still enjoy your starbucks coffee so much (it is starsucks in fact)

"The Industrial Workers of the World, Starbucks Workers Union released a report today, “Low Wages and Grande Profits at Starbucks” with an analysis of company performance over the last decade. The report describes how Starbucks has dramatically improved profitability at the company since the Great Recession of 2008-2009, and that the company has enriched shareholders at the expense of its nearly 200,000 workers.


The report finds that “an analysis of company performance and staffing before and after the Great Recession of 2008-2009 shows that the stores are now staffed at a lower level, workers are working harder, and they are bringing in much more profit for the company. Instead of funding a living wage for workers, the company has transferred almost $4 billion to shareholders in the past few years, equivalent to over $3 per hour for every worker at the company.”

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these smart mannequins are in fact shopping spies

"Created by tech developer Iconeme, the mannequins deliver detailed messages about a store’s merchandise to customers who download the accompanying app. “Mannequins in the shop window or within the store environment communicate with a customers smartphones via an app,” Iconeme says. “When the customer walks past visual merchandising equipment that incorporates a VMBeacon, an alert is triggered.”


Iconeme, who plans to bring the technology into the US market, says that the mannequins can alert users as far as 50 meters away, even when a store is closed.“The store window becomes a portal for interactive selling, 24 hours a day, making greater use of the retail space on offer,” says Iconeme.


While shoppers currently have to choose to participate by downloading the app, Wired Magazine notes that most users will be unaware of the vast amount of analytical data collected by the technology.http://www.storyleak.com/uk-stores-to-implement-tracking-...

maybe we should put warnings on such apps and monitoring devices : attention they steal your personal info and keep it for always

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online campaign at twitter to bring down ISIS accounts

it is coordinated by this longtime online warrior


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if you use google with your smartphone they will track every location where you have been

"Today, with the help of these sensors, Google is tracking our every foot steps and placing a red dot on its map to keep track of users’ records, Junkee.com reports.


You can yourself check your every move from here. You just need to log in with the same account you use on your Smartphone, that’s it. The map will display all the records of everywhere you've been for the last day to month on your screen,” Elizabeth Flux, editor of Voiceworks magazine wrote.

You can check your Location History Here.

so never use Google with your smartphone - use something else (like Yahoo or Bing with other identities)

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heartbleed the cause of the loss of 4.5 million data of us hospital clients

"Attackers were able to glean user credentials from memory on a CHS Juniper device via the heartbleed vulnerability (which was vulnerable at the time) and use them to login via a VPN." TrustedSec explained.

there are still millions of instances that are NOT patched as it should have been and there is also the worry that they didn't use new certificates because the old ones could have been compromised

so there is still more like this shit to come

and as a reminder for Belgians there was before the summer some very critical infrastructure that was NOt patched as it should have been and it took weeks to have it patched

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updated #tor deeplinks directory

we  have added a bunch of links and tried to check a list of others although there is no tool to do that automatically

there are now also some big libraries with documents and leaks that you can download from

the new links are not organized in the directory under it, all that takes time

but I still think it is one of the most useful directories around that is not too outdated

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#ukraine the home of cyberberkut is here (on TOr)

source http://xz5sdhbwrm4vvkxh.onion/en/


there are also some hacked archives but this is also an infowar and you will never know what is true and what is fabricated

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this map of #syria shows how the moderate opposition is sandwiched

when I saw this map I thought, wooh, what the f.... is this

but if this is the map of the present battelfield, than the US has missed a strategic possibility to bring a moderate opposition to power and has now to fight on two fronts

you will see that the regime has secured a huge part of its territory that was lost a year ago and that the moderate opposition is sandwiched or boxed in and that ISIS or SI has great parts of the territory

it also means that the Kurdish have lost an essential part of their territory to IS or ISIS that last months

so all we have to think now is that we have missed a big opportunity to establish at least in three quarters of the territory a moderate regime with some fighting around Damascus and the coastal provinces

source http://stratrisks.com/geostrat/20661

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#Ukraine de prorussische propaganda van De Morgen duurt voort

jawel dit is de kop van vandaag

het zijn Rebellen, geen russische troepen en wapens in Oekraïne

het is Oekraïne die hen bestookt en dus de oorlog gaande houden en niet de Russuen die hun troepen niet terugsturen

en zo werkt subliminal propaganda met het veranderen van een paar zinnen, met de keuze van welke berichten je wel en niet putliceert, met het tussen aanhalingstekens plaatsen van bepaalde woorden

want weet je, voor bepaalde intellectuelen in Europa is Oekraïne gewoon een groot Amerikaans complot om het van Rusland af te pakken die toch alle rechten heeft om daar tanks naar toe te sturen

en zo zie je maar, dat de pers niet moet klagen dat ze steeds minder wordt gelezen als je zulke zever leest, heb je gewoon geen in die krant en ga je gewoon online want daar kan je nog standpunten en informatiebronnen van verschillende bronnen lezen en vergelijken

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if someone thinks nginx-cloudflare couldn't be hacked, the're wrong

look here

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zaventemparkingairport.be hacked

stupid hackers

a forgotten WordPress installation - perfect for attackers

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when a new webshop is hacked before it is open, it is a good warning (they didn't see)


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belsectv the story of Aaron Schwartz, the liberator of data

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does this mean that not all traffic within Belgacom login infrastructure is not encrypted ?

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arabs in Israel losing their jobs because of facebook postings

'Steven Beck, the director of international relations at the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), told i100 there had been several incidents of Arab citizens of Israel being fired by their employers after criticising the military on social media.


“This has been a real problem since the start of the conflict, and it is completely illegal. Israeli employment law does not allow employees to be terminated for expressing their political views. This is about private opinions expressed outside the workplace,” he said.

war changes views about the freedom of speech, traitors, fifth columns, defaitism and so on

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#ukraine an action plan against the Russian propaganda machine

There is an action plan and it is in fact not bad if it in the first place would already be accepted as a basis by the different Maidan press operation who sometimes are having battles among themselves than cooperating


it is not a bad plan but it misses a few things

* the first thing to do is to agree on what will not be accepted as something that should be promoted (such as stupid open letters from the Right sector or accusations immediately after a provocation that it is the present government which is behind it, which wasn't the case) and what should absolutely be promoted (which are elections, democracy, transparancy) and the sentiments that should be overal influence the writings (we have come this far and we have lost many of our dear ones but we won't give up because we have never been this strong)

* there needs to be a better understanding of what the international press needs. The international press needs packaged video and information they can just copy-paste and re-use without thinking much as long as it looks like it rassembles some neutrality and the truth (this is why Russia Today is more a packaging tool than a real propaganda tool) - it is for example important that everyday there is a packaged english version of the most important events of that day and that needs to be ready some time before the principal news programmes in the countries you are targeting. One minute in the newsprogram reaches millions of viewers.

You also need to be sure that the story you want to come over, the facts you want to re-inforce time after time again are repeated time and time again, although not too obvious, too much propaganda kills propaganda

* because they want to seem neutral and objective western media want always to find speakers or commentators from both sides. From the Russian side it is not difficult as Russia Today does the work for them, but for the western side is is important that they can contact a central press research office that will not give them articles that are ready to copy but contacts and sources that in any case they should take into consideration when making an article. This is even more important for socalled specialised or quality media who always want to do some research - although not too much before writing.

* we are tweeting and blogging all the time but some-one will need to keep all the facts and events in a history organised by subject so anyone can look back - that person should also be responsable for immediatly archiving all the stuff that is posted on the internet before it is destroyed by censors (for example Russian videos in Ukraine)

* the last thing that is important is monitoring which websites, blogs and socalled independent institutions or media are tools of Russian propaganda - so when a journalist is researching his sources he can clearly place this kind of source in the russian side and not as a specialist or some-one neutral

* and let not forget dozens of provocations were dismantled online by specialists in military affairs who from the beginning could see that the prefabricated text couldn't be the truth because of the facts in the video and on the photo's

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some interesting facts about a discoverd Russian money laundering operation in #ukraine

"On August 14, special forces of the Security Service of Ukraine carried out raids in offices, residences, banks and  vehicles in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Kirovohrad.


SBU employees have seized more than 1200 stamps of fictitious companies that served the conversion operation, some 200 units of “bank-client” computer software, flash drives for managing the accounts of foreign (Russian and offshore) companies, more than 2000 data storage devices and also the financial and business records of these entities. Also seized were more than 400 seals and stamps belonging to legal entities registered in the Russian Federation — Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara and others.

so the same IP addresses will manage about 200 client accounts

that would be interesting to check with the big data soures

otherwise I think they have a mine of data there - in case it isn't encrypted or protected by double authentification

these accounts were paying for undercover operations in Ukraine off course



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fully encrypted filehosting on the cloud has some disadvantages

"That last point is probably the deal-breaker for most cloud providers right now. Imagine Google Drive with no search capabilities, or Dropbox with no preview. None of those features would work with encrypted files, because they’d be unreadable by Google and Dropbox’s server software. And if Google doesn’t have the encryption keys it can’t help you out if you lose a password. If you lose your SpiderOak password, for example, you lose your documents permanently, Oberman says.


And there’s a last point. Encrypted files are more expensive to store because companies like dropbox can’t identify the encrypted version of a popular movie or song and store one copy of it that’s shared between users. “[T]hat’s the economy of scale storage providers depend on,” says Nate Lawson, a cryptography expert and the founder of SourceDNA. “They only want to store one copy of the Frozen DVD, not thousands.”

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the robot for roomservice

source http://www.wired.com/2014/08/meet-the-company-designing-robot-bellhops-for-hotels/

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why Snowden always retires the battery of his cellphone if he doesn't want to be tracked

As we sit down, he removes the battery from his cell phone. I left my iPhone back at my hotel. Snowden’s handlers repeatedly warned me that, even switched off, a cell phone can easily be turned into an NSA microphone. Knowledge of the agency’s tricks is one of the ways that Snowden has managed to stay free

it is a rumour about which there are documents but within the intelligence and paranoid community it has become a common practice to put everything electronic or connected totally out of service before starting confidential conversations - in may organisations those places are held in secured environments and all electronic stuff has to be left outside

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