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  • #belsecparty book : Guide pratique du risque informatique pour le chef de l’entreprise

    Guide Pratique CE FIC 2010 Avec Preface

  • #belsecparty book defense numerique

    Guide de Auto Defense Numerique

  • #belsecparty book : tips for whistleblowers

    well, in Belgium they get prosecuted, fired, robbed, .....

  • #belsecparty book : the ITsecurityreport 2010 for Belgium a Belgian association that tries to promote itsecurity in Belgium 20110324_overzichtbelangrijkeinformatiebeveiligingsbedreigingen2010_LSEC

  • #belsecparty documents : default password list

    ah the number of installations with still their default passwords Default Password List

  • #belsecparty book : new homegrown terrorism by lone wolves

    nothing new because the nihilists have done the same thing

    LW Complete Final