why amazon secondhand bookshop is a real crisiskiller

look at the Belgian online bookshop bol.com

just some of the books about privacy and look at the prices even secondhand (if there are any)

and go than to Amazon and take around 6 Euro for each book for transport and handling if you can wait a few weeks (which would be no problem if you buy books from time to time)

okay and let's take the price of the secondhand book

the thing is that Amazon is really working like a global webservice, it is volume that counts and getting the books in and out as fast as possible, they are not a library, the books have to be sold, not kept at a price untill they are sold at that price, stocking books is far too expensive and the faster they are sold, the more the cost of keeping those books are limited (buildings, electricity, air-conditioning and so on are all costs)

By the way, you can support this blog by sending books from the wish-list or putting a small value on the card

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just one example why ebookprices are a scam today and how to change this

just one example out of thousands

So you could buy a hardcover for less (and resell it)

but your ebooks can't be resold and they are just digital (lose it and it is gone)

so as long as ebooks don't have the model from music (spotify) and movies (netflix) and some publishers it ain't worth the money especially because the costs of handling ebooks is far less than physical books

I love ebooks, don't misunderstand me, but they have to break out of the itunes type of pricing to set the world on fire as some visionaries have thought

the problem is that they think that if they make it too cheap that it will be distributed all over the web - but that isn't the case because the number of digital books in the p2P platforms is quite limited next to the number that are available and their downloads aren't that enormous

and every book and reader is different

* some only read online (even if reading online is different)

* some read it on paper and like to have a digital copy because they don't have the space, or because they want to resell the paper version or because they like to work on the digital copy (making notes) and not in the paper version

and that may be different for each reader, each book or each task (something you read to entertain yourself is something different than if you have to read for your work or something of which you only read a few chapters but have to able to do a search in the other chapters for specific information the moment you need it (software books for example)

some books may need digital updates while you wouldn't find it necessary to buy the new edition on paper (because only 10 out of 200 pages have been changed)

some books need their permanent updates with other information and comments from readers and specialists

and so the book is a format, a channel in the bigger question of how you want to organize information - established and the new information and will become available

but as a format it still has to have its revolution

although Amazon is changing things faster than anywone could have imagined. The only problem is that it hasn't started the ebook revolution because the publisher see Amazon as their biggest enemy and not as their biggest opportunity because if one company today is capable of integrating the ebooks and the paper versions as complementary channels of knowledge and artistic distribution integrated in the new possibilities of the biggest library ever created (the web) it is Amazon - but for that you need bigger mind at the biggest companies who are trying to hold on as long as possible to their established business practices and trying to push the ebookbusiness in it as long as possible. They forget that this was already tried by the music and filmindustry who are only now learning how to earn more money with less costs by using the digital formats and channels in an intelligent way.

there will be a day when we will subscribe to the internet and integrate in our package access to films, music, newspapers and books as much as we want (and can use because there are only 24h a day) and pay for it each month

and for those publishers and authors who only see the bad things of the digital format, imagine that all those books that you have published would become part of that library and you could again start earning money on it without printing anything - except when you have received payment for it (print on demand) than there could be millions of books out of print that would re-enter the market and naturally the public discussion and debate (without having to wait untill someone scans it and throws it on the internet because there are no copies in any library)

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new way of working here (and treating with much data)

there is a lot of information that comes in

the internet is the biggest library or newspaper ever

so to keep a bit in order you have the RSS FEEDS at netvibes.com/mailforlen (organized around subjects) This is a dynamic library (there are about 200 waiting to be added) and you have the twitter feeds twitter.com/mailforlen but the lists I haven't updated since long because it is only really interesting when things are going on

to keep it a bit more organized you have the LINKS at diigo.com/mailforlen where they are organized in lists (some are archived). It is for me also a way to keep a bit of order and to know what I have visited and what I have to do and to have a searchable library (for the moment there are nearly 150.000 links but in some categories (scribd and youtube the links are in fact dead and others have gone behind a paywall)

is there more I could do - there is always more and maybe there will be more - if I want to make more time to it and for the moment I am reading reading reading so organizing and collecting  is less of an importance for now

but there is some new stuff

you can find all the links of the day and some screenshots - so I don't have really to safeguard the articles (everything that is interesting I keep as an pdf, you never know when you will have to pay or when it is gone) at

http://belseclinks.blogspot.be  the atom rss feed doesn't seem to work at skynetblogs

not all links are ITsecurity, security is for me part of society and you have to keep a watchful eye on society to be sure that you are right about the kind of security that you would need or that is possible or acceptable

the reason is also that I can't upload directly from diigo.com to this blog so I have to use blogger instead

okay it is one more way but you can insert the rss feed of belseclinks and so you get the links - next to the hardhitting stuff here

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hundreds of links to go through





only the most interesting posts are also posted here

you find more screenshots at http://belseclinks.blogspot.be


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you can cross-post or post on this blog too if you are belgian and have some guts

or you can give us information that we will use

it is even not sure that we will publish it

it can just arrive there where it should have been in the first place so it could be solved

at the other side

if there are researchers, itsecurity and privacy activists or lawyers wanting to cross post or post their pieces here

than you can always ask

it has to be about belgian subjects or have a big impact on itsecurity

we have already a group of informers and helpers and one co-writer

so if you feel like it, contact me

these are very interesting and exciting times

maybe you want to be in the backoffice and see it happen

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funny : switzerland opens an Sex-indrive (video)

even the reporter is having some fun ...

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the best and easiest way to stay informed about this site

take the newsletter and you get every day the headlines in your mailbox

easy, direct

or take the feedburner format which is the same thing

or the rss feeds that you can incorporate in your outlook, rss reader or your website

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the newsletter will arrive once a day

seems that there was some confusion with me about how to implement it

it will now arrive once a day but not very sure it will have all the new posts as these come during the day

or every so many days

there is also the newsletter by feedburner

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#icss2013 download the presentations

Here are the presentations

you will find some very interesting presentations and some papers about cyberstrategy

but the papers are only part of the presentations and mostly in this powerpointisme it is just a bunch of words and phrases

the best things or the things that make you really understand what it is all about are said in the conference

so thinking that you can skip the conference by just reading the papers is in fact fooling yourself

tomorrow second day

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the ebookrevolution in your language will only start when Amazon arrives

look at what Amazon did in Japan and how it changed the ebookparadigma

"The Japan Kindle store, which opened last October, offers more than 140,000 Japanese-language titles. It added 7,000 more titles in just the last 30 days. Kodansha now has 10,617 e-book titles available on the Kindle marketplace.

The Kobo store advertises more than 130,000 e-books, but its limited search capabilities make browsing that inventory difficult. The Sony marketplace offers more than 108,000 Japanese-language titles.

Before the Kindle’s arrival, both Kobo and Sony’s marketplaces each offered fewer than 80,000 e-book titles. Without a popular marketplace, Rakuten and Sony failed to convince the top two Japanese publishers, Kodansha and Shogakukan, of the profit-generating potential in e-books. Digitalization of their titles proceeded slowly.

Amazon, however, had experience in the United States selling e-books and brought that experience to Japan. That made all the difference for fence-sitting publishers experiencing dwindling profits.

Sales of books and magazines in Japan declined 3.6 percent in 2012, according to the Research Institute for Publications, the eighth consecutive year of declining sales. E-book and e-magazine sales, however, increased by an estimated 18 percent, and the growth potential for e-publishing in Japan is expected to increase following proposed copyright law reforms announced last month by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. The changes, aimed at combating piracy and developing the e-book industry in Japan, are on the agenda for next year’s Parliament session.

so the publishers in other languages can only keep Amazon away by closing down their market by a fair price, a big offer and a easy website to use

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amazon breaks the ebookscam with new program and gives an example how to offer digital versions

You want to buy a digital version and it is as expensive as the hardcover or the digital version costs more than a secondhand one (also on Amazon)

this new program will change the ebookmarket - as Amazon has changed the bookmarket  several times and nothing will be the same

imagine buying the book to read on paper and in digital version if you want to search something up or keep it as a reference

this is especially great for scientific and non-fictional books

you may like to read the paper books but on your kindle you can have a digital version and if in a debate or article you ask yourself wasn't in that book that there was proof that this is not true you can search it up in a snap

it would be great if you could do this also for films on dvd or music on vinyl (this would also kill the need for illegal downloads with most people if you could go back years to buy the digital versions instead)

"On Tuesday, the company plans to announce a new program, Kindle MatchBook, that lets its customers buy the electronic versions of books they have already purchased in print form for either $2.99, $1.99, $0.99 or free. That’s far less than the $11 or more that Amazon typically charges for standalone purchases of the latest Kindle titles.


One benefit of MatchBook is that Amazon will let its customers buy Kindle editions of books that they purchased in print as far back as 1995, the year Amazon opened for business. The discounted Kindle edition prices apply to book purchases made in the future on Amazon too.

the biggest ebookscam is still Google books - and the other ebookpublishers (because the first is blocking the downloads in Belgium and other countries and the second group are asking prices that are just ridiculous)

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passwords are unsecure : this cracks passwords with 55 characters

One of the world’s leading password crackers just got better and is now able to crack passwords of up to 55 characters in length and algorithms such as TrueCrypt 5.0+, LastPass and Samsung Android Password/PIN.


The latest version of hashcat, oclHashcat-plus v0.15, was released over the weekend. It is, says lead developer Jens Steube under the handle Atom, “the result of over 6 months of work, having modified 618,473 total lines of source code.”

Hashcat is a freely available password cracker. It is clearly a dual-purpose weapon: it can be used by security auditors to stress-test company passwords, and it can be used by criminals to crack lists of stolen passwords. One of its biggest weaknesses had been an inability to handle passwords in excess of 15 characters: until now – the new version can handle passwords and phrases typically up to 55 characters in length. 

“This was by far one of the most requested features”, notes Steube. “We resisted adding this ‘feature’, as it would force us to remove several optimizations, resulting in a decrease in performance for the fast hashes.” So the new version also comes with a downside – a performance hit that “typically averages around 15%.”

In reality, this probably won’t worry its users too much. It is an off-line cracker, which means it cracks lists of passwords.

double authentification is the only answer - the login securitywar is over and lost

it also means that all those lists with logins with more than 15 characters can now be cracked

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getting 10 terra free online but .....

first it is in China - so let's try sending thousands of publications about democracy and tibet online

secondly you have to know Chinese

thirdly you will need a tablet because sending 10terra from your Iphone looks like nearly impossible

in fact it means that free storage has passed the ridiculuous offers by Skydrive, Google and consorts and is following the road taken by flickr and mega


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Nearly 100 new or updated windows FREEWARE

a bit for anything from media to security updated the last week


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Usable freeware updates

freeware for handling ebooks

Calibre 1.1
See related eBooks
1.1 08/30/2013
Download Now
Calibre Portable 1.1
See related eBooks
1.1 08/30/2013
Download Now

freeware for recuperating files that you think you have deleted

Recuva 1.48.982
See related Backup Software
1.48.982 08/12/2013
Download Now

Freeware to make a clone of your harddisk

HDClone Free Edition 4.3.4d
See related File Management
4.3.4d 04/17/2013
Download Now

Freeware to synchronise files 64bits

BestSync 2013 (64-bit)
See related Data Transfer & Sync Software 08/30/2013
Download Now

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belsec censored in some financial and public institutions

Yeah I am a very dangerous hacker for them

blocked so you can't read it when you are working there

and you should be reading this because it is part of your job of what you should know to be able to function and to re-act the right way and to know where to look for information or to know if something has happened that changed all what you did know before

are you blocked at your work ?  let it be known in the comments .....

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flickr.com from yahoo gives ONE TERRA FREE PHOTOHOSTING (Picasa's Google 600 dollars)

I have to read it again to believe it

but there I went to control it and it was true

it is just another name for unlimited hosting

and a publicity for never go anywhere else, stop looking

not only is it one of the biggest collections and communities of photofanatics and collectors

it also has a web2.0 interface and functions

tip : before uploading make your new sets in the interface for sets not for uploads otherwise it won't work

so yahoo is getting more traffic again than Google

well their mail is more private than the contextual analyzing of the content of your mails in Google

their flickr environnement and hosting is now much better than picasa which can cost you a lot of money if you would like more than they offer for free

and in news, it is just news as we are used to it, filtered, selected, packaged and presented with just the most interesting things (not the most original or important things) above and that goes for the whole line of news - whatever the subject

so for the moment, Yahoo seems to have three winning products, news, mail and pics

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For Europe Belgium has still no central cybersecurity plan

on the site of the ENISA the European central organisation to coordinate all the initiatives and documents, Belgium is not present on the page with the other national cybersecurity plans of the other European countries

there are others off course, but we are the host for the European institutions (so if we would now take 10% of what we earn by their presence and put it into a 'securitybudget' than there would be enough for all the different kinds of security one would need to keep them secure (they are, but this is luck and an effective organisation but not because the funds, people and resources are planned)

off those who have a plan only three were adjusted in 2013 (can be a formality)

off those who have a plan only three others were longerterm plans (even if you could have questions about a plan that goes into 2019 when you know how fast things change in this sector)

the majority of the plans were made in 2011 which is already 2 years behind us

You could say that not having a plan is worse than giving the illusion of a plan (even if two are not in english and will for that reason have some problems being understood by the international community)

Belgium is off course not alone, there are many countries that have not yet made or sent their plan like Span, Portugal, Ireland, .......

instead of having enormous never-ending conferences and debates and giving money for reports from which we know what will be in it (because it is already in 100 other reports) we should make it an obligation for every European country to have a central cybersecurity framework that would have to be revised every year and made public - even if the EU would have bring in some money to help translations, research and informationcollection initiatives

after that step it could be formalized with miniimal requirements and quality indicators and experiences could be exchanged between countries (for example the parliaments who have to oversee those plans and their implementations)

here is the list of the other central cybersecurityplans

European Union

Austria Austrian Cyber Security Strategy (2013)

Czech Republic Cyber Security Strategy of Czech Republic for the 2011-2015 Period (2011)

 Estonia  Cyber Security Strategy (2008)

 Finland  Finland's Cyber Security Strategy (2013)

 France Information systems defence and security, France's strategy (2011)

 Germany Cyber Security Strategy for Germany (2011)

 Hungary National Cyber Security Strategy (2013)

 Lithuania Programme for the development of electronic information security (cyber security) for 2011-2019 (2011)

 Luxembourg  National strategy on cyber security (2011) - in french

 The Netherlands  The national cyber security strategy (2011)

 Poland Govermental Program for Protection of Cyberspace for the years 2011-2016 (2011) - in polish

 Romania Cyber Security Strategy in Romania (2011)

 Slovak Republic National Strategy for Information security in the Slovak Republic (2008)

 United Kingdom  Cyber Security Strategy of the United Kingdom (2009)

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Brucon hackers conference in Belgium end of september (downloads)

If you want to read what has already happened on Brucon during the last editions you can download all the stuff here (creative commons) in one folder (without torrent trackers :))

THis is the program for this year



  • Justine Aitel - Head of Digital Infrastructure and Security at Dow Jones
  • Dan Guido - CEO of Trail of Bits




  • Aloria - .NET: The Framework, the Myth, the Legend
  • Tiago Balgan Henriques - Realtime analysis and visualization of internet status : from malware to compromised machines.
  • Robert Graham - Data-plane networking
  • Jake Valletta - CobraDroid
  • David Perez/Jose Pico - Geolocation of GSM mobile devices, even if they do not want to be found.
  • Russ Gideon - Paint by Numbers vs. Monet
  • Arron Finnon - NIDS/NIPS : What is the OSNIF project?
  • Erin Jacobs - Taking the BDSM out of PCI-DSS through open-source solutions
  • Gene Kim, Alex Hutton, David Mortman, Kris Buytaert, Patrick Debois - A panel on DevOPS and Security
  • Stephane Chenette - Firedrill : offensive defense to better protect your network.
  • Vaagu Toukharian - HTTP Time Bandit



  • Ioannis Koniaris - Analyzing Internet Attacks with Honeypots
  • Christopher Lytle - Crypto by example - A hands-on cryptography workshop
  • Carlos G. Prado - Automating RE with Python
  • Sandor Pereiro de Melo - Kudo : Post Mortem Forensic Analysis with FLOSS tools 2.0
  • Willi Ballenthin/Michael Sikorski - Winter Cluster: Builiding a malware 'agglomerator'
  • Didier Stevens - Advanced Excel Hacking


Tickets can be bought here

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how to use mega.co.nz as a mailservice even if it doesn't has a mailservice in 5 minutes

first you have to set up an account with mega.co.nz

than make a new folder called for example 'contacts'

make under that folder subfolder with names or emailaddresses of contacts

than click right and chose share for each contact subfolder

than chose the rights and fill in the emailaddress

now write your email or text

upload it to the folder

mega will send a message and a link to the emailaddress you have specified (for example a temporary email)

"You've got data! xxxxx wishes to share a file folder with you.
To see and access it, please create your free MEGA account by clicking
on the following link:

https://mega.co.nz----rest deleted

Due to our cryptographic security model, the owner of the shared folder
needs to be online during or after your registration for you to gain access.

Best regards,


the receiver has to click on the link and has to create a new account

when he did he can see the folder (and has 50GB online free space)

as long as you keep the files and text online (and use a safe computer and browser the securityproblems are limited and interception is more difficult - although never say never)

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