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  • #bitcoins : hey taxservice, why are these people using bitcoins ? Any idea ?

    this is why any leakage of any identification of the use of any kind of *coin can lead to investigations of every kind - next to attacks against the users - especially in their mail - to get them infected with malware that will mine their coins and take them away to sell them for them

    source http://pastebin.com/VhdQwV3G

  • after 4 years of delays Europe's first GPS Gallileo satellites are lost in space

    Four years behind schedule, Friday's launch in Kourou, French Guiana, of the first two fully operational Galileo satellites — the EU's answer to the U.S. GPS and Russian Glonass satellite navigation systems — was supposed to be a momentous occasion for the European space community. But after initially hailing the launch as a success, flight engineers on the ground noticed that the rocket had delivered the satellites into the wrong orbit.

    Officials from the European Space Agency, or ESA, which manages the Galileo project, have yet to declare the satellites officially "lost." But given their position relative to their intended orbits they are likely now useless.

    The Galileo navigation system is a flagship high-tech project for the EU-backed ESA. Its realization would curtail Europe's reliance on the U.S. GPS, which could be shut off by the U.S. military during times of war. It has also been billed as a European job creator, with the market for satellite navigation-based services expected to reach a value of $320 billion by 2020.

    ESA has budgeted 5 billion euros ($6.6 billion) for the project, which plans to have 30 satellites in orbit by 2017. The satellites that were lost on Friday were the first to be launched. They were uninsured

    They are expected to ....blablalbalbla

    so every region is now making its own GPS with its own technology and laws of use and cut-off

    guess which one is the most Advanced ?

    Oh yes, there are questions why we are using Russian satellites and if we should continue to use them ? shouldn't we build our own launchstations (we have them) and rockets to launch them ourselves if we are going to participate in the race in space

    A bit strange that a regional power let another eventually dangerous regional power launch something that has the uppermost strategic value

    I presume the European parliament will now start an investigation or doesn't it like to take its own parliamentary role seriously when European project are totally going beserk

  • #ukraine Russian tv shows by accident where the weapons were in the white trucks

    if you want to do propaganda you have to Watch out for every detail which in this continuous media-environment with everybody taking pictures of everything all the time - is extremely difficult

    Lifenews.ru has been a very active actor in the Ukraine War and was actively participating in many provocations and set-ups

    but we may be very happy that they do that because they are real amateurs who fuck up their own propaganda or provocations or make it all look so stupid that it can't convince anything

    the second advantage of lifenews.ru is that when they arrive at a scene where for the moment nothing important is happening you know that something is being prepared and that everybody has to mobilize to prevent that (Maidan provocations for example)

    The trucks were NOT checked nor accompanied and forced their way into Ukraine without any agreement, the only reason why the Ukranian government didn't bomb them into ashes was not to give a pretext to the thousands of troops in Rostov to come in Ukraine to rescue or defend the white trucks

    So anybody who still thinks that no military aid has to be given to Ukraine is just nuts and doesn't want to give Ukraine a fair chance to at least resist

  • #ukraine this is the military strategy of the militias right now

    they need a connection to the sea

    this map is just desinformation about the actual situation as every map is - no military commander will publish his strategic movements in the past and in the future before the end of the war or when it makes absolutely no difference anymore

    the map shows what they want to do

    have a connection to the sea - even if it is not Mariupol and freeze the conflict in Minsk today or soon after - thanks to Germany and Hungary

    the incursion of Russian troops yesterday was NOT an accident but part of that plan

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  • this is how a commercial man in the middle attack against phones looks like

    "Verint are a Melville, New York-based company that sell Communications and Video surveillance, Monitoring Centres, and Location Monitoring technology. Founded in Israel, the company still keeps half of its employees there. Their products have been sold around the world including The Netherlands, Slovakia, Vietnam and Mexico, the latter being part of a wider American government programme in which Verint installed a monitoring centre that intercepted, processed, analysed and stored phone calls as well as emails and web chats.

    The firm has also interception centers around the world of which one in the Netherlands

    They say it is for lawful interception but how would that work if the center is in the Netherlands and they have Belgian clients ? Does that center fall under Belgian law of that of the Netherlands ? Does it have to be registered in Belgium to be able to operate in Belgium ? And what if it follows Belgians in the Netherlands ? Do they fall under the protections of the Belgian privacy law or un the Dutch law ?

    Maybe we need some European Framework for official and private intelligence work.


    and in another article we have found this quote about the fact that to collect this information it doesn't have to ask for the cooperation of the telecom operators

    "Among the most appealing features of the system, the brochure says, is its ability to sidestep the cellular operators that sometimes protect their users’ personal information by refusing government requests or insisting on formal court orders before releasing information.

    “In most cases mobile operators are not willing to cooperate with operational agencies in order to provide them the ability to gain control and manipulate the network services given to its subscribers,” the brochure says. “Verint’s SkyLock is a global geo-location solution which was designed and developed to address the limitations mentioned above, and meet operational agency requirements.”

  • after the major breach of 25.000 DHS personnel files, the spy paranoia steps in

    It was discovered that biggest firm that did the background checks of all the personnel from the DHS was breached (they say by a state actor) and has lost the information on about 25.000 people. (US department of Homeland Security which coordinates intelligence, anti-terrorism and disaster policies and administrations).

    Now the spy paranoia is setting in - creating one of the biggest background rechecks and people-monitoring contracts around. Because someone will have to filter out those people who are vulnerable for whatever reason and could be targeted by other intelligence agencies. Someone will also have to monitor at least the most critical people to be sure that there is no change of attitude or habit or finance or travel or friendships or online activity and so on. (You have no privacy if you work in intelligence I suppose)

    "Clare Lopez, vice president of the Center for Security Policy, told Homeland Security Today it is conceivable that a foreign power with resources and manpower could use this information for foreign intelligence leads.

    “It seems reasonable to be concerned that hostile foreign intelligence services might want to peruse these files for leads -- perhaps leads more than blackmail -- but leads that would give them some kind of insight into some potential recruitment target's associates, financial situation, health information, overseas contacts, travel patterns and more,” Lopez said.

    Moreover, Richard Wright, a seasoned veteran of the Intelligence Community, told Homeland Security Today he is concerned these kind of breaches could expose personal data to a foreign government and open the door for potential agent recruitment.

    “If the job is sponsored by a Chinese state security agency (there are several that would be interested in this type of information) then it certainly would open the door for agent recruitment. It could also reveal the type of personnel (technical skills, backgrounds) of folks being recruited by the US Government (especially for contractors). This breach could be a lot more serious than first apparent,” Wright said.

  • #ukraine why the russian incursion and the attacks around Mariupol are not innocent

    look at the map and you see a two way military - geopolitical strategy (it was not an accident as they say)

    the first goal is to give the territory held by the militias a more Unique One front basis instead of being sandwiched between two attack so you can't concentrate all of your troops and resources on one front

    the second goal is to make the territory more independent if it is going to a frozen conflict and for that it needs access to the sea - if you are going to pretend that it is an independent region that doesn't depend on you totally and that is why all those battles, rumours and incursions between the Russian border and Mariupol at the seafront (liberated since long) has been going on the last days

    If this happens, the whole military map and the political situation changes again, so you can foresee that if Putin persists, the Ukranians will do everything in their power to stop this from happening

    which means that, independent of the talks in Minsk, it all dépends if Putin wants really to accomplish this before freezing the conflict or he just gives up (what insiders say he is not yet willing to do)

    As long as the International community doesn't stop the incursions and the flow of arms from across the border this conflict will only be ended by military means which means more destruction and deaths

  • #ukraine just a reminder about who the rebels are (not local and not democratic)

    this is a picture of a rebel

    he is from Russia and he is a Nazi (look at the tattoo)

    well there are hundreds of them in pictures and videos in al kinds of uniforms, groups and tendencies (even 'Orthodox Jihadists next to Chechen islamists)

    maybe Putin wants to dispose of his extremists by letting them go kill themselves in Ukraine

  • #ukraine this is how the rebels treat any opposition - if they are not tortured or killed that is

    and these people speak of democracy and rights and federalisation ?

    and with these kind of people a democratic elected president should negotiate ?

    it is in the small things that you see the big picture

    source http://mobile.nytimes.com/2014/08/26/world/europe/russia-ukraine.html?_r=0&referrer=

  • the NSA has already 85 billion data about us and a googlemachine to search through it

    source https://firstlook.org/theintercept/article/2014/08/25/icreach-nsa-cia-secret-google-crisscross-proton/


    and it proofs that the UK has full access to the data

    for the moment the NSA is not sharing much but it keeps a lot for herself

  • dotcom and assange will leak something big a few days before the australian election

    ""I can give you a hint. Someone who is currently locked up in an embassy might be on a live video link," Mr Dotcom said. Mr Dotcom had warned something big will come out on September 15, just five days from the election.


    He has already hired journalist Glen Greenwald, who made public the Edward Snowdon leaks. Now the addition of Mr Assange confirms the September 15 event will be about New Zealand's spying.


    Asked will September 15 do more damage to Mr Key than the Dirty Politics book has, Mr Dotcom said: "I think so."

  • Iran says that its new nuclear facility was infected with malware

    Sabotage malware found in Iran Uranium Conversion Facility (UCF) located in Isfahan which opened a few days ago,revealed Asqar Zarean deputy Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) for nuclear security and safeguards.

    last time this led to a worldwide crisis because stuxnet was not coded sufficiently enough to prevent infections in other isntallations

  • #ukraine French volunteers fighting with prorussian militias in South

    source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1SPc8jxAEM

    secondly I think this is illegal in France and are you as afraid of them coming back of of the warriors from Syria

  • #ukraine a real russian invasion fails but....

    The Russians were trying to make a long broad front across the border by shelling Ukranian border posts and troops from within the Russian territory because they know that the Ukranians won't respond because they don't want to give the Russians any reason to invade

    It was however clear that not only did the Russians have to send more troops and material to the beleagered militias in Donetsk and Luhansk but also to create a new front.

    Mariupol at the seaside would have been a heavy psychological blow because it would have given the impression that everything was starting all over again - and what would be next ? Odessa

    so when news broke that RUssian troops were really crossing the border while panick swept through the city


    they were later destroyed by the Ukranian airforce

  • not sure what they have smoked but these scientists made better batteries on hemp

    source http://mic.com/articles/96290/how-cannabis-could-solve-one-of-america-s-biggest-problems-without-us-ever-smoking-it?

  • #ebola it is a crime to harbour patients but you are not shot for it...yet

    source http://www.defenceweb.co.za/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=35972:sierra-leone-makes-harbouring-ebola-victims-a-crime&catid=52:Human%20Security&Itemid=114

  • How Orwell reviewed Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler in 1940 and you know what happened next



  • Obama changes the no-fly list

    "The Obama administration is promising to change the way travelers can ask to be removed from its no-fly list of suspected terrorists banned from air travel.


    The decision comes after a federal judge’s ruling that there was no meaningful way to challenge the designation, a situation deemed unconstitutional. In response, the Justice Department said the U.S. will change the process during the next six months. As of late last summer, about 48,000 people were on the no-fly list.


    The government’s policy is never to confirm or deny that a person actually is on the no-fly list, citing national security concerns. In most instances, travelers assume they are on the list because they are instructed to go through additional screening at airports or because they are told they can’t board their flights to, from or within the United States.

    The question is how this may work for a non-American ?

    Well the first question will be if you can get a visa and if you can get a visa than it would be very strange if you would be refused to go on a plane because except for neighbouring countries there is hardly another way to reach the US - except if you go to Mexico or Canada first and try to pass the border through that gate - but don't think that security is lax at these borders because they have already snapped some people at these border checkpoints.

    I suppose that in most of the cases you won't get a visa without much explanation.