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  • OAuth 2.0 and OpenID have their own heartbleed but they don't care a bit for now

    these two systems seem very special but probably you have been using them for some time, that is anytime you are logging into some third webservice and you are using the logins of facebook, yahoo, twitter or Google while those services (for example a website, app or forum) don't belong to the same firm

    now it seems that they are quite easily abused by a middle in the man attack while you are convinced you have clicked on the right link (in an email) to connect to your service while in fact you have been logging in to another service (probably telling there is a mistake and you have to do it later again or something like that)

    meanwhile you have given the attacker the token of your access which he will be able to use afterwards and you have given him also the rights to access with the same logins next time

    the firms responsable for these standards say that they are concerned but that they don't plan to do anything about it in the near future - that is as long as there is no massive abuse of this mistake

    the mistake is that there is no whitelisting of the tokens that are used and that there are too few controls

    I didn't like it from the beginning because I always thought that there would be something under the carpet nobody was telling us. Now a student in China has discovered it.

    He has made a good website with all the information that is worth a good read.


    and what you can do ? First of all never use when you click on links and always go immediately to the websites themselves by typing their name and not using links or favorites.

    secondly don't use if for services that are too valuable for you

  • why it is interesting to do sometimes a googledork on yourself

    so if you take site:yoursite.be  hack OR porn   than you will see if you were also the victim of a linkhack

    a linkhack is when you are hacked to place pages with links to files that they can't place anymore on forums or other public places because it is cleaned by automatic filters

    so they hack normal website to place the links to the files

    like this belgian website who has now a few hundred of them

  • #belgacomhack was maybe a targeted attack

    "This sort of strategy explains why sysadmins at otherwise "friendly" telecommunications networks—like the engineers at Belgacom who were hacked by the GCHQ—find themselves targeted. The attacks on Belgacom were likely a step toward collecting intelligence on a specific individual believed to be in Belgium by tapping into the provider's network infrastructure, allowing the GCHQ to gain access to SMS messages and other data directly from the network and determine exactly which tower the target's phone was talking to when they were sent.

    the article analysis the operation of the NSA to target administrators but they don't target administrators (who are all on linkedin - even those from the NSA if these are real)) just to get the administrators but to use their accesses to be able to follow the communications of people or organisations they are targeting without having to go through the normal channels and in Belgium there are enough targets to chose and if you read the list of international partners of Belgacom and the kinds of organisations and institutions using its network you can be sure that there would surely be one or more targets that would have convinced them that getting to this way was worth the risk.

  • the things that Snowden can't leak (they think)

    "For one thing, Snowden did not have access to any specific ECIs (Extremely Classified Information compartments) that protect specific sources of information, including the identities of companies that partner with the NSA. The larger ones can be inferred, but the details of their cooperation, along with the details of hundreds of other relationships, are ECI-controlled.


    Snowden did not have (so far as we know) a GAMMA SCI clearance, which protects exceptionally sensitive SIGINT sources. Since the sources he did reveal seem pretty sensitive, it's worth knowing that there is an entire category of SIGINT sources and methods that is even more sensitive, or potentially controversial.


    Snowden does not seem to have access to the PRODUCT of SIGINT operations. That is, his documents show how the NSA collects stuff. But in order to read the stuff the NSA collects, you need a separate set of internal clearances. For the FISA material, a RAGTIME clearance is required. Without it, you can learn all about how and why the NSA collects metadata and then analyzes it, but you yourself cannot access the raw data that's collected.



    None of the Snowden documents are marked KDK, for KLONDIKE, the overall compartment for "geoint," or imagery products from all sources. There are three main subcompartments. I assume that they correspond to the types of geoint produced — from satellites, from drones, from manned airplanes. Or maybe they correspond to product levels of differing sensitivities. All that remains classified.

    Nothing about reconnaissance technologies, or actual bulk surveillance technologies, or sensors that collect foreign instrumentation signatures intelligence (FISINT), sensors that collect measurement and signatures intelligence (MASINT), or the web of compartmented NRO programs that allow the U.S. to monitor WMD proliferation around the world


    None of them reveal much of anything about HUMINT sources and operations, governed by the HUMINT Control System and two sub-systems, one for "operations" and the other for "product."

    and in these changing and daring times we may be happy about that while at the same time we have to control that tendency for a global total surveillance state that is always going to be very ineffective

  • #ukraine military specialists want local military emergency zones in the east

    "Implementation of military emergency in these regions is a necessary step which, according to Mr. Tymchuk, his group proposed the government to take. «Despite that, they would not even listen about military emergency, – the military analyst says, – however, it would enable controlling at least the informational environment which is today playing against the Ukrainian army. When social networks are riddled with videos of Ukrainian military machines relocation with their accurate coordinates, one can hardly talk about any covert tactical maneuvers». The military expert emphasized the need to control Russian journalists’ movements. «I can barely imagine the Kremlin allowing foreign journalists to take live footage, let’s say, at the Chechen war. Nonetheless, it is possible to track the journalists, and those who work against Ukraine by misrepresenting the facts must be made non-grata in our country», – he added.

    Some say that he has been wrong some times with his predictions - and this is normal as nobody can foresee what will and can happen in military conflicts because if somebody would be able to do that he would already rule the world. There is nothing predictable about a military conflict even if the odds are totally against you in the beginning.

    You also see that in the permanent shift of the military paradigma's about for example air superiority or not, or special forces or more normal forces or shock and awe or blitzkrieg or not and so on

    this is the only reason that Putin is now holding back for the moment

    if he decides to intervene officially himself there is no way anybody can predict what will be all the possible outcomes in the short and the longer term and I am not talking economics here. 

    that there is too much reporting on the social media about the real localisation of the military who are participating in this conflict is just mindblowing and I have been trying to ask people to post only after the operations are over and not instantly. This could be tomorrow with a specific operation or it could be next week if it is an installation. The Ukr army has also no press officers to tell what to do and what not.

    military emergency has another advantage and that is that they take over the civil power in the cities they liberate and they help setting in place a normal civil authority again but only have to hand over power again if the different parts of that civil authority have proven to be stable enough to survive new unrest or military attacks

    it could even be necessary to be able to organize the presidential elections - as is the case in many countries (but true not european)


  • #ukraine after covert russian military actions, now covert US financial sanctions

    "Beginning in July, federal law requires U.S. banks to start withholding a 30 percent tax on certain payments to financial institutions in other countries unless those foreign banks have agreements in place to share information about U.S. account holders with the Internal Revenue Service. The withholding applies mainly to investment income.


    Russia and dozens of other countries have been negotiating information-sharing agreements with the U.S. in an effort to spare their banks from such harsh penalties. But after Russia annexed Crimea and was seen as stoking separatist movements in eastern Ukraine, the Treasury Department quietly suspended negotiations in March. With the July 1 deadline approaching, Russian banks are now concerned that the price of investing in the United States is about to go up.


    "It's a huge deal," said Mark E. Matthews, a former IRS deputy commissioner. "It would throw enormous uncertainty into the Russian banking community."The new law means Russian banks that buy U.S. securities after July 1 could forfeit 30 percent of the interest and dividend payments. The withholding applies to stocks and bonds, including U.S. Treasurys. Some previously owned securities would be exempt from the withholding, but in general, previously owned stocks would not.


    Private investors who use Russian financial institutions to facilitate trades also face the withholding penalty. Those private investors could later apply to the IRS for refunds, but the inconvenience would be enormous.

    the tit for tat has now been going on for some time with cancellations, suspensions in every field of the financial and economic and military or scientific cooperation between the US and Russia (followed by some other countries)

    now the US is going to use slowly but steadily every rule they have in the book against any Russian interest without having to call it a sanction. This is for every country who didn't sign the agreement and as Russia has no intention of signing they will be treated like any other country who takes the same position.

    I suppose that if somebody is going to make a list of all the things that have happened in the relations between Russia and the rest of the world that he would have an enormous list of covert sanctions, a list that probably will become longer every day as the fighting intensifies.

  • #ukraine was Odessa fire a Reichstag-event ?

    there are many odd things about this and a team of international experts will be going to Odessa soon to investigate but there is one thing that is totally stupid. If this is a crimescene (and it is a crime) than you don't hold an open door visit day the next day in which hundreds of people wander around taking pictures for their facebook pages and messing with evidence. On a crimescene even the smallest detail can make a difference and as a crimescene it should have been locked down and sealed. There will be some conclusions that they probably will be able to make whatever the number of visitors and what happened during these tragic events and the visits by hundreds of people. For example where the fire started, the examination of the corpses, the places of the corpses according to the fire and so on.

    this will take time and this will not resolve the lost lives neither the abuse of this event by the Russian propaganda to set the people even more up against each other, using it as an argument in which you become entrapped in a tunnel vision, the kind of argument that makes a normal discussion nearly impossible and makes it easier to portrait the others as murderers and dangerous for your own health and live, without any mercy for people of your 'kind'.

    "However, reading all the posts, watching all the videos and commentaries, and reviewing all the analyses, have not taken away my deep-down conviction that this was planned. All the time when watching the materials I think of Andrei Nekrasov’s films, the ones about the bombing of the flats in Moscow that provided the pretext for the Chechen war and were almost certainly carried out by the FSB, the film about the invasion into Georgia in 2008 and the film on Litvinenko which gives more evidence on FSB involvement in acts of terror – including the killing of Litvinenko himself…

    For me the most suspicious are the photos of the victims inside. What do you do when a building is on fire? You race to the escapes, right, you race to the windows to get out. In this case we have the horrible photo of a pregnant woman bent over backwards over a desk, who died basically “on the spot” clearly not from fire or smoke and with a window almost within reach. We have bodies strewn around in the most unusual places, with their faces burnt and the lower parts of their body not, clearly the result of individual fires put artificially on each and every of the victims, and you have plenty of victims who have been shot dead with a bullet straight into their face.

    In addition, we have videos that clearly show fire inside the building that cannot be the cause of Molotov cocktails from outside. It is not big fire – but it is clearly visible. Is this the fire that was created on each and every individual body inside?

    I would not be surprised – rather, I am pretty convinced – this was a special operation of the FSB, a provocation aimed at getting a large number of victims, and unfortunately for them the fire did not spread enough and as a result the fact that it was artificial, man-made and deliberate could not be concealed"

    one should also remember that it looks like the Russian special operatives are bungling one operation after another in an unbelievable way (watch out for resignations and re-organisations in these services for any indications).

    The final police attack during the last night of the negotiations at Euromaidan ? Failed .... they finally held the line although they had lost much space (and people)

    The final sniper attack before the regime fled to Russia ? Failed..... they killed 100 people but they kept on coming and so they stopped killing and left (is this why the FSB says it needs at least 100 prorussians preferable civileans to be killed at once)

    The provocations with helicopters crossing the border while the Ukranian troops were at high alert and their troops were on the border ? Failed .... everybody held their cool

    The kidnapping of the international observers and other westeners ? Failed..... they had to be released without any counterpart and now the whole world is convinced that they are  not solely protestors or militants and that Russia has influence over them.

    The attack at night with the two cars at a controlpost ? Failed ..... an hour later it was clear that it was staged and that the proof made no sense.

    The Odessa day of horror the 2nd of May with shootings behind policelines and the burning of the building with more than 40 people dead that day ? Failed..... it couldn't be used to invade the country and it was so badly executed that it couldn't accomplish its goals

    Fact of the matter is that the solely military groups operating as military operatives for and with the prorussian military have accomplished a lot more untill now and have more cities or buildings under control than their special ops have ever accomplished.

  • #ukraine why we are living today in an unsafe world having its most dangerous moments

    from The Economist (can't say it better myself)

    "Yet Mr Obama has still made a difficult situation worse in two ways. First, he has broken the cardinal rule of superpower deterrence: you must keep your word. In Syria he drew “a red line”: he would punish Bashar Assad if he used chemical weapons. The Syrian dictator did, and Mr Obama did nothing. In response to Russia’s aggression, he threatened fierce sanctions, only to unveil underwhelming ones. He had his reasons: Britain let him down on Syria, Europe needs Russian gas, Congress is nervous. But the cumulative message is weakness.


    Second, Mr Obama has been an inattentive friend. He has put his faith in diplomatic coalitions of willing, like-minded democracies to police the international system. That makes sense, but he has failed to build the coalitions. And using diplomacy to deal with the awkward squad, such as Iran and Russia, leads to concessions that worry America’s allies. Credibility is about reassurance as well as the use of force.


    Credibility is also easily lost and hard to rebuild. On the plus side, the weakened West, as we dubbed it after the Syrian debacle, is still stronger than it thinks. America towers above all others in military spending and experience (see article). Unlike China and Russia, it has an unrivalled—and growing—network of alliances. In the past few years Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines have all moved towards it, seeking protection from China. And events can sway perceptions. Back in 1991 George Bush senior’s pounding of Saddam Hussein vanquished talk of America’s “Vietnam syndrome”.


    But there will be no vanquishing as long as the West is so careless of what it is losing. Europeans think they can enjoy American security without paying for it. Emerging-world democracies like India and Brazil do even less to buttress the system that they depend on. America is preoccupied with avoiding foreign entanglements. Mr Obama began his presidency with the world wondering how to tame America. Both he and his country need to realise that the question has changed.

    and once again in our history we are looking west for leadership and help and re-assurance, afraid to be on our own - even if we can start the fight on our own, we can't win it on our own (proven twice)

    and so as Putin is weighing his chances, exploring the possibilities and optiing for now to up the scale bit by bit (now by sending Kozaks across the border with air-to-surface missiles on military trucks) we need to consider what will happen in all our scenario's

  • #ukraine military tensions are growing

    moldavia has put its borders on high alert

    Bielarussia seems to be moving troops and reinforcing its borders

    Russian warplanes were seen near ..... California (US)

    Kalingrad confidence agreement (information about military present) suspended by Russia

    Going to be a busy day :)

  • #ukraine UPDATE the first Russian cossack troops with anti-aircraftmissiles have crossed the borders - invasion started unofficially

    these are Kozack troops that have crossed the border into Ukraine (they say) there is no offical confirmation yet but the civil airspace above eastern has been closed totally and is now closed only partially (only outgoing)

    it is only logical because the Ukraine government has total air supremacy (but that it only has used aside from some specific attacks mainly to transport troops and logistics although these are also arriving in the region by train and on the roads)

    the only solutions for the prorussian military forces is to get planes from Ukr airfields but they seem to be well protected and defended by loyal troops or to get some from Putin (who is for the moment keeping his hands out of this fire although he is throwing oil on it all the time)

    so they can only shoot them down

    and that can only be done with mortars and guns (against which the older helicopters aren't really protected) and air-to-surface missiles (this worked for the Afghan rebels (remember there are a bunch of Afghan veterans fighting on the Prorussion military side).

    the only problem is that if you attack airplanes they will start to shoot back and at the other side they have the order to spare as much civileans as possible (who are as war tourists having around the real battefields thinking that they have to play for war correspondent with their smartphone and become famous on Facebook or Youtube)

    well you are approaching war this way, one step at a time


    Google translate

    "In Lugansk region on the territory Antratsitovskogo district , in consultation with the district state administration , brought portable anti-aircraft missiles .

    The chairman of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine Mykhailo Volynets .

    Also outside the district administration building units formed the terrorists disguised in camouflage uniforms and weapons issue .

    " In the courtyard Antratsitovskogo district administration formed militias with the active participation and presence in the territory of the Don Cossacks ," - said Wolyniec .
    He also confirmed the seizure of the administrative building of state-owned enterprises " Artyomugol " Gorlovka (Donetsk region) and that the building workers left the company. According Volynets separatists such actions " revenge for the miners that they did not support them ."

    As reported podrobnosti.ua, head of regional state administration Antratsitovskogo Luhansk region gave the city under the control of Russian Cossacks. This was announced by MP from the faction of "Freedom" , a member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defence Yuri Sirotyuk .

  • even the NSA forgets sometimes there is SQL and XSS to look after before you upgrade a website

    "The changed version of the website is only seen by users who click on a link provided by the attacker. While the XSS vulnerability is not critical, the expert also claims to have identified an SQL Injection flaw on the NSA’s website. SQL Injection vulnerabilities are usually more serious because they can be leveraged to gain access to information stored in a website’s databases.

    Ungethüm has told MDR that he hasn’t exploited the SQL Injection bug for legal reasons.  The expert reported the security holes to the intelligence agency one week before making his findings public. He didn’t get any response. However, shortly after the existence of the vulnerabilities was revealed, the NSA addressed them.

    so this shows why you should have an administrative or security contact address for your website

    it also shows that if you get this kinds of remarks that you have to address them immediately and not make a project out of at (more an 'op' or operation)

    but it is also better to let your site be tested before you launch it and even afterwards you should have a weekly vulnerability test because all those fancy things they want to place on those websites have all their vulnerabilities from time to time and that makes them so expensive all those fancy things (we hardly need normally)


  • Mcafee releases free encrypted chat application for Android and windows phones

    "Future Tense Systems (FTC), a McAfee software development company, in partnership with Etransfr, a New-York based start-up company, released a private messaging application CHADDER’ that allows anyone to send private encrypted messages. CHADDER App is now available for Android OS here and for Windows phones here.

    the encryption key is on the phone which makes it sure that only the person to which you send the message will be able to read this  .... normally

  • FBI wants to place a backdoor in each online webservice

    "The FBI general counsel's office has drafted a proposed law that the bureau claims is the best solution: requiring that social-networking Web sites and providers of VoIP, instant messaging, and Web e-mail alter their code to ensure their products are wiretap-friendly.

    "If you create a service, product, or app that allows a user to communicate, you get the privilege of adding that extra coding," an industry representative who has reviewed the FBI's draft legislation told CNET. The requirements apply only if a threshold of a certain number of users is exceeded, according to a second industry representative briefed on it.

    The FBI's proposal would amend a 1994 law, called the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, or CALEA, that currently applies only to telecommunications providers, not Web companies. The Federal Communications Commission extended CALEA in 2004 to apply to broadband networks.

    they want to be sure - just as with the phone that they can tap into it and listen to what is being done online each time they need to.

    you would ask yourself why this is necessary if they could have asked the NSA

    it doesn't mean that they will have this - it wouldn't be the first time that their proposals have been grounded by big protests and protests from big firms

    and even than, you place the headquarters for your product in another country or cut the link with users in other countries who would have different login servers at different locations and where the entities would be independent from the 'mother company' falling under the national law instead of the US law.

  • #ukraine Russian snipers (something else than militants or protestors)

    you can't say that these are protestors or militants who have armed again

    these are professional snipers with professional sniper guns nothing more

    one Ukr soldier was killed by such a sniper today


    It's not possible to identify the rifle with absolute certainty without better pictures, but this could be an SVD rifle,  commonly used by Russian military snipers. It is possible that this is a VSS Vintorez rifle, which is nearly exclusively used by Russian spetsnaz. Regardless, we see that some of the gunmen have chosen to defend the city in close proximity to civilians -- and some of the civilians don't seem to be in a hurry to leave the gunmen.

  • #ukraine troops and armor are now on the move to the east - russian party can be over



    I already asked myself where the rest of the troops were staying and why they weren't sending more now that in some cities it appears there are hundreds of armed trained special troops (and not just a bunch or protestors)

    so it is slowly getting serious and the political and military decision-makers are understanding that even a proxy war is a war, how low level it may seem to use

    it is the number of tanks, the number of guns and the strategy and tactics that will make the difference

  • as we are nearing war, we are closing the book on the NSA scandal

    Merkel who was the most personally hurt by the discovery that even her personal phone and staff was targeted has shown in Washington what we have been announcing last week

    Just as the investigations of Echelon in Europe were stopped the day after 9/11 we are slowly but steadily closing the book on the new NSA discoveries. As we are nearing step by step a bigger militarisation and an increasing danger from Russia - not only on the Ukranian front but now there are in fact vocal and diplomatic or military threats against an increasing number or border countries - the need for cooperation on the intelligence front is increasing by the day and the biggest provider of information is..... the NSA.

    The NSA should thank Putin - as a spy - for all the good work he has done to help increase the importance and stature of the NSA, to get the scandal out of the headlines and to descredit Snowden (by having him on his propaganda show) and Assange (by having him on the ridiculuous propaganda tvstation Russia Today). The NSA couldn't have done it better themselves. Putin is in fact executing the most beautiful dreams of every militaristic, anti-communist and warloving general. I think they frap their heads when they are reading everything he does during a week and ask themselves 'is this real', 'is he really doing such things'

    He has today for example suspended the agreement by which the Europeans knew which weapons and armies he would place in Kalingrad (but there are reports they are thinking of placing 40 missiles.... yes they are back again but now really in our backyard and now with a real mad man at the other side of the button (and not an old American actor joking about a small nuclear war his generals were actually planning for Europe)). This puts the whole discussion of the status and access to Kalingrad in a totally different perspective.

    yes, my readers, we are moving slowly but steadily to some kind of cold war, local conflict or conflicts or lowlevel warfares at out Eastern borders and that means for the electronic networks and our military, diplomatic and other data(networks) that we are entering a totally different ballgame.

    The NSA and the European intelligence agencies will probably get back to the table and will discuss what is not acceptable according to what we know from the Snowden leaks and what could be the basis of a renewed and even more intensive cooperation. Because the more Putin is putting an end to every form of information exchange and direct access to his military installations the more we become dependent on intelligence to have enough information not to be surprised again as we were in Crimea.

    and you know what the funny thing is

    the circle of History is back again from where it started.

    Echelon, the cooperation between the postWWII allies was started because after the war - because of the friendship with the Russian ally during the war - the non-american intelligence agencies found themselves not capable of finding the infiltrated KGB agents in its own agencies and administrations (the Americans never really trusted them so they kept them at bay but knew because of double agents where the KGB agents were in several western democracies). So they formed Echelon, the partnership of the 5 W0II westernized allies.

    And now because of Putin and because the European Union has no intelligence, military or police cooperation like the US has so we don't have the same advantages of scale like the big agencies in the US, the Europeans are more or less obliged to find some modus vivendi with the US about the military and the intelligence (energy and freetrade will follow if Putin continues). It was the weakness of the western allies in the second world war who brought the intelligence agencies of those countries together. It is the weakness of the European intelligence agencies (because of lack of budget and cooperation on the European level) that will bring Echelon and Europe together.

    So the NSA who was so dispised after the first relevations, will become step by step an essential partner in the intelligence necessity of NATO and Europe.

  • #ukraine when Putin is done with Ukraine he will do the same with Kazakhstan


    Kazakhstan is richer and vaster (four times larger than Texas) and has a long border with China. Part of that border is with Xinjiang province, whose rebellious Turkic-speaking Muslim Uyghurs would welcome a Central Asian Spring. Being able to control that territory would mean Russia could exert considerable pressure on China and not have to serve solely as its junior partner and raw materials appendage. China also ships and receives goods and energy through that part of Kazakhstan.


    Russians make up about a quarter of Kazakhstan’s population, a number that approaches 50 percent in the north of the country. As with Ukraine, many Russians think much of Kazakhstan is part of Russia, although the emotional bond is not as great. In a 1994 interview with Forbes magazine, the writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn put it bluntly: “All of northern and northeastern Kazakhstan is actually part of southern Siberia.”


    Political turmoil will allow Russians to reunite with their brothers and sisters stranded in a foreign land by the collapse of the U.S.S.R. The logic of Russia’s turn from west to east demands that it take a considerable piece of Kazakhstan.


    If European businessmen were reluctant to sacrifice lucrative trade arrangements because of Russia’s incursion into a sovereign European state, they can be counted on to be indifferent to Moscow’s slicing off the top half of Kazakhstan. Then Russia will control the Asian “Heartland.” While that may not allow Moscow to, as Mackinder put it, “command the world,” it will put Russia on an equal footing with China and the U.S. And that, more than anything, is what Russia wants."

  • #ukraine how mad can it get before Europe/NATO/US steps in

    * material for a dirty bomb was intercepted by the Ukranian secret service, it would be a first if something like that explodes (the biggest European Nuclear installation is in Ukraine by the way)

    * there seem to be about 800 armed fighters in Sloviansk that are now encircled by the Ukranian army who is pushing them more and more to the center of the city

    * the army destroyed an armed TRAIN in Sloviansk

    * some chemical plant or oil pipeline is burning in Sloviansk

    * Privatbank the bank of an Oliargh supporting the democratic regime in Kiev has to close it doors in several of the Eastern City because of persistant attacks by pro-russians. It serves the pensions and wages for hundreds of thousands of people in the west and the east of Ukraine

    * 100 people are still in hospital after the incidents in Odessa the 2nd of May, the head of police has been dismissed and several police units just refused to intervene yesterday so the public prosecutors released 40 of the imprisoned participants of the battles, the rest being already transferred to other regions

    * the border with Crimea has been formally closed although that doesn't mean that people don't cross border and some border stations with Russia have been attacked or provoked from both sides

    * 100 prorussian kozaks seem to have arrived in Kramatorsk by train with weapons in boxes

    * there is a call for a general ARMED uprising the 9th of may all over the East and South of Ukraine and as is the case with selffullfilling prophecies people will organize like that and even if there is no real result afterwards (except some buildings here and there) it will give the impression that something has happened

    * because the police is not functioning at all in most places - it was never intended to do any crowdcontrol because they used the political Berkut for that - national guard units and volunteers are being trained and armed to support or supplement them

    * the government says it will send more troops to the east but seems not to have enough special operations groups to handle a situation that widespread (and not enough battle ready troops to finish a big location like Sloviansk in short enough time to roll up the other places)

    so how long are we going to watch, stand by and say we deplore it, we are 'concerned' and do in fact nothing and than say after the 9th of may ..... if we should have known we should have acted before

  • #ukraine Europe/USA needs to act before the 9th of may - material for dirty radioactive bomb intercepted by Ukr secret service

    source http://www.bbc.co.uk/ukrainian/news_in_brief/2014/05/140505_or_sbu_radioactive.shtml

    translated by Google translate

    "Counterintelligence Security Service seized 1.5 kilograms of radioactive substances, which were taken from Transnistria in eastern Ukraine .

    This was during a briefing at the ministry spokesman said SBU Marina Ostapenko , reports Click UNN.

    According to her, in the Chernivtsi region have detained nine people - according to preliminary data , one Russian citizen and eight Ukrainian . They drove a car with foreign numbers one and a half kilograms of a radioactive substance in a container craftsmanship .

    " It is possible that this substance were brought to the eastern region to create a so -called" dirty "bomb and use it during mass events . According to this fact a criminal proceeding, the investigation continues ," - added the spokesman SBU."


    It is now also reported by CCN

    as we said Putin needs a big one to be able to intervene - some rumours that this will be today even (wait and see) - and what could be bigger than a dirty bomb (speaking to the imagination of everybody and in the first place the international press who already confounds this situation with civil war (which it is not regarding Syria or remembering Bosnia or Chechenya)).

    it is time for the west now that alarm bells go to red because the number of provocations, actions and military incidents leading up to the 9th of May and the rumours about the planned actions the 9th of may will only increase

    they still have some days to decide to intervene or to put enough pressure on Putin or military power around Ukraine to make clear that they are not going to stand by like that

  • #ukraine this is the Russian troop concentration at the Ukr border

    from the Washington Post who based this pic on some research from some military institution

    it is important to know that nearly all the troops are elite troops that have fought in other conflicts in Russia like Dagestan

    these are not normal troops, they are invasion and special operation troops