the rotten US mortgages are back again.... since 2008 (when the financial system nearly collapsed)

yep, they are trying to explain them away - but that they did also in 2008 - so there is no reason to believe them this time because it is the same old stupid trick (you put some really rotten financial loans in a big back of good financial products and sell them together saying that the global risk is 10% for example but without guaranteeing that it will stay 10% and when it is proven that one such back is in fact nearly totally rotten (because of unexpected economic circumstances not foreseen in the calculation of the risk) than all the other bags (even if they are totally different become suspicious (even if that is because the calculation of the risk is to be overdone every so many hours) and they all have to be sold at very low prices creating huge losses for those who have bought them and eventually used them against other good loans they can't repay or guarantee any more). 

so who is buying them and I hope that they are not being bought by banks that were saved with money from the taxpayers and those who would buy them should be told that they will not be saved by the state next time 

if they want to take the risk - than they take the risk - alone and with their own money 

source http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-11-12/bank-of-america-citigroup-said-to-sell-soured-home-loans.html


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two important facts about the fast increasing number of incidents with Russian military might at the European border

First, it takes a long time to prepare this, it is not done like this on a hunch which means that it is planned, coordinated, prepared and agreed upon - even at the same moment Putin is saying he just wants peace and so on. So there are two faces to Russian foreign policy. The practical guy and the tactical guy. You can chose who to believe and who to trust. If you think that practical things (the economy) will be more important than the military tactics you still think that there is not much to it and that peace will prevail (like good sense). If you prefer to look at the military tactics, than you better start preparing for the worst so you send a message that this guy better starts becoming practical because otherwise he will end up in a dead-end street as his bluff has been called. 

And the more further away or the bigger the incursions, the longer the planning and the preparations. 

And the real question is the following : if all this has been planned long time in advance, what else will come ? And what is the endgame ? 

The first important fact is that this is NOT incidental, this is planned and is part of a longterm strategy based upon a number of suppositions. Understand the strategy and the suppositions and you have a first choice of possible responses. 

Secondly, the number of incidents is not 30, no for Europe it is MUCH HIGHER over the last year. We are already at 100 military incidents in our airspace and before our coasts. 

"Allied jets have intercepted Russian fighter aircraft along Europe’s fringes 100 times this year, three times the 2013 total, according to NATO. The increased activity coincides with the U.S. and the European Union accusations that Russia is fueling the separatist conflict in Ukraine, where a September cease-fire is wobbling. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-11-12/poland-renews-ba...grow.html

THis means that every THREE days there is somewhere at our NATO borders a military incident with a Russian military aircraft, submarine or warship (some nuclear). I repeat - so you understand it - every THREE days. 

So when military commanders start getting nervous and worried, you have to ask yourself how you would react if somebody is knocking on your windows and doors every three days and sometimes is standing in your hall way or kitchen and leaving afterwards saying, sorry - no harm done. 

This is way beyond 'tension' and way beyond 'military incidents'.

This is an explicit military strategy of creating a permanent atmosphere of military tension.

And you only need one ship, submarine or fighter plane to make the mistake of beginning to fire to find ourselves in a totally different situation. And this has happened before. Only at that time the lines of communication between the White House and the Kremlin were still open and there were enough backchannels. With a permanent cutting of ties in all spheres between NATO and the US and the Kremlin at the other side one can hope this will still be the case (even if Obama wouldn't do something military without thinking months about it) 

It does mean for Belgium which has foreseen new cuts in its military forces that it would take years to adapt afterwards to the new international environment and its NATO obligations. Or we should just say that we don't want a Belgian army and want to pay a part of an European Defense Force or NATO force (or combination). But that is a bit difficult if you don't have One Commander in chief but 26 (as if the Governors of the US would decide where US troops would be send abroad). 

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it is not the number of Russian incursions but their strategy that is in fact worrying western military

""What is significant is that across history, most of these incursions have been very small groups of airplanes, sometimes singletons or at most two aircraft," the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, U.S. Air Force General Philip Breedlove, said at a Pentagon briefing.


"What you saw this past week was a larger, more complex formation of aircraft carrying out a little deeper, and I would say a little bit more provocative, flight path.


Every action needs a response and was the response to the first incursions with single aircraft, submarines and boats a bit annoyed, this one got the attention of the highest military planners and eventually our political leaders.

What in fact does he want to say ? 

I will and I can attack you at any time before you can respond ? I am a big nuclear power ? You are just so frightened that you don't know what to do when I decide to become very angry with you ? 

And this from the US to Europe at every existing border in the air or on the sea. 

never before in history have Russian military aircraft taken so many risks in so little time against so many possible targets in such a manner

just needs a small misunderstanding or a defender who is too nervous or not listening anymore to his commanders and wants to show them a lesson ..... to be starging off something 

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#ukraine why Kharkiv is a better target than Mariupol in this offensive

Several terrorist and subversive groups and cells have already been arrested in the city by the Intelligence Service from Ukraine. 

But there is more that story it seems 

"The so-called Novorossia project has foundered in recent months, and could be strengthened if the separatists were able to get control of Kharkiv, Ukraine's second-largest city.


Lozowy notes that the city has "symbolic significance," as well as being a major industrial center.


In December 1917, Kharkiv was the first Ukrainian city to recognize the Bolshevik coup in Russia, and the city served as Ukraine's capital until 1935. Ukraine's largest tank producer is located in the region, among many other military-industrial enterprises.


"Undoubtedly, Kharkiv, which has remained on the whole indifferent to calls to join 'Novorossia,' really upsets certain circles both in Moscow and in the LNR and DNR," Russian military analyst Aleksandr Golts told openrussia.org on November 10.


There is Mariupol but that may seem to be an enormously difficult target and maybe they just will pass it and go on the Crimea to take it on afterwards when it is isolated by land and sea. 

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#ukraine no more trust in #osce mission with Russian observers abusing the mission

strange in any case that one of the parties is observing how its own tanks and military are passing borders that are being monitored by an organizing that is using its official representatives as observers

strange in any case that one of the parties participates in investigations of incidents and conflicts while their army and tanks are on the other side of the front

and it seems just to have become a Russian spy organisation after all

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another world war online (they only defaced a memorial page for a world war)

the other was a real war, so all that talk about cyberwar is for the moment just crap

in Ukraine there is a real war and all cyberactions in Ukraine are peanuts compared to the real war

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All Belgian companies with #luxleaks now public (Also Telenet and Dexia)

find all the documents here http://www.icij.org/project/luxembourg-leaks/explore-docu...

click on search documents, click on skip intro, go down the new page and chose Belgium as a country and than on search and you have them all

some were not published the day the first leaks were published

these are just images, click the link above



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why even Bloomberg wants Juncker to go (or to start an European fiscal revolution)

"Juncker was the prime minister of Luxembourg, a tiny nation with a population 1/17th the size of London's, for almost two decades. In that time, he oversaw the growth of a financial industry that became a tax center for at least 340 major global companies, not to mention investment funds with almost 3 trillion euros ($3.7 trillion) in net assets -- second only to the U.S.


Partly as a result of the Swiss-style bank secrecy rules and government-blessed tax avoidance schemes that helped draw so much capital, the people of Luxembourg have become the world's richest after Qatar. The tax arrangements, described in leaked documents provided by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, allegedly enabled multinationals, from Apple to Deutsche Bank, to reduce their tax liabilities on profits earned in other countries: The effective Luxembourg tax rates that resulted were as little as 0.25 percent. The countries where the money was made received nothing.

If juncker in his last public mandate wants to leave something that will be so enormous that it will be remembered like the European Union itself and the Euro or whatever big that changed the course of history, than he will have to start an European fiscal revolution in which firms and people will have a minimum fair tax wherever they go in Europe and where old havens like Liechtenstein and Monaca lose their fiscal privileges or their membership of the EU.

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#ukraine bored with computergames, go to Ukraine to play real war

these kind of kids go around in Russian Occupied zone to shoot at gas stations and the like

and we have also Russian journalists, western extreme rightwing tourists and Russian militias coming over to have some fun, try to storm something or fire some guns or tanks or artillery

the same happened during the Bosnian war and for more Muslim-inspired bored youngsters there is ISIS now

by the way, you can get killed by the Ukranian army (as a few hundred to thousand Russian families have experienced) - even if you are a socalled professional soldier and you go into Ukraine because you get a lot of money - and your family even more (relative) if you get killed (but don't get wounded).

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this is why our military software and networks have so much vulnerabilities

"Software assurance, the practice of designing and testing software to exclude vulnerabilities, has been apparently neglected completely by the Pentagon and the defense contractors that supply it with precision weapons, ISR, and command-and-control capabilities. With the famous Trustworthy Computing Memo written by Bill Gates, Microsoft embarked on a massive SA effort in 2002 when it became apparent that vulnerabilities in Windows and its applications represented an existential threat to its market. Software development was halted for a full year as every engineer was trained in the methods of code scanning and secure software design practices. While not perfect, that effort paid off eventually. A decade later, the latest versions of Windows are relatively good.


The Pentagon made a mistake common to many manufacturers. They assumed that because their systems were proprietary and distribution was controlled there would be no hacking, no vulnerabilities discovered, and no patch-management cycles to fix them. This is security by obscurity, an approach that always fails over time.

I couldn't say it better myself

before a bullet or weapon is used it is tested and tested and tested over again

not so with software and code and networks...... there are too many suppositions and there is so much neglected that you can't assume that they are safe, on the contrary

this is why it is so interesting to build up cyberwar capabilities ..... because you know that they will work when battle arrives... but what Ukraine shows is that the real battles won't be with software and code but with soldiers, weapons and bullets.... like holding on to an airport with a few guys with only guns and a few tanks

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#ukraine billions of dollars are frozen in offshore accounts to be transferred back


"Our financial intelligence ... identified 42 non-resident companies registered in Cyprus, Panama, UK, Belize, Seychelles which are directly connected with Viktor Yanukovych and his closest associates. From 2010 to 2013 the above mentioned companies through the accounts opened in banks of one of the neighboring countries have transferred the total amount of 16 billion hryvnias," Yatsenyuk said.


According to the Prime Minister, Ukraine has identified all of the above offshore companies, all the names of senior officials and their authorized persons who managed the companies and funds in cooperation with financial intelligence United States, Great Britain, Latvia, Cyprus, and Panama. The State Service for Financial Monitoring blocked the funds in the accounts of 19 non-resident companies.


"The total amount of frozen funds constitutes 1 billion 340 million U.S. dollars," he said.


Investigation materials were passed on to the Prosecutor General, the court's decision confirmed the arrest of these funds. "I would also like to note that a significant portion of the funds was channeled through offshore companies to purchase domestic treasury bonds of Ukraine and Ukraine paid up to 19% annual interest on the money they have stolen," he said.


Yatsenyuk addressed the Prosecutor General, the Security Service and the courts demanding all arrested funds to be officially returned to the state budget. "We are talking about billions of dollars arrested in the accounts. We have all the evidence that it is money stolen from the Ukrainians. Therefore, we expect the completion of a court review and a very active role of the prosecution in investigation and return of the funds to the property of the Ukrainian state, " the Prime Minister said Source: http://en.censor.net.ua/v290393 Source: http://en.censor.net.ua/v290393

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#ukraine new pictures show that #MH17 was shot down by a Russian BUK missile

source http://www.whathappenedtoflightmh17.com/recent-photos-tak...

so this is another discussion to disclose as to what happened 

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#ukraine the international observers of the Russian-occupied 'elections' came from Russia

the OSCE says it - but they didn't do anything else than observe and didn't check anything - as always

there is a Belgian in that group

On 1 November the OT observed the border crossing of a group of 23 civilians from RF to Ukraine. RF border officials later confirmed that the group were “election observers”, allegedly from eight different countries. On 3 November the OT observed the return of a group of so-called observers but could not find out more details about their number and citizenship as interaction with the group was not possible.

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#ukraine just a historical reminder in these hard times what we are fighting for and against

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#ukraine why France should't send the Mistral warships to mad Putin

a very good article http://nomistralsforputin.com/drupal/?q=Demystifying

there is one very good reason not to do it

there are already enough invasions, incursions and incidents to have another batch of them with warships with special troops on them going as far as the North Sea (like a Russian Nuclear ship did lately for the first time since .... the cold war)

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#ukraine disband the #OSCE mission NOW and send new investigators

The OSCE is playing with his credibility in a region where there will be a high need in the future for a mutually respected and trusted institution to inspect peace agreements and make both parties to respect them

the OSCE can't play this role anymore in Ukraine and the people of the OSCE mission in Ukraine have lost all their credibility with one of the parties to be able to pursue their mission as if nothing happened

* they have published reports which are pure propaganda for the Russians and are only based upon Russian versions and in the presende of Russian armed military (which make an objective analysis impossible). They have refused to consider any information or proof coming from the Ukranian side.

* they have been seen to play taxi in their cars for armed russians

* they have been refusing to go and monitor situations at the demand of the Ukranian side

* they have stopped the monitoring of the enormously important border with drones because they were jammed by the Russians and they didn't protest loudly enough to the international community about this sabotage

and so one could go on

the result is that the Ukranians on the ground don't trust the OSCE mission, don't want to work with them and don't treat or see them as neutral (and some even think that they are just Russian spy missions - which is a normal paranoia in war times if the neutrality is not self evident).

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#ukraine we are now living on the edge of military incidents with Russia anytime anywhere

this is the risk that Putin is making with letting his nuclear and military planes, submarines and ships test our defenses all over the world and holding exercises that are so risky that they can spill over in military incidents and conflicts anytime

maybe it is to make it even more clear to the rest of the world that he is really unpredictable as he tries to use this 'advantage' (our fear of his total unpredictability, doing nothing of what a normal responsable leader of a big 'empire' with nuclear weapons enough to blast the whole earth 100 times to pieces is supposed to do and doing always the opposite (ignoring the crashdown of his economy) and bordering on the totally stupid (not respecting a more than honourable temporary peace in Ukraine that the West has pushed down the throat of the Ukranians)

these are our three moments on the edge for now

"mid-air collision with passenger plane On 3 March this year, an SAS passenger plane taking off from Copenhagen with 132 passengers bound for Rome had a close encounter with a Russian reconnaissance plane which did not transmit its position. A collision was only avoided because of good visibility and the alertness of the SAS pilots, according to the report. The incident, which happened 50 miles south-east of Malmo, in Sweden, was before the shooting down of the MH17 passenger plane over Ukraine. Russian-backed Ukrainian separatists were blamed for the July missile attack.

Simulated cruise missile attacks on North America In early September this year, Russian strategic bombers in the Labrador Sea near Canada practised cruise missile strikes. The Russian aircraft stayed out of Canada’s airspace but it was still a provocative move in light of the Nato summit at the time, according to the report. Cruise missiles launched from the Labrador Sea would have Ottawa, New York, Washington, Chicago and America’s Norfolk naval base in range.

Black Sea encounter On 7 September, the Canadian frigate Toronto was buzzed by a Russian aircraft in the Black Sea with the plane coming within 300 metres. The Toronto locked its radar on the Russian plane but took no further action as the Russian plane was not armed. The incident coincided with larger Russian larger naval combat training activities near Sevastopol. “Such aggressive behaviour, if repeated by an armed aircraft, could have resulted in the ship commander targeting the aircraft in an act of self-defence,” the report says.

meanwhile the communicationlinks between NATO and Russia are becoming every month even more limited as one or both sides are cutting them (and Putin didn't take the phone when Obama or Merkel wanted to reach him when there was a real crisis in the Ukraine and they were having more than enough of this kind of behaviour)

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#ukraine stupid dicks have stupid chicks as chief of staff (what do you have to do ?)

imagine -

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the paranoid worldview of Putin explained by himself #ukraine


Putin went to speak before the Valdai international club - Moscow leaning research institute - where international observers and specialists went to listen because there is no other interview or congress where we would spell out so clearly his paranoid world view - enjoy (if you can)

"Russian President Vladimir Putin participates in Valdai International Club discussion "World Order: New Rules or No Rules?" The modern global and regional security system is seriously fragmented and deformed, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday.


"Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the existing system of global and regional security can protect us from disruption. The system is seriously weakened, shattered and deformed. International and regional institutions of political, economic and cultural cooperation are going through a very difficult period," Putin said at the plenary session of the 11th meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club.


The winners in the Cold War seem to be bent on reshaping the world so that it could better accommodate their own needs, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday in a comment on US foreign policy.


"It looks like the so-called 'winners' of the Cold War are determined to have it all and reshape the world into a place that could better serve their interests alone," Vladimir Putin said at the 11th conference of the Valdai Discussion Forum in the Russian city of Sochi.

"The existing system of international relations, international laws, the system of checks and balances have been therefore declared useless, obsolete and ready to be torn down," the Russian president stated.


The period of the Cold War is over, but the peace has never been made, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

“The ‘Cold War’ is over. But it did not end with peace. [Neither did it end with] a transparent and clear agreement on new rules and standards,” Putin said.

The idea of "national sovereignty" has lost its significance for many nations and is interpreted as they see fit, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday.

"The very concept of 'national sovereignty' is regarded by many countries as something relative. The proposed formula is virtually that the more loyal a regime is to the One Center of Global Power the stronger its legitimacy is," Putin said at the 11th annual Valdai Discussion Club meeting in Sochi, Russia.

"In a world dominated by one country and a group of its satellites, the process of 'global decision-making' often boils down to pushing through their own recipes under the guise of a universal proposal. This group has in fact become so ambitious that its solutions are now passed off as decisions made by the entire global community," the Russian president said.

Disobedience on the international arena is punished with force, economic pressure and meddling in domestic affairs, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday.

"The measures against the 'rebellious' actors are well-known and repeatedly used: forceful action, economic and propaganda pressure, interference in domestic affairs," Putin said at the 11th Valdai International Discussion Club meeting.

Putin also mentioned that 'disobedient' governments could be displaced using "supra-legal" actors.




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Google remembers fall of the wall of Berin and yes I am feeling lucky

that is was living on the western side of the wall

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