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  • #ISIS recruited 1000 foreigners in July (and nobody saw it ?)

    "Islamic State recruited at least 6,300 men in July, Rami Abdelrahman, founder of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, told Reuters - a big expansion from early estimates suggesting the group numbered around 15,000. Around a thousand of the new fighters were foreign, and the rest Syrian, he said.


    The surge followed Islamic State's rapid advance in northern Iraq in June, where its capture of the city of Mosul furnished it with new weaponry and resources, some of which were diverted to Syria. The group, now the target of U.S. air strikes in Iraq, has declared an Islamic caliphate in areas under its control.

    so a thousand foreigners arrived in Syria or Iraq to join ISIS and nobody saw it ?

    a thousand foreigners that is not nothing .....

    so what is the use of killing a few hundred now and a few hundred than if they have several thousand new fighters each month ? And in fact will have more in the coming month because of the increased media interests ?

    so shouldn't you do more to stop the influx of foreigners into Syria ? Isn't Turkey a NATO ally and as such shouldn't it close its borders to foreigners wanting to cross into Syria ? I don't know but if nowadays europeans want to travel to Iraq or Turkey shouldn't there be more interests in why and how and when ? Isn't that more effective than a no-fly lists costing millions of dollars to maintain ?

  • The UN could have intervened in most of the bloody conflicts of today if it wanted to

    "“But none of those crises erupted without warning. They built up over years – and sometimes decades – of human rights grievances; deficient or corrupt governance and judicial institutions; discrimination and exclusion; inequities in development; exploitation and denial of economic and social rights and repression of civil society and public freedoms.”

    She said early detection systems, such as the 51 experts of the UN Human Rights Council and systematic scrutiny by UN treaty monitoring bodies, repeatedly alerted to these shortfalls. “So, although the specifics of each crisis could not necessarily be predicted, many of the human rights violations at their core were known. They could have been addressed.”

    That was the duty of the relevant states, but when Governments are unable or unwilling to protect their people, it is the responsibility of the international community – and singularly the Security Council – to intervene.

    And once we arrive at that system - the dream of Roosevelt when during the second world war he thought about an international organisation that would be responsible to keep it from happening again - than we can not only say that we live in another century but also in another world

    because you understand it clearly, the security Council would intervene against situations of discrimination, social injustice and undemocratic practices that are the underlying reasons of many of the conflicts today

  • nieuwshervormer newsmonkey.be toont dat digitaliteit niet tot betere info leidt

    want wat leren we uit dit soort verzamelingen van titels ?

    de discussie over digitaliteit of papieren versies is totaal naast de kwestie

    we hebben weer journalisten nodig die schrijven om echt gelezen te worden over dingen die we anders niet zouden lezen en dus niet weten

    we hebben weer media nodig die we willen kopen om te lezen wat er in staat om zeker te zijn dat we niets zouden missen

    wat ik vandaag nog lees en zonder twijfel mijn geld voor neerleg ?


    dus laat de pers maar klagen en zagen over kosten en digitale concurrentie enzovoort en maar nadenken over betaalportalen enzovoort

    dit heeft allemaal maar zin als ze - zoals vroeger - weer beginnen met onderzoeksjournalistiek en interviewers niet meer beleefd zijn (maar die werden wel allemaal na verloop van tijd ontslagen bij de BRT)

    dus als uw adverteerders zullen klagen dat uw kranten en media niet meer worden gelezen door bepaalde publieksgroepen en zeker door deze met geld dan zult u dit enkel kunnen oplossen met te investeren in journalistiek en niet zomaar meer journalisten die meer onozelheden op de website gooien maar met meer journalisten en researchers die dieper graven in Belgische onderwerpen en korter op de bal spelen

  • De Morgen is geen linkse of progressieve krant meer

    enkel een andere krant tussen de zovele

    en zo hebben ze hun unique selling point verloren

    tijd voor de progressieve krachten in België of Vlaanderen om na te denken over een ander Eigen online platform

    dat het waardevol maakt om nog tijd online te besteden en nadien iets meer te weten dan wat je anders zou weten als je enkel en alleen de krant zou lezen of het nieuws zou horen

    er is trouwens een totaal gebrek aan onderzoek, kritiek, tegenspraak en het niet klakkeloos overtypen van binnenkomende persberichten - om het toch ook maar te kunnen ook brengen

    naast dat heb je iets anders nodig

    ik denk dat er vandaag wel 100 titels zijn die wel interessant zijn, dat van de helft van de artikels dat je meer tegenspraak en onderzoek moet doen en dat edito's waarbij je een uitgesproken verdediger van een rechtse regering de vijand niet noemt vergeet dat diezelfde regering deze ondernemers sterk gaan belonen en elk gezin in Vlaanderen sterk gaat bestraffen

    De andere alternatieven zoals dewereldmorgen en apache blijven steken in amateurisme en goedbedoelde artikels maar met meer standpunten dan feiten

  • French site with also Belgian members leaked : Belgian privacy commission undertakes action


    and in France they have fines, BIG fines for data leakage

    and the proof of the leakage was clear enough :)

    PS for the new ones, I don't hack or scan I just collect information and send it to the right institutions or people to be handled and to make them aware

    if everybody starts doing this is may set things into motion

  • the difficulty of considering a rape trial against undercover agents playing loverboys

    In the UK there is now a investigation underway to consider if it is possible to go to trail as the plaintiffs want over their charge of Rape against UnderCover agents who in the line of their work had as an 'official strategy' to seduce women activist and through these love relationships get information about the plans and inner-workings of the environmental protest movements they were member of.

    It is very hard as this shows http://blog.cps.gov.uk/2014/08/charging-decision-concerning-mps-special-demonstration-squad.html to consider this rape because at the time there was consent.

    But the consent giving was political consent of sexual pleasures with someone you considered to be a likewise militant like you and not a policemen working undercover.

    The biggest problem with the case is that it is quite strange that such spybook stratégies would be used by police undercover units and would be documented and accepted as such.  The operation and tactics had gone on between 1987 and 2010 by 5 different undercover agents. In 2013 the police declared that a new code of ethics would ban this practice.

    Another problem is that some of these relations have led to the birth of children which are now living in divorced families and by which the mother feels itself 'raped', abused among many other things.

    "The CPS received a file in relation to a number of police officers under Operation Aubusson, a subset of Operation Herne, which is an investigation into the activities of the Metropolitan Police Service’s Special Demonstration Squad. The evidence in this case relates to alleged sexual misconduct. In reviewing the case we have considered whether there is sufficient evidence to allow charges of rape, indecent assault, procuring a woman to have sexual intercourse by false pretences, misconduct in public office and breaches of the Official Secrets Act.

    One of the victims said the felt like she had been raped again by the State


    would be interesting to know if your undercover police units have such code of ethics and if loverboy stratégies are acceptable or not and if they are what will happen to the women and the children afterwards

  • The french antiterrorist operation in Sahel can become a model

    "The existence of a single operational command in Chad (1 300 troops) for the whole Sahel is a new element. Operation Barkhane has a base in Mali (1 000 troops), an intelligence centre in Niger (300 soldiers) and a special forces centre in Burkina Faso. While Côte d’Ivoire (with its 550 troops) will serve as an operational base to support the deployment, the bases in Senegal (350 troops) and Gabon (450 troops) remain regional cooperation centres. Some 3 000 soldiers will be mobilised in a wider area of action to support the G5 members (Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Chad)

    well it can become a model for Regional Antiterrorist Deployments where several military bases with specific tasks are installed (and paid for by several countries like the US which has donated 10 million)

    the operation also shows that you need a strong intelligence unit on the ground, that special forces should be exactly that while the normal military forces should mingle with the population and show their presence

    in total we are talking about 7.000 soldiers over an enormous 'theatre of possible operations'

    needless to say that this is only made possible by technology and intelligence on the ground

    just a reminder, you can't squash an organisation like ISIS with that, but you can crush an organisation that hasn't already got that Manpower and military infrastructure like ISIS yet

  • Blair gives dictators around the world some flair

    Who still wants to listen to Blair ?

    Socialists and social democrats know that as a leader he has done some great and not-so-great things but that is history. You read his mémoires for that.

    Internationalists look with interest with his never ending trips to the Middle East which haven't brought anything of a peace process any closer and are in fact a loss of time and money and should better be used by appointing someone who can show some progress (which has become even more urgent indeed).

    Conservative and rightwing people will listen to him - like Putin to German social democrats -  because it looks as if he has become one of them and he shows them that they were right, successfull social democrats are like any other successful people, they only think about money because the standard of living they have become accustomed to obliges them to earn such a big wages that they can't be anything else than a slave of those who have that kind of money or are willing to spend it on consultants like them just for the show (showing off with social democrats to increase your posture)

    and now there is a letter which shows that Blair - off all people has given advice to the Dictator of Kazahkstan about how to handle the international uproar after the shooting of 11 people after démonstrations against his rule

    "Mr Blair told him that the deaths ‘tragic though they were, should not obscure the enormous progress’ his country had made.

    He forwarded a passage of about 500 words for Mr Nazarbayev’s speech. His suggestions were accepted with only minor alterations and were included in media reports of the speech.

    Campaign group Human Rights Watch, which has condemned Kazakhstan’s record, yesterday described Mr Blair as ‘shameless

  • from catastrophic films and military scenario's : the virus Riots (50.000 people sealed off, left to be infected and die)

    You will find enough films and series about Deadly viruses that go around the world without that there is a médicine or a way to control and in which people turn into zombies or just die and where whole cities or countries have to be cordoned off and people who are infected or could be infected are to be shot on sight if they want to leave the premises

    well, Liberia is not a film but a reality

    when people are living in those conditions, whatever the virus it will spread

    and so when some kind of public order will have to restored or imposed than only the military have the means to impose it (by their rules - but who cares, it are only poor Africans, in those living conditions they will be dead before they are 40 anyway)

    and instead of cleaning up the rubble and collecting the new rubble in a more effective way to be sure that there are no new hotbeds for these and other viruses you just send in the army to cordon off all those people and shoot anyway who wants to get away

    and even than we should be surprised that with so few resources that are spend by the rich faraway countries (since the 1990's when the virus was already discovered and eliminated because it couldn't find any new victims because all the people in those villages were totally cordoned off to die out of sight)

    and the white people don't have to be too afraid they will be send back to the white countries the moment they are infected to be treated with the medicines that are experimental but that give some hope to survive)


  • Underground river splits earth in Mexico - like in the movies but smaller

    if you think about films about disasters in which continents or countries or cities are disappearing in earth because the continents go on the move or because underground streams make their way

    this is real in Mexico and it is about a KM long


  • TOR has its own secret Snowdens inside the spy organisations

    The secret network TOR has two uses that makes adversaries of both kinds of users and that kind of battle for the control over TOR is even more important that loyalty to the organisation or the country because both sides claim that they are working each (against each other) in the interests of the organisation and the country.

    The first are the researchers or watchers who want to spy and control by having access to everything that is being said by a specific target or Inside whole communities or countries. When they feel they don't have (instant) access than they feel frustrated and they will do everything that is possible to have some kind of access to those forms of communication. They will only be happy when they have access to anything we have said or written at some time in our history. Tor is for them just another communication network that has to be controlled and tapped by whatever means possible.

    The other group are the opératives and controllers who work with people who work Inside organisations and who don't only give information about what is being said outside communication channels but also can warn before actions take place and give some context to information that has been picked by the watchers. To secure the confidentiality of their spies those controllers love TOR because it is a rather cheap way of giving some protection that would otherwise be in most of the countries targeted by the western intelligence services rather impossible to give without setting off alarms. They want to preserve TOR as a secure anonymous means of communication even if their own organisation - like the intelligence organisations in their target countries - are finding ways to break or even demolish the anonimity of the users of TOR

    So it is no Wonder that the TOR maintainers receive Inside information from those organisations about the newest exploits and methods that are used to crack the anonimity of their network and software.

    But they shouldn't use this as an excuse to have no fundemental discussion about two aspects of the TOR project.

    1. This is the most important one in my eyes because you need to resolve this one if you want to facilitate the second one.

    Is Tor to be used to host pédophiles, drug smugglers and all kinds of illegal criminal activity or is TOR something that was set up to give us some anonimity while surfing the web and protecting democratic oppositional activism online ?

    Because if you decide that TOR has to be cleaned of those pédophiles and that illegal criminal activities shouldn't be hosted on TOR servers (even if they would be on the internet as simeple websites and as such would still be accessable with TOR) than much of the debate and the counterpropaganda in the press would stop.

    You could set up a 'go away and stay away' Policy in which you would give public or private services which are clearly criminal (I am not talking about wikileaks but drugs, weapons, forged documents and pédophiles) a short Amnesty period to clear off and have a Policy in which TOR will 'blackwhole' or 'blacklist' hosters or sites that continue or set up such non-political criminal services (which are criminal in the whole world)

    2. Is it time to invest in TOR by public institutions or private organisations as has to be done into Openssl to be sure that it doesn't depend on some volunteers or the lonely paid programmer to update and secure the network and the software

    It is clear that some substantial investments have to be made on a permanent basis for TOR to stay ahead of the attacks and vulnerability research against its code which guarantee the anonimity of its users. But by its libertarian way of treating its services and users (as if everyone is responsable only to itself as if there is no society) it is making it nearly impossible for public or private organisations to foresee a steadily investment without the possiblitiy of legal and PR problems.

    It makes it also too easy for the police, the spies and the dictators everywhere to make their case when they want to spend millions into cracking TOR 'to get pédophiles and drug smugglers'. THe rights of political dissidens, whistleblowers and activists is much more important that the business of pédophiles and drug smugglers and if those two pose an immediate danger to make it much harder to protect the democratic activitst or to limit the possibilities of dictators to control completely the flow of information than that shouldn't be hard choice - if you think an open society and a democratic state are more important than some corrupt criminal elements.

    3. The only alternative is to make a new TOR that would only host political information and would not be used for non-political criminal activities

  • Belgian prime minister loses his laptop with minimal security

    oh well it happened a few days ago but it was an accident waiting to happen

    the laptop of our present prime minister was stolen and that made headlines because he told the police that there was important information on it about the political situation of Belgium and about the Royal family

    untill now there hasn't been a public leakage of those files so it could be that the thief is just some stupid kid who doesn't know that the harddisk of that laptop is Worth a 100 times the laptop itself (which maybe in the best case is already used by another harddisk and rebooted so that the publicly announced trackersoftware has been deleted)

    the most important thing is what was NOT publicly announced

    that whatever data was on the laptop it was nearly impossible to have access to it as the double authentification in seperate preboot with three layers of access before booting of the hardware and the full encryption of the whole harddisk (and not of the DATA) made it a non-event

    that kind of laptop exists and some firms and a public administration is already using it


    because when you lose a laptop the last thing you want to do is to lose time trying to think about the impact of the data that was on it (and create a panick and lots of lost workinghours throughout the organisation)

    the first thing you want to do is to think only about how to get on with the job and get the person a new laptop with all the information from the backup

    let's hope that the new government will implement a program to really safeguard laptops, not some cheap make-believe solution that can be bypassed or infiltrated by the most common attacks nowadays  (which were not automated a few months ago but today are just click-and-launch)

  • stop the #ebola panick, there is a possibility of control and cure

    Panick is good for the press, it makes good headlines and increases readership and social popularity so panicks are coming as fast as they can be made, entertained and forgotten. When the effect of the first panick begins to worn out, they are already looking for the next one (and this is not something that is the cause of the internet or social media or whatever modern technology - it existed already long before but was only increased through the advent of new technologies and modern society).

    For the 7th time we are having an Ebola pannick because it is happening in several countries and there are several people from western countries (and not some villages deep into the African jungle that can be totally isolated and where everybody forgets that hundreds of people are just lying there to die)

    So just as many of the other big fears like 2YK, new forms of flu, exploding airplanes we have new industries, new technologies and new protection programs and administrations to keep our isolated countries or continents of relative prosperity and democracy a sense of protection.

    by the way this is no different in the press articles and the debates about ITsecurity and privacy .... (remember cyberwar as a subject)

    So there is also good news (but this has happened already 6 times before although we didn't care one bit about it as long as it was deep Inside the African jungle)

    "Calling it a "miraculous day," an American doctor infected with Ebola left his isolation unit and warmly hugged his doctors and nurses on Thursday, showing the world that he poses no public health threat one month after getting sick with the virus.

    Dr. Kent Brantly and his fellow medical missionary, Nancy Writebol, who was quietly discharged two days earlier, are still weak but should recover completely, and no one need fear being in contact with them, said Dr. Bruce Ribner, who runs the infectious disease unit at Emory University Hospital.

    Brantly's reappearance was festive and celebratory, a stark contrast to his arrival in an ambulance under police escort three weeks earlier, when he shuffled into the hospital wearing a bulky white hazardous materials suit.

    "I am thrilled to be alive, to be well, and to be reunited with my family," Brantly said, choking up as he read a written statement. Then he and his wife turned and hugged a parade of doctors and nurses, hugging or shaking hands with each one. For some, it was their first direct contact without protective gear.

    so which will be the next big panick story of the press to make their headlines, pundits to have their moment of fame on national tv and researchers to have new budgets after being forgotten during years or décades (which is the feeling Kremlinwatchers have today)

  • Bank of America pays Billions to the US government so that they don't publish the truth

    "The American people are deprived of knowing precisely how bad things got inside these banks in the years leading up to the financial crisis, and the banks, knowing they will be saved the humiliation caused by the public airing of a trove of emails and documents, will no doubt soon be repeating their callous and indifferent behavior.


    Instead of the truth, we get from the Justice Department a heavily negotiated and sanitized “statement of facts” about what supposedly went wrong. In the case of JPMorgan, the statement of facts was 21 pages but contained little of substance beyond the fact that an unidentified whistle-blower at the bank tried to alert her superiors to her belief that shoddy mortgages were being packaged and sold as securities. Her warnings went unheeded and the mortgages were packaged and sold all the same.

    and so we will never know and so we will not be able to have a clear idea what went wrong and what should be done to prevent it from happening

  • #leak radiozed.com also Belgians

    source http://pastebin.com/vEQidKxP

  • #isis is funded by Sunni elites in Arab states that we thought were our allies

    "One of the problems in assessing the Islamic State involves sorting out exactly who is behind it, financially speaking. Clearly, however, a good portion of the funding for the ISIS—and similar terror groups, such as the Al Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra—comes from Sunni elites located in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the Gulf states, countries that are ostensibly US allies. Under-the-radar funding tactics and lax regulations in the region allow fundraisers to set up small religious charities and ask for money in mosques and other public places, in what The Washington Post describes as “terrorist fundraising.”

    This private funding for terror groups puts the United States in a difficult situation, to say the least. The Gulf states are US allies, and suppliers of oil; like the US, they want a new government in Syria. But the US does not want extreme Sunni terrorists to take over that country or continue expanding into Iraq; however, the Kuwaiti, Saudi, and emirati patrons of the Islamic State do not seem particularly worried about such outcomes.  

    And outside funding for the Islamic State is anything but small potatoes. Hundreds of millions of dollars has flowed into the group's coffers from Kuwaitis, as well as from citizens of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states solicited from Kuwait.

    so cut the funding - this is always the most important thing to do

  • #ukraine russian offensive and incursions on Ukraine independence day

    heavy battles

    incursions by Russian battalions

    heavy shelling from across the Russian border along a very long front

  • Safe harbor agreements for European Data in the US are not respected

    "At least thirty US companies are "failing to provide" safeguards for European citizens promised by the US government, a new complaint alleges. A filing submitted to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Thursday by the Center for Digital Democracy (CDD) claims Salesforce, Adobe, AOL, and other companies are "compiling, using, and sharing EU consumers' personal information without their awareness and meaningful consent, in violation the Safe Harbor framework."

    The US-EU Safe Harbor regulations allow European data, which is generally not allowed to leave the continent, to enter and reside on US servers so long as the same strong data protection and privacy rules are adhered to

    this means in fact that the agreement doesn't work and that it has to be renegotiated

    it means also that if your hoster or serviceprovider holds data in the US and tells you that it falls under the Safe Harbor agreement and that as such your data has as such as much protections as it would have in the EU, you have no reason at all to believe them