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  • #ukraine sometimes Anonymous activists show their real image (and it is not pretty)

    if you look at the tweets of this activist, you see the double standard

    no friend of US nor of Ukraine or any other antirussian in effect

  • #leak passwords of emails, some Belgians

    source http://pastebin.com/UmAGy6VB

    and look here http://pastebin.com/C3hHkkz0

  • #ukraine we will have to arm Ukraine if we don't want to take up arms ourselves afterwards

    "Sanctions will have no short-term impact on Russian behavior at this point. Vaunted Western “soft power” has been run over by Russian tanks. The decision for war has been made in Moscow, and it will be prosecuted until Putin achieves his objectives or the cost — rising numbers of Russian dead — becomes politically prohibitive. Putin knows that the Russian public, heady after the nearly bloodless conquest of Crimea, has no stomach for a costly war of choice with Ukraine, their “Slavic brothers.”


    If the West wants to prevent more Russian aggression and save Ukraine from further Kremlin depradations, it must offer Kyiv armaments, logistics, training, and above all intelligence support without delay. Nothing else will cause Moscow to back down. Only by arming and enabling Ukraine’s military can the West make the cost of Putin’s war prohibitive for Russia. Ukraine’s defense ministry and armed forces require major Western aid to transform its underperforming military from bad Soviet habits to real fighting capability, but that is a long-term enterprise. Right now, Kyiv needs direct military aid. If NATO does not provide it, a wider war for Ukraine becomes more likely by the day, with grave consequences for the European peace that NATO has preserved, at great expense, for sixty-five years.

  • #ukraine Putin looks at the world like the Great dictator (Chaplin) - really

    I didn't invent this, he posted this picture himself - looking very proud and Russia being very big on the map

    but there is also the very very good film about Hitler (and Putin in fact because their discourse about taking land from others isn't that different) the Great Dictator

    and this is the famous scene of the film

     see the full film here http://vimeo.com/59328847

  • #ukraine the NATO and the US thank Putin for being their best friend ever

    If Putin didn't exist they would have to invent him but that wouldn't be possible because no propaganda maker would ever try to invent somebody like Putin because nobody would believe it

    nobody would believe all the things he has said and all the threats he has made the last months - against a whole series of states

    nobody would believe that he tries to sound like a peaceful man at the one side and acts like a warmonger sending troops and tanks over the border

    nobody believes some-one who really thinks that in the end he can win this war and that it won't end in war whatever he does and whatever he takes

    at no time in the post coldwar history have so many countries now understood that only Nato is for them a real guarantee for defence and peace and that they have to invest in the army as much and as fast as they can - especially if they have a border with Russia

  • #ukraine while Putin talks about nuclear war, US opinion other than the president is shifting quickly

    "Putin’s provocations might have only a million to one shot of producing a nuclear event, but if he tries those provocations a million times…well, you do the math. I keep waiting for cooler heads to prevail in Moscow and thought this might have reached some kind of resolution over the summer. But that was 2500 Ukrainian deaths — and one innocent airliner — ago.

    Still, I’m used to Soviet…er, sorry….Russian leaders talking about nuclear weapons, and so I’m assuming this is business as usual, circa 1980. But the fact that Putin is willing to throw away Russia’s future for the sake of a Soviet past means that this crisis is not close to being over. It also means that there is no way to deal with this crisis through negotiation: if Putin is so locked in the past that he thinks he can make nuclear threats, he’s not likely to change course now.

    I also worry about one more thing, on our side rather than theirs. Putin is taking huge risks based on the idea that Barack Obama is the weakest American president in modern history. The Kremlin has plenty of reason to think so, especially after the graceless powder we took in Syria a year ago. There is no question that President Obama is among the least, uh, decisive leaders the White House has had in a long time, but even weak Presidents can only be pushed so far.

    I worry that Putin, like other Soviet — sorry again, Russian, I mean Russian — leaders thinks that America is as leader-centered as Russia is, and will not understand that at some point the American foreign policy establishment will create a response that will totally surprise the Kremlin. That’s how major wars get started, but it’s not clear that Putin knows this, or cares.

  • #ukraine why the baltic states are next as Putin wants to break up NATO

    oh and no all these other people will say oh no he is not going to do that but

    he was not going to annex Crimea and invade now after months of sending in tanks invading Ukraine outright

    this is the article - decide for yourself - is is scary and the observer has been right in the past

    "Clearly, he continues, Putin does not seek “the destruction of the hated United States,” a goal that he could achieve “only at the price of mutual suicide.” Instead, his goals are “significantly more modest: the maximum extension of the Russian World, the destruction of NATO, and the discrediting and humiliation of the US as the guarantor of the security of the West.”

    To put it in simplest terms, Piontkovsky continues, Putin’s actions would be “revenge for the defeat of the USSR in the third (cold) world war just as the second world war was for Germany an attempt at revenge for defeat in the first.”

    If the Russian speakers of Narva in Estonia were to conduct a referendum and Moscow sent in its forces overtly or covertly, how might NATO react? Piontkovsky asks. If NATO did not respond, “that would mean the end of NATO and the end of the US as a world power and the complete political dominance of Putin’s Russia not only in the area of the Russian World but in the entire European continent.”

    But whether it would respond “is hardly obvious,” he suggests. Despite Article 5, many NATO countries would be reluctant to respond lest they trigger a nuclear war. “Putin knows that they know that if they come to the assistance of Estonia, then Putin can respond with a very limited nuclear strike and destroy for example two European capitals. Not London and not Paris, of course.”

  • #ukraine and now Kazakhstan is really openly threatened even if already knew that

    "Putin responded that Nazarbayev "is alive and well, thank God, and has no plans to go anywhere yet." However, Putin said, an "overwhelming majority of Kazakhstan's citizens seek the development of relations with Russia, we see it and know it."

    Political analyst Alexei Malashenko of the Moscow Carnegie Center wrote Sunday that the remarks could mean that a state that "has appeared thanks to one person, can also disappear thanks to one person."

    But a simpler explanation — Putin expressing his "annoyance" at the reluctance of Russia's allies to cheer his policies in Ukraine — may be even more likely, Malashenko wrote in his blog on the Ekho Moskvy website.

    Kazakhstan, which has a substantial ethnic Russian population in its northern regions, has seen its share of concerns about separatism and calls for secession to Russia.

    When Nazarbayev moved his nation's capital from Almaty in the scenic southern mountains to Astana in the northern steppes in 1997, many attributed the move to his wish to strengthen the government's hold on the largely Russian-speaking north.

    the bear will have never enough


  • #ukraine there are the Russian instructions in the Occupied Ukraine territory

    no comments needed

    "1. Under no circumstances you should obstruct the free movement of Russian troops (vehicles and staff).

    2. Show your friendly intent to Russian troops. Show them how happy you are to see them.  Remember, they are here to liberate you from terrorists serving in illegal Ukrainian army.

    3. In liberated territory, communicate in Russian only, so that Russian peacekeepers would not misunderstand your intentions.

    4. Prepare the lists of persons serving in Ukrainian army, participants of Maidan, activists of civil rights groups and leaders of ethnic minority groups and give these lists to the FSB (modern Russian KGB) during the peacekeeping operations.

    5. Be ready to vacate your appartments and other living quarters to provide living space for the Russian Army members.

    6. Follow the curfew and inform local military police of Russian Federation about those, who break the curfew.

    7. Citizens helping to locate and capture Ukrainian terrorists will be allowed extra rations and privileges.

    8. Believe: the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation guarantees your safety. No one will be shot for nothing.

    Remember: peacekeeping forces of Russian Federation act in accordance with Geneva convention of 1949.

  • the icloud may be hacked but that is not the real question

    the problem for Apple is that the hacker was looking for private nude pictures of Hollywood stars and not just for a set of data in which only datacollectors and kids are interested in

    but nude pictures of the stars of hollywood that is something that puts the rumble on the internet

    and what is better tis that some stars effectively confirmed that the pictures were real and no fakes as some others tried to say

    but there are two questions that remain and got forgotten between the penis and tits of some stars

    1. They said that the old pictures were deleted

    huh - so somewhere on the icloud - like in any cloud - there is still somewhere for some technical or other reason a copy fo the images and other things that you thought were deleted - that you deleted yourself

    and it is not only Icloud that is keeping a copy of all your deleted pics and comments and they have the right because in fact by posting on their site, they have become the real copyright owners of your material - yep read the fine print - and if they decide to keep a copy for whatever reason than there is nothing in the world that is going to stop them except an European Court that pushed the right to forget into the head of Google but has forgotten to impose the same rules on Apple and Facebook and the likes

    2. Apple has no securityproblem because security is a problem

    only they don't want to talk about it and they don't want you to talk it above all and everybody who wants to talk about faces a wall of silence or insults or some legal threats

    because Apple don't want to invest as much as Microsoft in security because Apple wants to make much more money and fast and all those investments in patching, communication and research are just lost in the big sea of the believers of Apple who think that Apple is safe even if there is no proof for it

    why would you spend money on something your users think that you already spend enough money on even if they don't understand or want to understand about security and the problems that even Apple is facing

    buit well let's talk about the new iphone 6 that is something those zombies can talk about for hours

  • big annoucement in Belgian media : we will install boxes to stop cyberespionage - HAHAHA

    sometimes people are so funny

    they say such stupid things in the media and than think that making headlines with that, will impress us

    maybe the politicans (we are doing something), maybe the readers (that seems a good thing) and themselves keeping a collection of press articles to show how they made a good pr campaign

    first these boxes will not stop cyberespionage, they will stop connections between machines that are infected and their masters when they have the scripts to detect them

    secondly when they detect them than they will get some alert that will be send to somebody who normally should be capable of understanding what it means and who would go immediately to the people responsable for the machines and pulls the plug (okay you may not do that when afterwards you are going to do a forensiv investigation but if you could lose a lot of data while you are doing that, you are not sure that you actually have a choice)

    when they have effectively pulled the plug of the machine than begins the investigation and than there are people who will have to go immediately to the firewall, proxy, mailserver and a lot of other servers to go through logs, to combine them, to find a pattern and to effectively find out how he came in and who else maybe infected or compromised and how much data may be lost or compromised

    and finally these machines are just tools, they are just walls and if nobody is looking if somebody is making a tunnel under it or climbing over it, they are of no use

    just something to keep out stupid hackers and scanners

    but surely no specialists in cyberspeionage

    for that you need people behind the boxes, much more dedicated people than boxes