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  • #ukraine should I stay or should I go ? Financial services should leave Russia says Morgan Stanley

    you follow the money

    and the money is leaving Russia


  • #ukraine the underreported religious aspect of the conflict (short)

    "The Moscow-loyal Orthodox Church in Ukraine has suspended a priest after he participated in a prayer service for peace in the country alongside priests from the rival Kiev-based Orthodox Church, a news report said.


    Vitaliy Eismont, a priest from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, said that shortly after last week's service with representatives of the Kiev Patriarchate he received a letter from his diocese administration, banning him from conducting religious services, Ukraine's TSN reported Thursday.


    The letter said the suspension was for participating "in a 'divine service' with schismatics," Eismont was quoted as saying.


    "I just feel deceived by my church," he told TSN. "I wanted the best — for us to be united, be one people, for our church to be Ukrainian and stop betraying its people."

    the conflict in Ukraine is creating an enormous divide inside the Orthodox church which after discussions and different tendencies is now becoming in the eastern provinces more violent

    Currently, three major Ukrainian Orthodox Churches coexist, and often compete, in the country: the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyivan Patriarchate, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate), and the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church. Additionally, a significant body of Christians belong to the Eastern Rite Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, and a smaller number in the Ruthenian Catholic Church. While Western Christian traditions such as Roman Catholicism and Protestantism have had a limited presence on the territory of Ukraine since at least the 16th century, worshipers of these traditions remain a relatively small minority in today's Ukraine.

    but his links to the regime of Putin are very clear - as the presence of priests in nationalistic manifestations in Russia and Ukraine (next to people wearing swastika's and pictures of Stalin) and blessing the prorussian militias

    Patriarch Kirill blesses Putin to serve Russia. Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill held a service at Blagoveschensky Cathedral in the Kremlin, attended by Vladimir Putin and his wife. Patriarch Kirill prayed for God to help the newly elected head of state in all affairs. As a gift from the Orthodox Church, the patriarch presented Putin with an ancient icon of Our Lady of Tenderness.

  • #ukraine Russia is thinking about blocking Twitter "even tomorrow"

    as Russia is sinking even more in the abyss of the 1970's censorship and patriotism and political control it is trying to undo everything independent and critital that has flourished there since the 1990's which is a huge work but at which they are working hard every day, step by step

    whichi is wiser than to do it all at once which is impossible to do and which would be so impressive everybody would immediately recognize you as a defacto dictatorship which is not the intention (and everybody right in his mind would take the next plane out and transfer his money immediately while investors would have the shock of their lives)

    step by step with the possibility of going always one step back - for a while

    for those studying and reading about Hitler and WOII they will recognize that Hitler also introduced even is most anti-semite policies step by step and very gradually (and hidden for the public whenever possible)

    so this is just the same gliding away from democracy process

    Twitter is one of the remaining free information sources in Russia as it is more or less impossible to filter or to block without a full cooperation from the company itself

  • after 5 years linux discovers a stupid critical bug in its kernel and all linuxbased cloudservices have to take notice

    "This memory corruption flaw is certainly nothing like OpenSSL's remotely exploitable Heartbleed – CVE-2014-0196. But this local root hole is problematic where users are sharing the same Linux host in the cloud.



    Here's how US-CERT described the issue:

    “The n_tty_write function in drivers/tty/n_tty.c in the Linux kernel through 3.14.3 does not properly manage tty driver access in the 'LECHO & !OPOST' case, which allows local users to cause a denial of service (memory corruption and system crash) or gain privileges by triggering a race condition involving read and write operations with long strings.”

    A user only needs shell access to be in a position to exploit the programming blunder.

    The bug was introduced in 2009 with version v2.6.31-rc3 of the kernel. Before that, as noted at this Novell SUSE security discussion, “pty [the pseudo-terminal – El Reg] was writing directly to a line discipline without using buffers”

    open source is more secure because everybody has the possibility of checking the code - they say

    that it takes 5 years to discover this tells a lot of the number of people who are busy with checking the code (every 5 years)

    and they can't say that the kernel isn't critical and shouldn't have been closed down and checked and tested long long long long before

    trust what I say, not what I say I do

  • the new modernist helmet for the US army

    It's hard to look at the US Army's latest helmet and not think of Halo, but the design does serve a purpose beyond gaming chic. Its latest "soldier of the future" concept would not only protect grunts in high heat and humidity, but also shield them from chemical and biological agents. While much bulkier tech already exists for that, such a model would use a fan embedded directly into the filtration system to suck air from the side of the mask and blast it across the nose. Tests done on an M50 gas mask modified with the tech proved it to be just as effective as with bigger units, but more comfortable for GI's during intense drills. The design is just a render for now, but if the army is going to look to video games for design inspiration, we think they should go bigger.

  • now every big browser will have a blackbox DRM checker interfering with music and films

    the last standing opposition browser - Firefox - had to concede under the enormous pressure

    "It's official: the last holdout for the open web has fallen. Flanked on all sides by Google, Microsoft, Opera, and (it appears) Safari's support and promotion of the EME DRM-in-HTML standard, Mozilla is giving in to pressure from Hollywood, Netflix, et al, and will be implementing its own third-party version of DRM. It will be rolled out in Desktop Firefox later this year. Mozilla's CTO, Andreas Gal, says that Mozilla "has little choice." Mozilla's Chair, Mitchell Baker adds, "Mozilla cannot change the industry on DRM at this point."


    At EFF, we disagree. We've had over a decade of watching this ratchet at work, and we know where it can lead. Technologists implement DRM with great reticence, because they can see it's not a meaningful solution to anything but rather a font of endless problems. It doesn't prevent infringement, which continues regardless. Instead, it reduces the security of our devices, reduces user trust, makes finding and reporting of bugs legally risky, eliminates fair use rights, undermines competition, promotes secrecy, and circumvents open standards.


    It's clear from the tone of Gal and Baker's comments, and our own discussions with Mozilla, that you'll find no technologist there who is happy with this step. The fact that Mozilla, in opposition to its mission, had to prepare and design this feature in secret without being able to consult the developers and users who make up its community is an indication of how much of a contradiction DRM is in a pro-user open-source browser.


    Unchecked, that contradiction is only going to grow. Mozilla's DRM code, imported from Adobe as a closed-source binary, will sit in a cordoned sandbox, simultaneously Mozilla's responsibility but beyond its control. Mozilla will be responsible for updates to the DRM blackbox, which means users will have to navigate browser updates that will either fix security bugs or strip features from their video watching. Mozillians have already been warned of the danger of talking too much about how DRM works (and doesn't work), lest they trigger the provisions in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that forbid "trafficking" in circumvention knowledge.

    They have tried to stop P2P but that didn't work - even if they have fined thousands of people, still milloins of people are using it

    They have tried to stop the filesharing platforms and they have succeeded in closing down the big pioneers but now a whole bunch of smaller ones are popping up every month (and going)

    They have tried to stop torrents and piratebay but even if they have had big successes in courts and brought many sites down or obliged to comply, still millions of people are using it

    They have tried to bring streaming sites down and have succeeded with millions of links blocked every year in the searchengines

    They have triend to impliment the DMCA infringement mechanism and they are retiring by search or automatically millions of links and files a year but millions of new files appear (even if they disappear faster)

    now they are trying to do the following

    as most of these things are done through the browser (torrent, filesharing, streaming) they want to control the browser and be sure that a blackbox in the browser would control the material you are trying to see, listen to or do something with

    well it will only means that ..... there is an app for that and you won't need a browser

    sidenote : having a blackbox in Firefox at which the developers have no access is something in these NSA times that I find really scary

  • #ukraine in a state of war, kids and wives are being evacuated (also to Europe)

    this is from the Eastern provinces

    but there are hundreds, thousands like them

  • #ukraine french antisemite hitlerlover fashiondesigner now works for Russian 'L'Etoile' (jaune)

    source http://www.themoscowtimes.com/news/article/fired-at-dior-for-anti-semitism-galliano-joins-russias-letoile/500117.html

    well this was not just an incident

    so another product no really conscious jewish or democratic firm or chain should have or lend its name, fame and products to it

    or have any stock in it

    Rive-gauche seems the logical alternative (leftside)

    bytheway you will love Russia with its swastika t-shirts and gangs, its nationalistic manifestations and its adulation of their great leader Putin and its acceptable anti-semitism (only some-one who doesn't like jews would have hired a crackhead like him, however talented he is supposed to be)

  • #ukraine the WOII discourse about ethnicity and use of language by Putin poses enormous problems

    "Census data from other former Soviet states confirms that this is the reality throughout the wider region. Russian is the first language for almost 20 million people in the four countries bordering Russia's western frontier, but only 10 million in those countries described themselves as ethnic Russians in their census returns. In Belarus, for example, 42 percent of the population speak Russian as their first language, but only 8 percent declare themselves as ethnic Russians.


    It is clear from statistics that language and ethnicity are not synonymous. It is also clear that Moscow has chosen to make selective use of ethnicity and language statistics to manipulate the Ukrainian conflict to its advantage.


    What if Russia were to extend its actions across its western frontier based on the premise that Russian speakers are, in fact, ethnic Russians?


    Challenging the sovereignty of states or the integrity of regions within states based on the language of the population would potentially destabilize many areas on the eastern frontier of Europe with Russia. Belarus would become a target, and significant areas of Latvia, Kazakhstan and Estonia would be considered fair game.


    To avert this scenario, the dialogue around the current crisis needs to be focused on the verifiable facts of ethnicity. Russia should stop relying on the fallacy that language necessarily indicates ethnic or national allegiance.

    It is not because I speak english that I am english or because I speak french that I become french or that because I live in Flanders that I only identify myself as such

    there can be a hundred different things among I can choose to construct my identity and that choice can change over time and according to the circumstances (as we know far too well in Belgium) and even that doesn't have to stay fixed, it can go back and forth, constantly searching for a compromise or not

    most Europeans are so transitioning between their nationality identity, the European identity and the culture or language they primarily use and the other cultures and languages they adapt or they are confronted or surrounded with

    those Russian nationalists who think that everything Russia is only Russian are in a for a big surprise and some signs are showing that they are playing with fire in an ammunition store

  • #ukraine why the referendum in for example Mariupol was a sham

    and 10 other reasons (people voted twice, three times, premade votes, voting in the street, no lists, no identification,......)

    and logically the numbers don't add up

    why does anyone still use the word referendum while it is no referendum at all


  • #ukraine now Germans in Russia want their republic back and restituation

    yeah what you will do to the tatars to keep them from rebelling

    you will have to do for a lot of other communities that father Stalin (so proudly presented during the nationalist-bolshevist manifestations) has dispersed all over his 'Soviet Union'

    source http://myblog.skynet.be/admin/posts/post.php?blog_id=19962&blog_type=weblog

  • #ukraine now Russian region wants an inverse Crimean solution and leave Russia for Bielarusse

    you never know what will happen if you start a fire in a forest

    you can't control and the fire and the wind and the rain and the same time

    while even not speaking about the humans battling the fire or starting their own fire or fleeing for the fire

    source http://www.interpretermag.com/smolensk-residents-seek-referendum-on-transferring-region-from-russian-federation-to-belarus/

  • #ukraine Russian occupied Kalingrad has its own independence movement now

    source http://www.interpretermag.com/karelians-seek-international-recognition-of-russias-occupation-of-their-republic/

    the site itself is in russia so the question is how long it will stay online :)

    Kalingrad is very important for the security of Lithuania - a baltic country that has become very nervous the last months as its Russian minority could start having ideas and ideologues in the Kremlin openly speak of getting the Baltic states back one way or another

    the agreement by which Russia informed Lithuania about the military capacity it keeps in Kalingrad has also been put on hold by the Kremlin increasing that anxiety

  • #ukraine the need for a new Iron Wall at our eastern frontiers

    let's call it what it is becoming

    the Eastern front of Europe

    not because we would like it to be this way - on the contrary

    but because our Russian neighbor is just becoming totally unpredictable

  • #ukraine the new prorussian sexy chic style

    next  masked porn or gangbangs

    why the mask you may ask

    It is psychological because it eliminates your personal responsability and accountability

    with my mask on, I am not me, but it, part of it and responding to orders from It

    it is not me and not particulary what I want or like but what I have to do

    but as it is not me, but the other

    I don't feel responsable for what I do or don't

    just like an uniform or 'befehl ist befehl'

  • targeted attacks against Ministry of Economic Affairs in Belgium were successfull

    Journalists have to reread their titles from time to time

    It is not that the network is now hacked it has been hacked 5 months ago

    but hacked is a big word, it has been penetrated by a complicated virus - probably snakewise

    at the other side, it is an interesting administration because it has a lot of information about the enterprises and the position of the minister in his fight with the electricity monopoly of Electrabel - so spies should have been expected

    I think there are a lot of other instances and networks that have been penetrated by this kind of virus - just as the US didn't know for 6 years and there was a period of 3 years before antiviruses detected some versions of this new kind of virus especially constructed to bypass the traditional antivirus installations

  • #dogecoin : another virtual currency hacked apart because of no security

    make money fast while you still can

    and don't care about security because that costs too much and takes too much time

    that is why everything in virtual currencies is virtual expect if you as in gambling can cash out in time but once you are addicted or dependent you will lose it all

    source http://www.zdnet.com/the-dirge-of-dogecoin-cryptocurrency-doomed-to-failure-7000029384/

  • #heartbleed all these open source tools are still vulnerable and very popular

    they haven't been upgraded yet

    source http://www.zdnet.com/after-heartbleed-many-open-source-apps-remain-vulnerable-7000029205/