare press declarations in different languages in the format that journalists can just copy/paste them (or parts of them) and that for big declarations that need an immediate impact worldwide it is a president or minister who takes the stand

    * prepare media packages for tv magazines that are more or less ready to broadcast and where the sources have been identified and verified

    * make a list of the most important news magazines, tv and journalists in some countries that are of the biggest importance to you (US, UK, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium (the number of international diplomats living there)) and contact them by phone or mail regulary to give them background information, to ask if you can react to declarations from the russians and so on

    * mobilize your embassadies are relaypoints for the national media, they should be as active as the Russians are over the world relaying all that propaganda to their national contacts and with a national flavor

    twitter, facebook and the rest is fine and fun for the people, but for the bigworld-newsmedia you really need a real group of people doing only that with only the big media

    to give you one comparason, both tv magazines in Belgium reach around 2 million people each day (and that is not only in Belgium) - this is something you can never do with social media

    propaganda is not short-time, the effects of propaganda can take months or years but if there is no counterforce over time, it will win and even you will start to think in the framework and with the definitions of your counterpart

    and at that moment - they have already more or less won


  • full end2end encryption is not so easy as it seems

    • How would the Crypto Keys be managed? PGP protected emails would require decryption keys that only the sender and recipient would have to read the content transmitted between the two, and ideally Google won't have access to the messages.

    • What about the features of Gmail that rely on Email Content? This means that the adoption of PGP encryption could be problematic for Google as it won’t allow them to scan your emails to serve its spam filtering feature, content-based advertisements and even the search option.

    it makes it thus

    * harder to recuperate your account or your emails if things get lost or corrupted meaning that it would be much harder also to proof your identity before getting your access back

    * the spamfilters and in fact virusfilters that are even more relying on access to your content would have to break the encryption - making it a point of attack - if they want to function normally



  • major new massive leaks by the nullcrew (ICAO, Klas telecom, .....)

    you can download them all from here https://mega.co.nz/#!dcZiXaaa!G1HFhBgra3I51pxxiPsvUCV9mh-dMv2lA54bmERVPa8

    I can't guarantee that there  is no backdoor or so in it so keep safe

    the list of the attacks and leaks can be read in their zine http://pastebin.com/RZB8JeYq

    the most interesting leaks are the following

    *  Klas Telecom, founded in 1991, has been providing integrated, secure tactical communications solutions to the Department of Defense for over 12 years.

    * Ukranian center for the destruction of weapons of mass destruction

    We also managed to prove that they do indeed log, and that their claims were indeed bullshit; That is included in the download, along with 40,000 Emails from their smtp.

            By the way, STCU works with WMD(Weapons Of Mass Destruction workers.) Through one of the SQL Injections, we noticed a DB called PPDB2 that had tables called "WeaponCode" several of them too, didn't bother with it; but, yeah. Enjoy reading 30k+ emails, and owning fagots who make the weapons that destroy the world.
    there isn't so much in these emails - except if you got time to go through them - many administrative
    the giga sent emails that I haven't gone through yet but if the inbox has many administrative the out will have the same
    * from a part of the network of the international civil avation society they publish the SSH Logs


  • a belgian hoster defaced and 170 domains defaced (picture added)

    this is the hoster

    THis is the list (the last 25 between 2 and 9 of zone-h.org)

    this is a typical one

    but you will find here also pharamcies, shops and other sites that should have personal information

    the image that was added was nothing to be scared off - except for the fact that if you can add an image you can add a virus or a script or redirect or background loader or whatever

    some sites and services should never be on shared hosting because they are sharing so many risks together that the shared responsabilities are too great

  • so here is a hacked printer from the ulb.be and they were lucky

    if he could do that he could maybe send so many printjobs that you would be out of print or paper or that you woujld have to reset the admin and all the other stuff

    if the printer had local copies of all the documents these could be copied (leakage)

    if the printserver had a trustrelation with this printer you could go to the printserver and send the same printjob to all the printers on the printjob

    for example : these aren't bunnies but you are dummies

    for some other cases the CERT contacted the people asking them if it was wise to put printers on the internet (instead of after a VPN) and they said there was no problem

    there is often no problem untill there is one

    and in fact this is the interface

    maybe you can even buy some stuff at their account and deliver it to your address or to theirs as a joke

    throw everything behind a VPN with between the VPN and your firewall a kind of closed DMZ

  • #ukraine this is the US support package so far

    President Obama and Vice President Biden have made U.S. support for Ukraine an urgent priority as the Ukrainian government works to establish security and stability, pursue democratic elections and constitutional reform, revive its economy, and ensure government institutions are transparent and accountable to the Ukrainian people.  Ukraine embarks on this reform path in the face of severe challenges to its sovereignty and territorial integrity, which we are working to address together with Ukraine and our partners in the international community.  The United States is committed to ensuring that Ukrainians alone are able to determine their country’s future without intimidation or coercion from outside forces.  To support Ukraine, we are today announcing a new package of assistance totaling $50 million to help Ukraine pursue political and economic reform and strengthen the partnership between the United States and Ukraine.  

    Elections and Constitutional Reform:  Constitutional reform and free and fair elections are keys to Ukraine’s democratic development.  Assistance in this area is a down payment on the country’s democratic development.  We stand ready to provide further assistance to the new government after elections.

    ·         The United States is contributing an $11.4 million package to support the integrity of the May 25 elections.   These funds are being used to advance democratic processes – not to support a particular candidate or electoral outcome.  These efforts include voter education programs, transparent election administration, effective oversight of the election process, election security and a redress of infractions, and a diverse, balanced and policy-focused media environment.

    ·         The United States is contributing support and monitors to the OSCE’s election observation mission and other monitoring groups.  U.S. funded programs will provide at least 250 long-term observers and over 1,700 short-term observers.

    ·         We are also sending additional experts to provide advice on issues such as constitutional checks and balances, local governance, public participation, and the establishment of an independent, transparent judicial system.

    Economic Assistance:  The United States has already signed a $1 billion loan guarantee to help Ukraine meet its financial obligations and protect vulnerable citizens from the impact of economic adjustments.  We have also supported Ukraine’s work with the IMF to secure a loan program worth $14-$18 billion.   As these U.S., IMF, and European funds begin to flow, we will have technical experts from the U.S. Treasury Department on the ground to help the Ukrainian government allocate them effectively to stabilize the economy and ensure all the regions benefit.  Currently, there are three banking advisors in Kyiv and we will be deploying public debt management and macroeconomic advisors in the coming week.  We are also committed to providing additional technical assistance in the areas of budget and tax administration.

    Energy Security:  Over the coming weeks, expert teams from several U.S. government agencies will travel to the region to help Ukraine meet immediate and longer term energy needs. 

    ·         Today, a U.S. interagency expert team arrived in Kyiv to help Ukraine secure reverse flows of natural gas from its European neighbors.  The team will continue on to Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia in the coming days to work on the details of these arrangements.  Reverse flows of natural gas will provide Ukraine with additional immediate sources of energy.

    ·         U.S. technical experts will join with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and others in May to help Ukraine develop a public-private investment initiative to increase conventional gas production from existing fields to boost domestic energy supply.  A technical team will also engage the government on measures that will help the Ukrainian government ensure swift and environmentally sustainable implementation of contracts signed in 2013 for shale gas development. 

    ·         Department of Energy and USAID specialists will travel to Ukraine next month to provide advice on how to maximize energy efficiency, which could deliver potentially huge cost savings to Ukraine and rationalize energy consumption.

    Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption:  The United States is committed to helping Ukraine break the cycle of corruption that acts as a tax on business, an impediment to economic growth, and a drain on public trust in government.  Technical advisors from the Departments of State and Justice have already been advising the government on anti-corruption measures.  Today we are expanding this assistance program with additional commitments.

    ·         Attorney General Holder will co-host an international conference in London April 29-30 to help identify, trace, and recover proceeds of corruption stolen by the former regime.  This is part of an ongoing effort, including work by an FBI investigative team on the ground in Kyiv to help the government of Ukraine recover assets stolen from the Ukrainian people.

    ·         The United States will provide advice and assistance to help modernize Ukraine’s government procurement in accordance with international standards, including the creation of a vetted anti-corruption unit.   We will offer technical assistance to that vetted unit to help build a sustainable anti-corruption regime within Ukraine, as we have done with substantial results in other parts of the world.

    ·         Specialized teams of prosecutors and investigators will help the Ukrainian government with other forms of technical assistance to put in place the proper legal and regulatory framework to fight corruption.  The teams will also serve as a resource to ensure follow-through and effective implementation.

    People-to-People Ties:  To further strengthen ties between the people of Ukraine and the United States, we are announcing our intent to establish a new bilateral visa regime that will extend the standard validity of visas for businesspeople and tourists from 5 years to 10 years on a negotiated reciprocal basis.

    Security Assistance:  In addition to the $50 million package, today we are announcing the provision of $8 million of non-lethal military assistance to allow the Ukrainian armed forces and State Border Guard Service to fulfill their core security missions.  The additional supplies include:

    ·         Explosive Ordinance Disposal equipment and handheld radios for Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

    ·         Engineering equipment, communications equipment, vehicles, and non-lethal individual tactical gear for Ukraine’s Border Guard Service.

    This is in addition to the $3 million of Meals Ready to Eat and nearly $7 million of health and welfare assistance the United States is already providing to Ukraine.  The United States will continue to actively review requests for additional support as Ukraine’s government further modernizes its armed forces and deals with evolving threats.

    this leaves out on of the biggest problems on the grounds and that is the underequipment of the antiriot and policeforces to protect buildings and confront violent demonstrations and unsettle occupations

    it is not something that is traditionally talked about in international cooperation and aid because peole think that this is something so normal that it normally should be in place (and if not like in for example african states they are replaced by soldiers but soldiers are trained to shoot not to protect and push back and not use their rifles)

  • #ukraine this is why Putin is in a hurry to take some part of Ukraine

    he has to bring food and other stuff to Crimea where life has come to a total standstill and everything is shutting down one after another in this uncertain situation (before you deliver goods you have to be sure to be paid but you can't be paid if you don't know in which currency at which rate through which bank or creditcard and so on)

    in these situation there is no trade and if there is no trade, there is nothing in the shelfs

    all by all it is strange because he can get stuff in by air and so on

  • #ukraine if you have a page on russian facebook vkontakte close it down if you want to protect yourself and your friends

    the original owner has been fired by other investors because they wanted to cooperate with Kremlin

    they wanted access to certain info about opponents

  • #snowden this is what he wanted to hear from Putin but got propaganda instead

    Three programs, SORM-1, SORM-2, and SORM-3, provide the foundation of Russian mass communications surveillance. Russian law gives Russia’s security service, the FSB, the authority to use SORM (“System for Operative Investigative Activities”) to collect, analyze and store all data that transmitted or received on Russian networks, including calls, email, website visits and credit card transactions. SORM has been in use since 1990 and collects both metadata and content. SORM-1 collects mobile and landline telephone calls. SORM-2 collects internet traffic.  SORM-3 collects from all media (including Wi-Fi and social networks) and stores data for three years. Russian law requires all internet service providers to install an FSB monitoring device (called “Punkt Upravlenia”) on their networks that allows the direct collection of traffic without the knowledge or cooperation of the service provider. The providers must pay for the device and the cost of installation.


    Collection requires a court order, but these are secret and not shown to the service provider.  According to the data published by Russia’s Supreme Court, almost 540,000 intercepts of phone and internet traffic were authorized in 2012. While the FSB is the principle agency responsible for communications surveillance, seven other Russian security agencies can have access to SORM data on demand. SORM is routinely used against political opponents and human rights activists to monitor them and to collect information to use against them in “dirty tricks” campaigns. Russian courts have upheld the FSB’s authority to surveil political opponents even if they have committed no crime. Russia used SORM during the Olympics to monitor athletes, coaches, journalists, spectators, and the Olympic Committee, publicly explaining this was necessary to protect against terrorism. The system was an improved version of SORM that can combine video surveillance with communications intercepts.


    SORM is buttressed by regulations that limit the use of encryption, and restrictive internet laws that allow the Government to shut down websites it finds objectionable. Russia has a national filtering system that can block foreign sites and it has used the threat of blockage to coerce western companies into removing objectionable postings. Russian agencies such as “Roskomnadzor” (Agency for the Supervision of Information Technology, Communications, and Mass Media) provide the name and address of websites to be blocked to internet service providers, who must take action within 24 hours. Russia monitors foreign communications using techniques used by NSA and China. Wireless and landline communications are monitored in major capitals: American officials believe that Russia chose to build an Embassy complex on a hill in Washington D.C., for example, to improve interception of mobile communications.


    A number of sources provide information on Russian surveillance activities, including Agentura.ru (http://www.agentura.ru/english/), Citizen Lab (https://citizenlab.org/), Reporters Without Borders (http://en.rsf.org/russia.html), Privacy International (https://www.privacyinternational.org/) and (albeit with dated material) the Federation of American Scientists (http://www.fas.org/irp/world/russia/index.html).

  • #ukraine joke of the day - funny pic

    the cold war is coming near so also new armies popping up everywhere

    or who cares that war is being prepared while you can sit on the beach

  • #ukraine Bloggers in Russia fall now under the anti-terrorism bill

    An amendment to an anti-terrorism bill passed by the State Duma will allow Russian bloggers to be prosecuted for publishing content that is deemed a threat to national security.


    The State Duma on Friday voted to categorize blogs as media entities during the second reading of a package of anti-terrorism bills prepared in the wake of last December's twin bombings in Volgograd.


    According to the amendment, proposed by A Just Russia deputy Alexei Mitrofanov and Liberal Democratic party deputies Andrei Lugovoi and Vadim Dengin, any blogger, social network site, or personal website receiving more than 3,000 hits a day with commercial advertising on their blog will fall under the same category as other online media.


    This means that bloggers will have to verify the accuracy of the information they post, adhere to campaign laws and refrain from publishing any material that could be considered "extremist."


    Individuals deemed to be in violation of the amendment could be fined anywhere between 10,000-30,000 rubles ($280-$840) for a first-time offense, and between 30,000-50,000 rubles for repeating the offense within a year.


    Legal entities could be fined from 50,000-300,000 rubles for breaching the amendment. If they repeat the offense within a year, they could be fined anywhere between 300,000-500,000 or face a 30-day ban on their administrative activity.

  • #ukraine sanctions with a german flavor


  • #ukraine Russia makes it easier for foreigners who speak russian to have a Russian passport and more difficult for others

    President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a bill that requires foreigners to prove their ability to speak Russian while also giving his seal of approval to a separate bill that will make it easier to grant citizenship to Russian-speakers in former Soviet states.


    The new immigration rules for foreign citizens, published Monday on the Kremlin's website, make it compulsory for anyone applying for a Russian work or residency permit to submit a certificate from an accredited institution, demonstrating their knowledge of the country's language, history and its basic legal framework.


    Those under 18 years old, over 60 and students at accredited institutions, as well as qualified foreign specialists and their families will also be exempt from the new rules, set to go into force on Jan. 1, 2015.


    Foreign residents with education documents stemming from 1991 or earlier from former Soviet countries — where Russian language was a compulsory subject in schools — have also been exempted from the exam.

  • #ukraine an example of Newrussia propaganda

    this is the kind of leaflets that are distributed

  • #ukraine russian seperatists launch anti-semite tv channel

    source (google translate) http://www.eajc.org/page16/news44513.html

    Armed pro-Russian separatists in g.Slavyansk Donetsk region of Ukraine , acting with the support of Russian military experts, establishing control of the city , yet captured April 17 television tower that transmits TV signals in the Slavonic and other cities in Donetsk region - Kramators'k , Gorlovka and Makeyevka . Separatists disabled Ukrainian TV channels and began broadcasting Russian television conducting propaganda support rebellion.
    April 20 separatists at frequencies Ukrainian channel "Inter" has launched its own channel , posted on the Internet a video of this presentation ceremony minutes . Joyful men vying to show off the camera " - Here , Slavic , we nanonsim powerful blow to the conceptual information biblical matrix ... our telecast on zombovescheniyu ... Zionist zomboveschaniyu zomboyaschik ... Zionist ... These are the things guys . Here Slovyansk begins a new story. Slavs Rama toryat way. Victory will be ours . " After such a promising statement as the first transmission on the new channel has been demonstrated lecture late Konstantin Petrov - who died a few years ago, a retired general , who headed the anti-Semitic Russian nationalist- Stalinist neopagan sect and created on the basis of her political party, "the course of truth and unity ." (the site of the party in russian is here http://www.kpe.ru/)

    In the near future the site will be posted eajc.org analytical reference Konstantin Petrov and his neopagan National Stalinist sect. In the meantime, we note only that the site "People's Liberation Movement," which begins with the logo launch video broadcasting Slovyansk, the democratic legitimacy of power in Kiev was referred to as "Jewish junta." (see further)

    Editorial eajc.org offers a look at this video:


    this is from the site of their channel

    source http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=nl&ie=UTF8&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http://nod-rus.su/entry/evrei-saentologi-pytayutsya-skhavat-ukrainu&usg=ALkJrhinrGiiLxYs5ZZXH7JXf4438OeaGQ

    and next to this text you also find this

  • LaCie breached since march 2013 - all data since 1 year compromised

    From LaCie press release:


    Based on the investigation, we believe that transactions made between March 27, 2013 and March 10, 2014 were affected. The information that may have been accessed by the unauthorized person may include customers' names, addresses, email addresses, and payment card numbers and card expiration dates. Customers' LaCie website user names and passwords could also have been accessed, which is why we required a reset of all passwords.

  • #heartbleed only six tools really detect a vulnerable server

    you don't have to use a tester to see if you are vulnerable

    you have to check what is the version of your openssl and if the heartbeat function is activated or not

    for big environments it is enormous work but there are possibilities that otherwise you will miss some


    this was the test of the tools with a testserver that was vulnerable

  • #heartbleed internet traffic costs are exploding because of half a million certificates that need to be revoked

    "That CRL is what your browser requests from Certificate Authorities to determine which certificates have been revoked, and can no longer be trusted. If a cert is on the revocation list, your browser is supposed to display a message letting you know that the site you’re trying to access does not have a valid certificate, which is generally a security concern. In the wake of Heartbleed, the size of those CRLs from Certificate Authorities more than quadrupled in size, due to all of the certs that companies had to revoke and replace.


    According to CloudFlare, GlobalSign’s CRL grew from 22KB before Heartbleed to 4.9MB afterward.The number of revoked certificates on the CRL increased from 1,492 to 133,243. And that was just GlobalSign’s CRL.


    The update to the CRL list caused a huge spike in requests from browsers for the latest list, which in turn caused a drain on GlobalSign’s bandwidth.


    “The activity of browsers downloading the Globalsign CRL generated around 40Gbps of net new traffic across the Internet,” CloudFlare writes in a blog post published today. “If you assume that the global average price for bandwidth is around $10/Mbps, just supporting the traffic to deliver the CRL would have added $400,000USD to Globalsign’s monthly bandwidth bill.” That’s not the only issue for a CA, however, for this kind of mass revocation.


    “Beyond the cost, many CAs are not setup to be able to handle this increased load,” CloudFlare notes. “Revoking SSL certificates threatens to create a sort of denial of service attack on their own infrastructures.”