the international financial industry is now turned upside down by US antifraud law

"Observers said fund managers are becoming more conservative in the wake of global developments such as the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act and other U.S. efforts.

Following large settlements paid to the U.S. by Credit Suisse Group AG and BNP Paribas SA, "Other countries are getting angry about the size of the fines and are grumbling about retaliation," said Jonathan Lachowitz, a cross-border investment adviser based in Lexington, Mass., and Lausanne, Switzerland.

Mutual funds are regulated differently from other investments and could be a target, he said.

David Kuenzi, an investment manager in Madison, Wis., who works with Americans abroad, said that selling U.S. mutual funds to those investors had long been prohibited. "But it was matter of 'Don't ask, don't tell.' Now the firms are getting more aggressive about compliance," he said.

A spokesman for Putnam Investments said the firm is no longer accepting additional investments into existing accounts held by non-U.S. residents.

The spokesman said the changes were made "in accordance with U.S. anti-money-laundering and 'Know Your Customer' policies" and in response to recent tightening of European laws limiting sales of funds not registered in their jurisdictions.

this is a fundamental change that will change the Financial industry for ever - especially after the enormous fines that BNP-Paribas has received and which are the real incentive for every US firm to abide by the rules nobody cared about before.

this is a bit like our information securitypolicy - don't ask and we don't do anything and as long as there are no fines, we really don't care

and you just need one big victim paying a big fine to get a whole industry moving out of fear of being the next one

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boycot Putin FIFA 2018 now - Stop the War Machine - NO JUPILER ANYMORE

source http://www.boycottputinnow.com/inbev/

No more Jupiler for me - there are other beers but check if it isn't part of Inbev

and no vodka either

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Russia implements a chinese wall for webservices


Last night, the Russian State Duma (parliament) passed the first bill requiring that the personal data of all Russians should be stored inside the country.


The effects of the bill, if passed, would be wide-ranging, touching just about every international service used by Russians. Essentially, it would mean that Facebook, Google or any other international online service – including apps – used by people in Russia would need to have physical servers inside Russia’s borders.


Furthermore, these non-Russian companies would not be allowed to send data outside the country unless they can provide certain guarantees on data storage inside the country. For those who do not, the state telecommunications agency Roskomnadzor will require carriers to restrict access to those services.


The bill also proposes amendments to laws covering personal information and data protection.


A rough Google translate version of the key part of the bill says:


“When collecting personal data, including through information and the internet telecommunications network, the operator is required to provide a record that the systematization, accumulation, storage, updating and retrieval of personal data of citizens of the Russian Federation, is held on databases located in the territory of the Russian Federation.”


If this law is enforced to the letter — it would take effect in September 2016 — it could mean a fundamental change to how both international and Russian tech companies use international hosting services, not to mention huge costs for implementing the changes.

This does not only have an effect on the webservices and apps who would need to store that information in Russia and Russia alone (and according to the Russian laws make it available for surveillance, becoming in fact a Partner or collaborator in the limited democracy autocracy of Putin)

it will also have an impact on anyone working in or with Russians or working from Russia.

If one is really interested in extending democracy a big investment in Tor services and access is one option to bypass these and other limitations.

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this is why a speculator has bought from the FBI the bitcoin cash of Silk Road

The 13 million dollar worth of bitcoins that the FBI had seized from Silk Road was auctioned off for the first time.

'With just 13 million bitcoins in circulation, it can be hard for new companies to buy large chunks of the digital currency without driving prices up. But the arrangement with Draper will help Vaurum provide its clients with easier access to bitcoins. “It’s still quite difficult to get access to bitcoin in these developing economies, Bhama wrote in blog post announcing the news, “and that’s exactly where it is needed the most. Our goal is to build reliable infrastructure and increase liquidity, which are two major challenges in the ecosystem.”

he will use it for his own service company that sets up bitcoin exchanges for companies

before they would have found it to hard to enter the market because there would be not enough bitcoins available for them to have immediately a critical impact on the market

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#ukraine and the threat of war is there again (not before the end of the world cup)

no, you don't have to worry they won't interrupt the matches of the world cup for breaking news that Russian tanks have now officially entered Ukraine - even if every day a few new Russian tanks are crossing the border as gifts to the militia's. This is also the reason why it is taking so long because we are no longer talking about simple guerilla's or terrorists but about militia's having tanks, mortars and longrange anti-tank guns and ground-to-air missiles that are being used. This changes naturally the possiblities of attacking them and the dynamics of the battle.

the reason is that they have to hold out untill the middle of July because the Russian Army is regrouping its troops at the Ukranian border (according to NATO and the Pentagon) and all this is just the mathematics of the logistics. How many tanks can you move from point 1 to point 2 with all the facilities for the people and the necessities for the hardware (like fuel). And we are not speaking about a few tanks here and there but about hundreds or thousands of tanks and people and trucks and so on that have to move and be prepared and approvisioned to be able to continue its attack inside Ukraine without having to wait for fuel or ammunication

all the rest is just propaganda and trying to get the best image possible in the international press and if that is not possible to have the best framework possible to be able to sell it more easily to their own public and the not-so-interested public in the west (who only read a few headlines).

it was not the president who broke or ended the ceasefire. There was no ceasefire because the firing never ceased and the only effect of the ceasefire was that the governmental troops couldn't go on the offensive which meant that their actions were very limited. The ceasefire was also necessary for the Russians to bring in more arms and tranks across the border withoiut being noticed or stopped.

these are not terrorists, guerilla's or so on. They have tanks, mortars and all kinds of specialised hardware. So don't feel sorry for them. They can defend themselves and they even attack military positions all the time.

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the new Islamic Reich that ISIS wants to build (also in Europe and Africa)

well you can't say that you didn't know

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#ukraine Putin speaks peace but still infiltrates his tanks piece by piece

this is one from yesterday

meanwhile the International press is writing withoiut questioning that he is showing his good intentions and that some European countries are believing him

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US army reservists train soldiers in Cybersecurity and cyberwar capabilities

""This course really helps us get our workforce certified and trained in concert with their active component brethren," said Senior Chief Information Systems Technician Ramon Cuevas, N7 senior enlisted advisor for Commander Information Dominance Corps Reserve Command. 

Highly-qualified instructors, composed entirely of drilling Reservists working on Annual Training orders, spent each class day directing students through the challenging course, highlighting such topics as operational security, threats and vulnerabilities, as well as discussing strategies and tactics to those who are charged with standing on the front lines of the constantly evolving cyber battlefield. At the end of the course, Reservists needed to pass a rigorous, comprehensive exam in order to achieve certification. All 11 students passed the test.

Focusing on the "bottom line," Director of Training (N7), Shawn L. Smith, explained the necessity to always take "the approach that best serves the mission" first. Stressing fiscal re-sponsibility and the welfare of every Sailor, Smith recognized early that Reserve Component (RC) service members, already providing certification training to AC units, could be optimally utilized by serving as instructors to RC commands as well, reducing costs for the DOD across the board. By exercising this cost-effective tactic, Smith believes the Navy is getting "the most bang for our training buck."

As outlined in his Navigation Plan for 2013-2017, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert expressly stated the Navy's intention to "fully exploit cyberspace and the electro-magnetic spectrum as war fighting domains." This mission directly calls upon highly trained, operationally ready ITs to "defend our computer networks, sustain information assurance, devel-op network operations technology, as well as educate the next generation of cyber operators."

By implementing this new, stream-lined training model, SRP aims to coordinate its training mis-sion with the objectives set forth by the CNO, concentrating on delivering top-quality instruction to future cyber war-fighters, equipped with the skillset to maintain sustainable deterrence throughout the cyber world. 

Figuring out better ways to utilize ITs throughout the RC and developing a more capable ready response force is at the center of what Capt. Andrew Caldera, deputy commander, Information Dominance Corps Reserve Command sees his office supporting  "The Reserves' role, first and foremost, is to be a strategic capability, ready to deploy forward, whenever needed," said Caldera.

reservists I read

giving training and courses to Professional soldiers

helping soldiers to protect their lives by having secure networks during military operations

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human geography is now an important part of us international foreign operations

 "Human geography is a multi-discipline study of the Earth and how people move across it, where they gather and how they interact there. It combines numerous fields including history, political science, economics, geology, urban studies and anthropology. Studying human geography can be very important for soldiers, Lohman said, noting on-the-ground knowledge can indicate what is normal and what is out of place in a society, a province or a village.


In five deployments to Iraq with Special Forces, Lohman said, “we learned everything about an area before going there.” The important part of that learning, wasn't just the facts like what percentage of the populations was urban or who the local power players were, but “how is this going to affect what we're doing when we're there.” In short, area analysis and mission analysis, he said.


While human geography isn't a panacea for every military challenge, “it can provide a greater understanding of this world we live in and hopefully, we'll make fewer mistakes,” he said.

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Amnesty International launches a panic button for activists that will get them all in prison

"now they're being designed for a different but similarly vulnerable group: the political or human rights activist. On June 23 Amnesty International released their secret alert system for activists, an Android app called Panic Button. Panic Button (Beta), which techPresident covered at an earlier stage last year, is now available for download in the Google Play Store.


The way it works is simple: in an emergency, pressing the power button in rapid succession will activate the alert, sending a text message and regular location tracking information to trusted contacts. The hard work takes place offline: choosing three trusted contacts; figuring out a plan of action in the event that they receive an alert.


The app shields user data with a disguise screen and pin number, although the protection is limited.


They also warn that the identities of users and their contacts are vulnerable: “A competent adversary might be able to find out about your location, that you are alerting your contacts or the identity of your contacts.”

I don't think that the people in Amnesty International who made this app have any idea how strong the Tools are to incercept anything that is installed or transferred from and to mobiles.

Installing and using this app seriously undermines the security of yourself and all of your contacts and will in fact make it much easier for the security services during their repression to select only those contacts that matter (because you can't attack all those contacts that are in one's mobile but knowing immediately which ones are part of a network is much more important)

if you are Wise you send an sms or message to someone specific who knows that if he receives this that you are in trouble. This is a century old trick that probably is still proving its usefulness. Naturally the message should be normal and should be hidden in a flood of other messages or a conversation that is as normal.

it can even be a picture that you send

but definitely not this app that Amnesty International should retire immediately except if they have too few dissidents that are being tortured and murdered for the moment and they need some new victims for their fundraising (cynical)

if I was an intelligence service I would promote this heavily by my infiltrators in networks of dissidents - definitely

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in this picture you will see why this 'comedian' is making jokes about the holocaust

it is in this picture because if you wear this, you don't know what you are wearing and doing

there is a good book you should read 'der ist wieder da' (translated in dutch and so on) which shows that at present you could say whatever as long as it looks like an imitation or funny but that people seldom think about what is being said

I just hate all those stupid standup comedians who have only 10% of the brains monthy python had and are in fact no better than the 'always funny guy' at the bar telling loudly his stupid remarks and jokes thinking he is the smartest guy around

they are popular in the present pop culture but I like more sketches and shows and things that are thought-through instead of just rattling a series of quick remarks and socalled jokes

and if it doesn't sound right than there is something not right about it - final (especially on television)

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new bank trojan steals half a million Euro in a week and something easy banks could do

source http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/luuuk-cybercrime-campaign-steals...

but in the document there is something interesting

"The stolen money was passed on to the crooks’ accounts in an interesting and unusual way. Our experts noticed a distinctive quirk in the organization of the so-called ‘drops’ (or money-mules), where participants in the scam receive some of the stolen money in specially created bank accounts and cash out via ATMs. There were evidences of several different ‘drop’ groups, each assigned with different sums of money. One group was responsible for transferring sums of 40-50,000 Euros, another with 15-20,000 and the third with no more than 2,000 Euros. "

transferring 40.000 to 50.000 Euro online without any double verification ? WOW

we have blocked our creditcards and bankcards to a certain amount each month (not more than a percentage of my low wage) so even when it gots abused they can't empty an account or abuse it

it seems now that online this is totally different

well give me the possibility to block any transfers bigger than x online that I didn't authentificate or approve after or before or something like that

just common sense

it would be as effective as the rule that you now have to tell your bank you are travelling to some country if you want to use your bankcard outside of Europe (the fraud diminished by the millions instantly)


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US tech companies in Ireland, Holland and Luxembourg may finally have to pay taxes

The European Commission has told Ireland it may investigate more companies as part of a probe into the country's tax practices, after announcing a formal probe into Apple's Irish subsidiaries.

The EU is investigating whether Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands have attracted investment and jobs by helping big companies avoid tax in other countries, including EU members.

Corporate profit-shifting has come under the international spotlight in recent years following reports of how companies such as Apple and Google use complex structures to slash their tax bills.

so instead of claiming that they are socially responsable companies blablablabla

they should pay their taxes like any other firm or worker

they make enough profit anyway


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here you can follow the other news about the World Cup (local protests)

Use this search in Twitter  https://twitter.com/hashtag/FifaGoHome?src=hash

and so on



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why the securitychecks on airplanes will become even more stringent soon

there are new fears and threats

"The U.S. government had obtained intelligence that associates of an al Qaeda affiliate in Syria – the Al Nusrah Front – and extreme elements of other radical groups were being joined by operatives from al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the Yemen-based group behind the failed underwear bomb plot on Christmas Day 2009 and the plot a year later to take down cargo planes over the United States with explosives packed into printer cartridges.

And the groups are jointly working to produce new and “creative” designs for nonmetallic explosives, leading U.S. analysts to believe that the group of radicals, who have worked with Al Nusrah Front, might be looking to target a U.S.- or European-bound plane, sources told ABC News.

the first problem is that the different groups have united their 'scientific' and 'organizing' talents in setting up new kinds of attacks against Airlines (because an attack against an airline has an enormous political, PR and economic impact)

the second problem is that with thousands of youngsters with international passports fighting in Syria (which is one of the main reasons to stop this war with all means as soon as possible) it will become much easier to bypass all profiling and databases to only double check certain persons

so don't be surprised if you have to be three hours before departure in the airport, if you are questioned more thoroughly and if for any reason or suspicion you are refused boarding

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