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  • US, Interpol and local police organize crackdown on Cybersexblackmail syndiate

    "About 100 more Filipino suspects are linked to online blackmail syndicates that extorted money from victims worldwide after luring them into exposing themselves in front of webcams or engaging in lewd chats, a Philippine police official said Tuesday.


    Authorities arrested 58 suspects in Manila and three outlying regions two weeks ago in a crackdown backed by Interpol and police from four countries, including the United States. The suspects were traced through online chats from victims' computers.


    Senior Superintendent Gilbert Sosa of the police's Anti-Cybercrime Group said an investigation has linked 100 more suspects to the syndicates, including some who received a share of money extorted from victims. The additional suspects will be arrested and charged if evidence clearly shows their involvement, he said.


    "After the initial arrests, many other suspects have been lying low," Sosa said. "But international collaboration and information-sharing have really helped us to identify and track them."


    The syndicates prey on mostly male victims by employing women with fake Facebook accounts who strike up online chats. The victims are duped into engaging in lewd talk, exposing themselves before a webcam or performing a sexual act, which are secretly recorded and used to blackmail them, Philippine police said.

    never do in front of a webcam what you wouldn't do on a street full of people (masturbating before a nude pinup that has invited you for a free sex chat on your webcam)

  • US senate warns Google and Yahoo to do better against malvertising or risk legislation

    "The Senate warned Google, Yahoo and other leading technology companies Thursday they need to better protect consumers from hackers exploiting their lucrative online advertising networks or risk new legislation that would force them to do so.


    In a new investigative report, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations said hackers in some cases are infecting computers using software or programming commands hidden inside online advertisements. It suggested tougher U.S. regulations or new laws that could punish the ad networks in addition to prosecuting the hackers.

  • US minnesota first state to really consider a smartphone kill switch obligation for operators

    The BBC is reporting that Minnesota has introduced a kill switch bill for smart phones (and has beat California to the punch).  A "kill switch" is a way to incapacitate a phone, usually permanently.  It's a smart phone data security feature that's already found on many phones, although not turned on by default.  In my opinion, it takes a backseat to smart phone encryption since a kill switch still features a time lag, between when a phone is stolen and the kill signal is sent.  This could mean minutes or hours.  Even days.

    However, the big idea behind the kill switch legislation is not to protect people's data, but to eventually bring down the resale price of smartphones to zero – and thus make them an undesirable target for thieves.

    such technology already exists for laptops

  • FBI plans worldwide crackdown on anti-US cybercrime or cyberattacks

    Speaking at the Reuters Cybersecurity Summit, the FBI’s executive assistant director of cyber enforcement Robert Anderson said, “There is a philosophy change. If you are going to attack Americans, we are going to hold you responsible.”


    Anderson’s speech said that the FBI’s dealings with cybercrime would now show “a much more offensive side,” and made it clear that this involved extraditions, referring to a foreign national detained at an airport in Spain for running a botnet that targeted Americans, according to Deep Dot Web’s report.


    Prior to working in cyber enforcement, Anderson worked in espionage and counter-intelligence.


    Anderson said, “If we can reach out and touch you, we are going to reach out and touch you.” Previously, the FBI has held back from pursuiing extradition in certain cases.


    “There’s a lot of countries that will not extradite. That will not stop us from pressing forward and charging those individuals and making it public,” he said, according to Russia Today’s report.

  • updated - think again if you buy malwaretools on the net (blackshades)

    Over the weekend the Belgian police arrested 72 Belgians because they bought the attacktool Blackshades to get access to passwords and accounts from their victims. Nearly half of them already pleaded guilty.

    The sweep was made possible because the FBI last year arrested the team who was producing and selling the malware and took possession of their server with the names of thousands of their clients. A honeypot couldn't have done it better.

    So over the world policeforces are now arresting the people who have bought the tool.

    In Belgium they face 3 years in prison and 600.000 Euro fine. It is probable that they will get heavy fines and maybe some prisontime if they are found to have used the tool. 

    It shows also how slow international cooperation goes and how much time is needed by our Belgian justice system if we know that the information was transferred in the middle of 2013.

    But some complained that they have used this RAT (remote access tool) to take access to their own computers on their own network (which is dangerous because you never know completely if that tool may be backdoored itself (wouldn't be the first backdoored RAT).

    At the other side the code of this RAT has been published totally in 2010 so those who bought it in 2013 could have used that code for free instead or there were maybe some other functionalities added. But even than it increases the risks of using this tool as the code (and all of its vulnerabilities) was in the open and clear for all the hackers to see (and every hacker dreams of hacking a RAT tool to steal the computers/zombies of another 'hacker' or'administrator')                                                                                                                              

  • The real market for Google glass, events, sporters and stars

    who cares that you can see the weather and location in your google glass, you can do that on your watch, phone, tablet and everywerhe around you

    but the glasses are unbeatable a live streamers for sports events or concerts or embedded war journalists

    another advantage is that the privacy question is no problem during these public events

    in fact you could also use it for firemen, rescuers, policemen and so on

    source http://www.theverge.com/2014/5/16/5722870/nba-google-glass-and-courtside-celebrities

  • #ukraine another video of the (russian) orthodox army in Ukraine

    don't think that the Orthodox church will survive this conflict

    somebody is pooring barrels of oil on the fire by injecting some religious aspects in it

    Al Qaida has also said that it would be sending volunteers to combat the Russian infidels

    Time for the state to start soon after the elections to clean all these militias and restore order

    and these are their counterparts (they say that they are organized in cells, have about 4000 members (yeah) and are led by Russian topcommanders (although the Russian deny this)


  • this is why the Anonymous mask means nothing anymore

    this is a pic from American spring where everything that is left from the teaparty, the racists, the extreme rightwing militia's and the nuts in the US thought they could rassemble 30 million, 10 million or even 1 million people in DC to overthrow the government

    very few came in comparaison

    but one pic shows that the Anonymous mask can be worn by anybody for whatever reasons

    as a symbol it has become totally meaningless

    just as the movement itself finds it every year harder to find some meaning for itself - except from surfing on some other events by making some declarations and hacking some sites in solidarity (but hardly something you could call a worldwide online protest that is making a difference)

    except from some media, but who are also getting bored, who cares for the moment what some people saying they are Anonymous (how come ?) are saying ?

    well, if you say that we are all one and together, you got extreme rightwing nuts (and islamic nuts in Egypt) wearing your masks

    but I will never be same and one with them because if they win, I will lose because they want to take away my freedom, they don't respect the opinion of anyone else, they are not democratic at all, they are in fact against democracy in its purest and best form (still to come)

  • your old cd collection may be dying

    Fenella France, chief of preservation research and testing at the Library of Congress is trying to figure out how CDs age so that we can better understand how to save them. But it's a tricky business, in large part because manufacturers have changed their processes over the years and even CDs made by the same company in the same year and wrapped in identical packaging might have totally different lifespans. 'We're trying to predict, in terms of collections, which of the types of CDs are the discs most at risk,' says France. 'The problem is, different manufacturers have different formulations so it's quite complex in trying to figure out what exactly is happening because they've changed the formulation along the way and it's proprietary information.' There are all kinds of forces that accelerate CD aging in real time. Eventually, many discs show signs of edge rot, which happens as oxygen seeps through a disc's layers. Some CDs begin a deterioration process called bronzing, which is corrosion that worsens with exposure to various pollutants. The lasers in devices used to burn or even play a CD can also affect its longevity. 'The ubiquity of a once dominant media is again receding. Like most of the technology we leave behind, CDs are are being forgotten slowly,' concludes LaFrance. 'We stop using old formats little by little. They stop working. We stop replacing them. And, before long, they're gone.'"

    especially those from the 70's  80's and 90's are becoming too old

    those that are not Flac and were cheap and also some cdr are of very bad quality after a few years

  • #ukraine why the russian orthodox church is playing all or nothing

    The idea of a “Russian world” which Vladimir Putin has referred to so often and invoked as the basis of his policies in Ukraine and elsewhere was developed by Moscow Patriarch Kirill who may have “underestimated all its consequences,” including the status of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine, according to Andrey Yurash.


    Yurash, a religious specialist in the journalism faculty of Lviv University, said that some observers had failed to recognize this because Kirill has been so quiet about Ukrainian events in recent weeks. But the patriarch’s silence appears to reflect his dawning recognition of what the implementation of his idea is leading to.


    Specifically, he continues, the Moscow patriarch has not changed his mind about the idea itself. Instead, Kirill is worried about “the further escalation of the conflict and the separation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate from Moscow” and that this “situation can come back like a boomerang and hit the Russian Orthodox Church as a whole.


    Kirill’s fears are justified. Were the Moscow patriarchate’s sees and parishes to break with Moscow or, what would be even worse from his point of view, combine with the Kyiv Patriarchate into a Ukrainian autocephalous church, Kirill would lose much of his power, influence and income.


    Indeed, without the Ukrainian parishes now under his control, the Moscow patriarch would be reduced to almost half of its current size in terms of bishoprics and parishes, and Kirill’s credibility in the Kremlin as someone who could promote the center’s interests in non-Russian countries would largely evaporate.

    it is time for international observers to have a look at the role the Russian orthodox church is playing because this may very well influence the role and influence of the Orthodox church in the future and what will be its future

  • #ukraine picture of the day, I will kick your ass and later I will learn to shoot you

    example of how democracy is learned at kids of the prorussian militias

  • #ukraine example of a sniper gun used by the Russian militias in the Eastern provinces

    this is a an barrett M82, its chinese m-99 PCLA 12,7x108 ammo give 18k joule, compare ptrs-41 14,5 x114 give 32k joule


  • #ukraine why Kazakhstan is so nervous and afraid (etnic russians in red)

    they are now trying to make it more interesting for non-russians to live in regions with many Russians and Russians to go to live in other regions

    Kazakhstan is next to a corrupt autocracy also one of the countries with the biggest potential for gas and oil and is for only that reason one of the highest stakes for any pokerplayer on the international field

  • #ukraine the political historical map of Ukraine

    and why dividing up Ukraine ends us up with a Yougoslav scenario


  • #ukraine - joke of the day - the prorussian indep minister of Foreign affairs is no stranger to ...affairs

    another lesson that everything that is digital will stay digital

    and ruin everything

    maybe she can speak about the force of the willing

    and more pictures from her  http://vk.com/id52508344?z=albums52508344 (the Russian facebook)

    and her pages on Vk.com have some disputable taste because they have posts like this which are put there by foes and friends and her image above is going worldwide as the best joke ever

  • #ukraine these are some of the small Goebbels of Putin

    But even in a media environment heavily controlled by the Kremlin, the news got out. Eventually, Vedomosti reported some of the names from a source who said he saw the list, in a story dated 5 May, although the decree was issued 22 April. At least 90 went to correspondents; about 100 were given to employees of the state television company VGTRK; 60 went to Channel 1; and several dozen went to NTV, Russia Today, and LifeNews. Awards also went to technicians and drivers. Neither TV Dozhd [TV Rain] or Ekho Moskvi had any correspondents in the list. The commendation was much larger in scale than the awards for coverage of the war in South Ossetia; at that time then-President Dmitry Medvedev issued only 11. Here are some of the names:

    Vladimir Kulistikov
    , general director of NTV, received the highest award For Services to the Fatherland II Degree


    Aleksandr Zharov, head of Roskomnadzor, the state censor; Andrei Romanchenko, head of the Russia TV and Radio Network, both received awards For Service to the Fatherland, IV Degree as did Anton Zlatopolsky, deputy general director of VGTRK; Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of Russia Today; Vladimir Sungorkin, editor-in-chief of Komsomolskaya Pravda.


    Vladimir Solovyov, TV anchor, received the Aleksandr Nevsky Award.


    Aram Gabrelyanov, general director of LifeNews, received an Award of Honor as did Mikhail Gusman, deputy general director of ITAR-TASS and NTV’s editor-in-chief of the news service, Tatyana Mitkova.


    Andrei Kondrashov and Ernest Matskyavichus, TV anchors, received the Friendship Award


    Others to receive awards:


    Irada Zeynalova, Channel One
    Arkady Mamontov and Boris Korchevnikov, Rossiya
    Alexey Kondulukov and Roman Sobol, NTV
    Aleksandr Samokhvanov, REN TV
    Mikhail Frolov, deputy general director, REN TV
    Kirill Braynin, Channel 1, for bravery
    Yevgeny Rozhkov, Rossiya, for bravery


    As we previously noted, Putin also made an award to Dmitry Steshin, the former editor of a neo-Nazi magzine, Russkiy Obraz [Russian Image].


    Winners of such awards as “For Service to the Fatherland” don’t just get a medal; they get various perks like a 330-415% addition to their pensions.

    so next time you accredit Russian journalists, maybe put them with the lobbyists - as neutral as FoxNews about a Democratic President - and expect the worst

  • #ukraine the wiggle-waggle policy of NATO towards Ukraine reminds us of 1938-1939

    an example in two tweets

    and what message does this send

    that all your strong talk a few weeks ago when the military tensions were increasing daily were

    just talk

    nothing to be worried about

    so what happens

    the Russian troops are on the move again to the border

    and than what ?

    strong talk again ?

    make up your mind before Putin does