#ukraine Russian invasion is consolidating its occupied Ukranian territory

sending in more troops and tanks

no declaration of war, no declaration at all from the Russians

as if it is not happening

and that is the way that the western press is treating it

but aren't there any satellites pictures

Ukraine is for the moment on its own

shouldn't it bombard it, send some missilles in those foreign troops on its territory ?

or will we wait untill they take Mariupol and the green men are everywhere and protect also Donetsk and Lugansk from falling in the hands of the Ukranian army (both cities are in Ukraine for those who don't know)

this is the last chance for Putin because the local militias didn't hold on to their territory and didn't get local support and the russian mercenaries he send over and the cash and weapons didn't make a difference against a Professional army that could finally start to wage war as if it was war without having to stand by because they were blocked by some thugs and mad old women

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doxing the president of Sony entertainment

and a lot more on that page inclusive - if true - the situation of his accounts


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#ukraine more proof of Russian soldiers invading step by step in Ukraine

"(Reuters) - Unidentified, heavily-armed strangers with Russian accents have appeared in an eastern Ukrainian village, arousing residents' suspicions despite Moscow's denials that its troops have deliberately infiltrated the frontier. Two witnesses told Reuters on Tuesday that the dozens of men, who arrived at the weekend and set up a road block, were not local and had military ration packs marked with Russian writing. http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/08/26/us-ukraine-crisis-fighters-idUSKBN0GQ1X520140826

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#ukraine the funeral of Springnote the American fighting in Ukraine and blogging

he was a respected twitterer among the pro ukranian crowd

he was killed

this is his funeral


sorry to say many more will die before Putin gives up

and the west should do more

because it is now clear - even after the negotiations if you can call them like that in Minsk

that Putin doesn't want peace for the moment and thinks that any negotiation or proposal will always be in his advantage and that he should pose conditions and so on

meanwhile his troops are now - even if it is in small numbers - crossing the border with immunity as the international community watches .... other things happening


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#ukraine russians are now really invading and occuyping villages in Ukraine NOW

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netflix comes to Belgium, here are some guides (bye bye tv)

this doesn't mean that these films and series will be aviable for the Belgian audience but maybe they can give you some guidance in what in any case will be an enormous library right to your desktop (or your tv if you have a HDMI cable) just be sure that your internetconnection is unlimited if you will be a heavy user7



What’s New In Television This Week On Netflix: August 15th

The 25 Next Best Series On Netflix Streaming

The 26-50th Best Series On Netflix Instant

10 New And Returning Original Series Coming To Netflix In 2014

The 12 Highest Rated Horror Movies On Netflix Streaming

The 12 Highest Rated Comedy Movies On Netflix Streaming

The 12 Highest Rated Action And Adventure Movies On Netflix Streaming

The 12 Highest Rated Spoofs And Satires On Netflix Streaming

The 12 Highest Rated Stand-Up Comedy Specials On Netflix Streaming

The 12 Highest Rated Heist Movies On Netflix Streaming

The 12 Highest Rated Kung Fu Movies On Netflix

The 12 Highest Rated Geek & Sci-Fi Movies On Netflix Streaming

The 12 Highest Rated Crime Thrillers And Dramas On Netflix Streaming

The 12 Highest Rated Westerns On Netflix Streaming

The 12 Highest Rated Sports Movies On Netflix Streaming

The 12 Highest Rated Drama Movies On Netflix Streaming

The 25 Best Documentaries You Can Login To Netflix And Stream Right Now








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the supersonic Chinese submarine for people and bombs

source http://www.scmp.com/news/china/article/1580226/shanghai-s...

the military will find this invention less than fantastic and it will set off another submarine development race

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#Anonymous has a lot of nuts like the killer of James Foley

source http://www.businessinsider.com/rapper-linked-to-james-fol...

that is why we are not all one and that is why even if Anonymous has sometimes some interesting viewpoints and actions, the global ideology and the marketing is plain nonsense (just as the corporate state in which we are all 'ONE').

Anonymous is just a mask, nothing more - anymore

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The spaceplane of the future

source http://www.businessinsider.com/northrop-grumman-xs-1-spac...

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And what if #Snowden is a spy working for himself and everything is just a cover-up or diversion ?

Nothing is as it seems and sometimes we want to be fooled because we feel better this way.

He said himself that he was trained as a spy and in the training of a spy (enough books online) you will see that diversion, camouflage, longtime sleeping and preparation and so on are normal techniques

It is also true that human spies must be trained to be able to think as different personalities and must know to manipulate other without any regrets and double or tripleplay if this is necessary to survive

First the Diversion

The real deal is NOT about the 200.000 tier1 and tier2 documents that Snowden has stolen and that he has handed over to the journalists who like bulls on a red flag went into overdrive and started publishing and are only recently starting to doublecheck and rethink certain publications of certain documents. If you know there are 200.000 documents than you know that there are thousands of new publications that are awaiting us - even if they start interesting us and the media less and less only because our international environment with ISIS and Putin and other nuts reminds us why we have given the NSA those enormous rights and resources in the first place.

But if it was a diversion we all fell into the trap.

Snowden also stole 1.2 million Tier3 documents from 24 seperate servers for which he got passwords from his co-workers because he said he needed it to do some work or check some things even if normally he didn't have the clearance to see those documents. (how in a spy-organisation like the NSA nobody saw that somebody was collecting 1.2 million documents is just amazing because that could have been easily monitored) - maybe they need an internal NSA to spy permanently on the people working for and with and in the NSA.

Those documents are NOT in the hands of the American journalists of which even Greenwald said that he wouldn't publish them (which Snowden ecpected probably). Some documents are lists of machines all over the world the NSA hacked in four adversary nations — Russia, China, North Korea and Iran and this is something that for example the American journalists which received only 200.000 documents. They give a total and detailed view of the US cyberoperations and capabilities which is the reason why they were so secret. Now it is easier to understand what the NSA means when it says that the advantage of the Snowden leaks is that they have to start all over again and that so they can start with new technologies and better protections and so on.

And there is something strange about these documents

The only parts of these documents that were published were published by a newspaper in HongKong while he was trying to hide himself in a Hotel there. He has shown them which Chinese computers or networks were compromised by the NSA. And these Tier3 documents were

"The documents listed operational details of specific attacks on computers, including internet protocol (IP) addresses, dates of attacks and whether a computer was still being monitored remotely.

The Sunday Morning Post can now reveal Snowden's claims that the NSA is:


but in the international intelligence community any chinese journalist working for an official chinese newspaper meeting an spy with thousands or millions of documents will in any case at the least have been briefed and debriefed by the the Chinese Intelligence Community. The fact that China is now investing billions in changing totally its infrastructure and even creating its own Operating System for computers shows that Snowden has been a real Wake-up call and that the documents with the IP addresses of the NSA operations in China have silenced any doubter.

One should also remember that the US at that moment asked Hong-Kong and China for the arrest of Snowden as a spy and that in that ultra controlled environment he got away to Russia - where he is now Under control of a Handler who is directly linked to the FSB (KGB) and plays propaganda puppet for Putin in his Tv-show.

But while we are from time to time diverted from the search for the real important documents by the leaks and his interviews in which he leaks some new stuff every time - he pulls up every time a new smokescreen about what he did with those documents while giving no proof at all that this has really happened. He says that he gave them to journalists and than that he has destroyed them.

Even the fact that new documents are now appearing through people linked to wikileaks may be just a smokescreen. I am not fantasizing. This is all normal standard spystuff since hundreds of years. Remember all those rumours about a second or third NSA leaker ? Maybe that is also just a smokescreen. Those documents in fact could be part of the Tiers3 set of documents (which would mean that they were NOT destroyed or that someone has made a copy before Snowden destroyed it (one trick is to walk out of the room with your computer open and coming back after your smoke asking nothing).

Second part the spy stuff

Just to say that what the NSA did in democratic countries like ours is totally wrong and that should be changed. There is no reason to justify that kind of intrusion in a democratic country that poses no military or any other threat to the US.

Even if Snowden is not a spy working for somebody else from the beginning but just a guy who used spytechniques to collect as much information as possible he has used illegal spytechniques to get at the data (asking passwords at collègues), he has thought through his career to get as much confidential documents as possible

What is puzzling the analysts is why he only took the operational information that was useful for China and Russia (and their proteges North Korea and Iran).

"In January, Snowden reached out to a documentary filmmaker and journalist, Laura Poitras, and they began to correspond. In mid-February, he sent an email to Greenwald, who lives in Brazil, suggesting he might want to set up a method for receiving and sending encrypted emails. He even made a YouTube video for Greenwald, to take him step-by-step through the process of encryption. Greenwald did not know the identity of the person offering the leaks and was unsure if they were genuine. He took no action. In March, in New York, he received a call from Poitras, who convinced him that he needed to take this more seriously.

"In mid-May, documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras contacted me," Appelbaum said. "She told me she was in contact with a possible anonymous National Security Agency (NSA) source who had agreed to be interviewed by her.""She was in the process of putting questions together and thought that asking some specific technical questions was an important part of the source verification process. One of the goals was to determine whether we were really dealing with an NSA whistleblower. I had deep concerns of COINTELPRO-style entrapment. We sent our securely encrypted questions to our source. I had no knowledge of Edward Snowden's identity before he was revealed to the world in Hong Kong. He also didn't know who I was. I expected that when the anonymity was removed, we would find a man in his sixties." http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/interview-with-...

You also have to remember that the Wikileaks circle is nowadays linked to the Russian FSB operations.

Before his arrival in Hong Kong he had contacts with a carer who took care of him when he arrived there (20th of May) in local safe houses though his arrival at the Mirada hotel the 10th of June (paid for by Wikileaks). The carer made also sure that he had some lawyers who are bound to secrecy from the moment he arrived in Hongkong. Remember Hongkong is Under Chinese rule and has no independent intelligence service to speak off. Another thing is that before you arrive at a place where somebody has already made some expenses to find some safehouses, clear official entry and security and get some lawyers you will have to have proven that you have material that will convince them that you are the real thing and that you are Worth every penny of it. So between the momen the was collecting the very secet specific stuff about China and Russia he was also in Contact with some-one in Hong Kong to prepare for his safe passage. That person could not have been a westerner because even if you would have serious doubts about the NSA you would at the least be very careful about what kind of information would be leaked and the kind of stuff he was taking with him and giving to the Chinese was exactly the kind of stuff you didn't want them to have.

Again well-connected lawyers in HongKong are well connected to the authorities and those Chinese authorities are well connected to the intelligence and security services (who will have gone through a moment of total nervous breakdown when seeing the information in the secret documents not knowing where to start first and trying to think about everything that was intercepted although that was easy, it was nearly everything).

So his flight to Hong Kong was not something desperate but a well planned, financed and organised trip with a certain investment, a certain proof of worthiness and a plannig for the things that would happen afterwards. It was not the cowboy with the white hat fleeing for his prosecutors and the bandits trying to save the world.

Well if you know that in Hong Kong he went several times to the Russian Consulate (he was than still in possession of the Tier3 documents because he was showing them to the Chinese journalist). Nothing is known about what happened there. And if you link this to his escape in which Assagen from Wikileaks (working for Russia Today meanwhile) gives him an unsigned letter to fly to Ecuador through Moscow. Assange was and is still living in the Embassy of Ecuador in London. Any lawyer or person right in his mind would know that an unsigned document has no value. So if he was trapped or tricked or if he just played the role of the innocent trapped guy is not for me to say but he went along in the plot.

So he ended up in Moscow where is now surrounded by FSB people and the Wikileaks group which nowadays can't proof that it has become anything more than an anti-western operation since it hasn't published not one document from Russia that divulges something secret or shocking. Many of its prime collaborators work now in Russia, for Russia or have links to Russia. It is also interesting to know that since the arrest of Assange there is still an enormous trove of unpublished documents in Wikileaks of which nobody knows what happened to it or who has access to it. (that makes two sets of unknown documents which becomes a pattern not ?)

So what if

what if snowden is a spy working for himself and using the 1.5 million MISSING documents to protect himself and his future while having a permanent media campaign with many smokescreens and diversions which have to hide the fact that apart from the set of documents about the programs in the US and Europe he still has somewhere 1.5 million documents he or his connections can use if necessary.

and what would be his goal

the goal of any man

go in history as a hero

wouldn't you lie for that ?

source http://www.businessinsider.com/snowden-took-level-1-and-l... 



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#ukraine three russian incursions and attacks happening now

meanwhile Putin goes to Minsk to make peace

no to have a piece of Ukraine

look at the purple invasion/incursions

yellow and blue is Ukrainan territory

first is saving Lugansk which according to this map is surrounded and partly under government control

second is trying to unify the front by cutting off one

the number of Russian artillery positions shelling Ukranian territory has also increased - I Wonder if anybody is watching or paying any attention

third is trying to make a link between the occupied territory and the sea

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these small drones will keep those birds away

at the coast they are having problems with the seagulls

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the FCC (US) is creating a taskforce against commercial phonetracking and interception

"The Federal Communications Commission has established a task force to study reported misuse of surveillance technology that can intercept cellular signals to locate people, monitor their calls and send malicious software to their phones.


The powerful technology -- called an IMSI catcher, though also referred to by the trade name “Stingray” — is produced by several major surveillance companies and widely used by police and intelligence services around the world.

so what about Belgium or Europe as one of the firms which is in the focus now has offices and operations in the Netherlands

spying is spying by whoever or whatever it is 

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consumers to be fingerprinted in Venezuela to stop smuggling

"He said the system would stop people from buying too much of a single item.


But the opposition in Venezuela rejected the plan, saying the policy treated all Venezuelans as thieves. Critics said fingerprinting consumers of staple products was tantamount to rationing and constituted a breach of privacy.


Up to 40% of the goods which Venezuela subsidises for its domestic market are smuggled to Colombia, where they are sold at much higher prices, the authorities say.

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this is why those new #ddos attacks can't be stopped by your ISP

The only way to stop this is if all the ISP's are working together to filter the attacks on any network to any network to arrive finally at their target

the problem is that it is not the traffic arriving at the destination that is being overloaded, it is the traffic searching the PSN network from where-ever even before it arrives at the ISP of PSN that is beig overloaded

so it all dépends if PSN can restore the traffic from one ISP (example in the US) to their ISP that the users of that ISP will have access again

this means that an international coordination and procédures will have to be set up to cooperate

One day it may be your network or your big or important or interesting clients on your network

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More gameservers were or are under #DDOS attack

source http://www.digitalattackmap.com/#anim=1&color=0&c...

this is just a list of the biggest attacks the last 2 days (image)


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how to ground a plane with just one bomb threat on twitter

source http://thehackernews.com/2014/08/sony-playstation-network...

just a reminder for copycats, this makes it immediately by association linked to terrorism and at best you will be fined for all the enormous costs your joke has inflected (thousands or millions of dollars) and at it worst will land you in jail for some time (and on the terrorist Watch list for the rest of your life)

and the comment by the target on twitter not knowing that he was the cargo (target)

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#isis fighter claims captured Iraqi women will be sold as slaves in Syria

"In recent days, the Cardiff-born militant has bragged about the number of Yazidi captives, tweeting: "We have hundreds of Yazidi slave women now in Syria, how about that for news!" Responding to a tide of online criticism about his slave comments, Muthana wrote: "When I spoke about slave everyone jumped on me muslims and non muslims alike … so I stayed quiet and will stay quiet but everyone will soon find out when I get my own concubines lool, slave markets are on full blast."

The Muthana brothers, who grew up in Cardiff after their father moved there from Yemen as a teenager, are among an estimated 500 young men from Britain who have flown to Syria to join the rebels.

One of Muthana's associates, using the name Abu Dhar Alhumajir, wrote in another message: "The price of one slave girl is about $1,500-2,000. I think female captives/slaves would entice a lot of people."

So now we will set up an international operation to free those women - and kill some hundreds or thousands of ISIS fighters as well (well we didn't find them in Africa but the terrorists took some beatings and lost all credibility)

The Russians want us now to help Assad fight against ISIS because ISIS is worse than Assad but that is such a strange thought because if Assad would have stepped down before instead of murdering his people by the thousands and sending nearly a million as refugees than the extremists of ISIS would never have gotten the upperhand thanks to the finances of the conservative islamic states (which by the way are now also bombarding islamic militias in Libya because they have gone out of control)

naturally if the west would have installed the nofly zone and would have bombarded some concentrations of tanks and given some weapons to the moderate opposition when it still existed than everything could have been different

now we first have to deal with this group of murderers and slavetraders and whatever you want to name them without giving any support to Assad

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2 million chinese are working as Internet Propaganda strategists

this is just one part of the machinery to control the internet and any other form of free opinion

"In addition the protection of domestic information network, the control over information flow in the Internet through censorship and opinion channelling are considered as most important “stability maintenance” routine. In order to strengthen the monitoring of the Internet, the Chinese government decided to endorse “Internet opinion analyst” as an official occupation status. Many critics point out that the policy implies a change of the Chinese government propaganda tactic, yet relatively little is known about how opinions are “channelled” and what mechanisms analysts use in order to do their jobs. This begs the question: what exactly do online opinion analysts do?

Different from the “Fifty-Cent Party,” people who are responsible for channelling public opinions by writing online comments and deleting posts, online opinion analysts use computer software to monitor social networking sites and forums, collect netizen opinions and attitudes, compile reports and submit the reports to decision-makers. Opinion analysts provide crisis management strategies for private, state and party-affiliated institutions such as universities, charity groups and civic organizations, as well as local and national governmental authorities.

According to The Beijing News, roughly 2 million people in China currently work as public opinion analysts, officially outnumbering China's 1.5 million active armed service members.

A recently leaked evaluation of an opinion-channelling program at Peking University reveals much about the mechanism of Party-led opinion making in China.


compared to that what Putin is doing is just childish even if it is scary and damaging

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after PSN DDOS attack, Microsoft and Xbox are the next target - warned

source http://thehackernews.com/2014/08/sony-playstation-network...

strange to read that PSN is in fact working from one Datacenter, if that is so than they haven't been doing their job especially in these DDOS times

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