#ukraine if you have a page on russian facebook vkontakte close it down if you want to protect yourself and your friends

the original owner has been fired by other investors because they wanted to cooperate with Kremlin

they wanted access to certain info about opponents

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#ukraine joke of the day - funny pic

the cold war is coming near so also new armies popping up everywhere

or who cares that war is being prepared while you can sit on the beach

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#ukraine Bloggers in Russia fall now under the anti-terrorism bill

An amendment to an anti-terrorism bill passed by the State Duma will allow Russian bloggers to be prosecuted for publishing content that is deemed a threat to national security.


The State Duma on Friday voted to categorize blogs as media entities during the second reading of a package of anti-terrorism bills prepared in the wake of last December's twin bombings in Volgograd.


According to the amendment, proposed by A Just Russia deputy Alexei Mitrofanov and Liberal Democratic party deputies Andrei Lugovoi and Vadim Dengin, any blogger, social network site, or personal website receiving more than 3,000 hits a day with commercial advertising on their blog will fall under the same category as other online media.


This means that bloggers will have to verify the accuracy of the information they post, adhere to campaign laws and refrain from publishing any material that could be considered "extremist."


Individuals deemed to be in violation of the amendment could be fined anywhere between 10,000-30,000 rubles ($280-$840) for a first-time offense, and between 30,000-50,000 rubles for repeating the offense within a year.


Legal entities could be fined from 50,000-300,000 rubles for breaching the amendment. If they repeat the offense within a year, they could be fined anywhere between 300,000-500,000 or face a 30-day ban on their administrative activity.

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#ukraine sanctions with a german flavor


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#ukraine Russia makes it easier for foreigners who speak russian to have a Russian passport and more difficult for others

President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a bill that requires foreigners to prove their ability to speak Russian while also giving his seal of approval to a separate bill that will make it easier to grant citizenship to Russian-speakers in former Soviet states.


The new immigration rules for foreign citizens, published Monday on the Kremlin's website, make it compulsory for anyone applying for a Russian work or residency permit to submit a certificate from an accredited institution, demonstrating their knowledge of the country's language, history and its basic legal framework.


Those under 18 years old, over 60 and students at accredited institutions, as well as qualified foreign specialists and their families will also be exempt from the new rules, set to go into force on Jan. 1, 2015.


Foreign residents with education documents stemming from 1991 or earlier from former Soviet countries — where Russian language was a compulsory subject in schools — have also been exempted from the exam.

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#ukraine an example of Newrussia propaganda

this is the kind of leaflets that are distributed

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#ukraine russian seperatists launch anti-semite tv channel

source (google translate) http://www.eajc.org/page16/news44513.html

Armed pro-Russian separatists in g.Slavyansk Donetsk region of Ukraine , acting with the support of Russian military experts, establishing control of the city , yet captured April 17 television tower that transmits TV signals in the Slavonic and other cities in Donetsk region - Kramators'k , Gorlovka and Makeyevka . Separatists disabled Ukrainian TV channels and began broadcasting Russian television conducting propaganda support rebellion.
April 20 separatists at frequencies Ukrainian channel "Inter" has launched its own channel , posted on the Internet a video of this presentation ceremony minutes . Joyful men vying to show off the camera " - Here , Slavic , we nanonsim powerful blow to the conceptual information biblical matrix ... our telecast on zombovescheniyu ... Zionist zomboveschaniyu zomboyaschik ... Zionist ... These are the things guys . Here Slovyansk begins a new story. Slavs Rama toryat way. Victory will be ours . " After such a promising statement as the first transmission on the new channel has been demonstrated lecture late Konstantin Petrov - who died a few years ago, a retired general , who headed the anti-Semitic Russian nationalist- Stalinist neopagan sect and created on the basis of her political party, "the course of truth and unity ." (the site of the party in russian is here http://www.kpe.ru/)

In the near future the site will be posted eajc.org analytical reference Konstantin Petrov and his neopagan National Stalinist sect. In the meantime, we note only that the site "People's Liberation Movement," which begins with the logo launch video broadcasting Slovyansk, the democratic legitimacy of power in Kiev was referred to as "Jewish junta." (see further)

Editorial eajc.org offers a look at this video:


this is from the site of their channel

source http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=...

and next to this text you also find this

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#ukraine russia is now really anxious that time is running out

their movement is losing popular support at an increasing speed

this is in Kharkiv a city with 1.5 million citizens of which at least a third speak Russian

this is the manifestation today that should have been massive enough to take some new buildings (they attacked a police bus and some journalists instead)

that small group there is the manifestation with between 1000 and 2000 persons

of which there are a number of journalists and undercover observers and brought in Russians not locals

the whole day the Russian ministry of Defense have been tweeting threats that sound like they think they have enough proof to begin a 'peacekeeping operation'

there is also a problem with food in the cities that are occupied by russian troops and in the Crimea the situation is becoming critical (that is why the local seperatists asked yesterday to bring food)

so even if their plan failed yesterday they didn't gave it up

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#snowden regrets now his intervention on the Putin propaganda show

how naive can you be

he says now that he sincerely wanted to show the Russian pubic that Putin is just doing the same thing and that Putin is lying about it because everybody knows that the Russian KGB/FSB is doing exactly the same thing

he says that it is impossible in Russia to have a discussion about privacy and complete survaillance because there is no alternative media anymore and others are too scared to even touch the subject

so he thought 'I do the same thing as I did in the USA and let the highest political decision-makers make declarations on tv that are just flagrant lies which everybody would find out about afterwards'

but there is no one in Russia to write about those things so people can only find out through underground press with very limited readership or through international media

he was so surprised by the negative reaction to his performance in this Putin propaganda show that he decided to write a column in The Guardian which he finds very daring and explicit

well if I compare this article with the things that have been written about our democratic elected leaders - rightfully - I just find this piece very lame and no counterbalance to his performande the day before

his biggest problem now is that he can go nowhere else because no country is interested in harboring a 'traitor' of USA intelligence responsable for the biggest intelligence leak of all times - and so he can only hope to stay in Russia (in august Putin will have to make a decision about that) even if he is experiencing close-up that there is not as much room for debate in Russia as in the US (if any)

it also appears that Obama (and probalby a lot of other US officials) took the appearance of Snowden in the Putin Propaganda show as a personal insult which will not make his return to the US any easier

it appears that he took the initiative for his performance, he wasn't asked to, he proposed it himself, naively thinking that this way he could proof that he was as critical of the USSR as of the USA

the result is just the opposite

and that only because he failed to understand that the US is 1000 times more a democracy than Russia right now

if you would have understood that you would never have given such a lame performance on such a staged Putin Propaganda show - but watching Russia today you should have known

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#ukraine intelligence sources have more info on the staged attack yesterday

The person killed this night at the checkpoint in Sloviansk has been identified.

"The deceased is Pavlo Povelko who resided in the village of Oleksandrivka in Sloviansk rayon [district]. His relatives went around the village and collected money for his funeral. Pavlo leaves behind a wife and two small children. He drove his car at night. He was stopped at the checkpoint and shot there. His car was burned. All the residents from Pavlo’s village who talked to our source, said that Pavlo was set up and killed to stage the attack by “Right Sector” and a news story for Russian TV channels. Here’s what type of bloody news is being created for Russian television…

this information-operation group has links with different intelligence services on the ground and tries to get interesting information out to the public without operational intelligence so that manipulated events like the one yesterday are uncovered before they can be used for their strategic goal

according to their sources there was actually a plan yesterday to invade three regions in Ukraine after this event but I suppose that they thought that the Right Sector would now act stupidly by avenging their losses

it was a near-miss but we have still a long way to go


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#ukraine this is why the shooting yesterday was a staged event

from the moment the russian media frenzy started there was something quite wrong but you had to find the proof so people of all kinds started analyzing all the proof that was presented to the local and international press while the commander of the occupying russian forces (there is no better word for it) asked Moscou to send in the troops (and start in fact a war on easter the day before the US vice president would land in Ukraine

but the propaganda work of the Russians is not what it was in your days, Mr Putin. You think that you have the best propaganda (you have but only in the press that only copies what your news agencies are feeding to the world) and the best information operatives but it isn't like in the old days

they are too hasty, they leave too many details behind, they don't think things throu, it was all done too quickly and without real professionals on the ground (giving instructions on the telephone but you can't tell them everything, you can't think of every detail, you suppose that if someone participates in an information operation that he thinks also about the consequences of some small mistake)

"The Russian TV coverage of the story of the “Slavyansk slaughter” starting early  the morning of Easter Sunday contains a major blooper. The cache of so-called Right Sector paraphernalia, proudly displayed to prove its complicity, was already filmed  by Russian TV cameras  during the day of April 19 at least ten hours before the attack. (The camera crew did not bother to remove the date of the filming – the day of April 19). The April 19 film shows the same pile of Right Sector paraphernalia used the next day to prove Ukrainian extremist guilt in broadcasts throughout  Easter Sunday (April 20)! (I imagine some TV personnel are losing their jobs or worse).

"The New York Times featured the “Slavyansk Massacre” in a piece entitled  Mystery Gunfight in East Ukraine Sparks Blame, Counter-Blame. If the Times dug a little deeper, they could have solved the mystery themselves. The famous gun battle on the outskirts of Slavyansk was another example of faked footage of staged attacks.

what is even more interesting is that the big secret GRU officer who has become known to the world as the officer who was coordinating his forces on the ground from his office near the border was before already active in the region of the shooting

"Another character in Ukraine’s case against Russia is Mr. Strelkov, the alleged military intelligence officer who Kiev says took part in a furtive Russian operation to prepare for the annexation of Crimea and, more recently, in insurgent action in Slovyansk.

and those history buffs under us know that it now looks like a stage event like in 1938 the Nazi's did to invade Poland

"This provocation was the best-known of several actions in Operation Himmler, a series of unconventional operations undertaken by the SS in order to serve specific propaganda goals of Nazi Germany at the outbreak of the war. It was intended to create the appearance of Polish aggression against Germany in order to justify the subsequent invasion of Poland.

only than we didn't have twitter and social media and realtime news coverage so the staging of the event wasn't discovered but after the war - this was also why it was important to uncover all the missing links as fast as possible and this is why people made the link yesterday between that incident, the increased readiness of the Russian troops closer to the Ukrainan border, the russian propaganda and the possibility of an invasion or some Russian troops send to a certain region (as a first try)

we are going to see many more incidents like that - they will just not stop trying - and it will be for the western media very important not to become a tool of propaganda because it wants to report it first or faster. In a war faster can have enormous consequences.

for those who want to laugh a bit there is also this quote

"Among the more unusual finds were diapers, which the Russian correspondent explained are worn by snipers, as they hide for hours lurking to shoot innocent pro-Russian supporters. (Strange: If they are hiding, why not answer the call of nature in the woods?)

and now all the mothers understand why there are no diapers any more in their regiona - all these guys with weapons have them because they can't go for 10 minutes to the toilet

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#ukraine this is the soviet declaration of war on Poland in 1939 - looks familiar to russian propaganda now

now you understand why people who have been told or have read about that part of history in the west and the east (even more) are anxious and watch the event with (even sometimes real) bewilderment

read it but change Poland by Ukrain and keep only the russian with the people and read it again and than take the Russian declarations of propaganda and you will see that it is the same

it is the same ideology, it is the same strategy, it is the same madness

but now that we know where it leads to we have to stop it and we can't stop it we have to try to control it and to limit its impact and its possibilities to bring wars

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#kiev funny use of a drone - Ukr flag over russian demonstration

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#kiev #uktraine appeal to the international media : stop being a megaphone of Russian propaganda

According to Syumar, the purpose of the propaganda is obvious:


“To show that the situation in Ukraine is getting out of control even on holidays, to expand the thesis of a ‘civil war’ in Ukraine, and to launch the next wave of ‘media preparation’ to justify an invasion, she says.


She appealed to journalists to verify their information instead of becoming instruments in the information war against Ukraine.


“Russian mass media today is the main source of misinformation about Ukraine. We are preparing appropriate appeals to the world’s leading media companies. This disinformation must be blocked and not replicated. References to Russian media should present it as an example of ‘shoddy journalism,’ given how often it reports the outright lies underlying the ideological myths that are designed to support Kremlin’s plans to conduct a war against Ukraine,” she said.

this is a propaganda war for preparing or holding off an invasion

if you just copy paste the information from the russians than you are helping the preparation of an invasion

Russian Today himself has said that it saw itself as part of the Russian armed forces and you can imagine that most of the Russian media act and think this way or are obliged to (because all critical media has been closed or the people in it have been changed under pressure from the Kremlin)

the least you can do is verify the information

there is no rush to publish information - especially in 'near-war times'

look at the incident today. It was all clearly framed and defined today by the Russian media today and than the proof was staged on site

but once everybody started verifyting the accounts, the information and the pictures of the situation of the cars than it became clear that it is not that clear and that there are more questions than answers

but these won't have the same headlines as the first ones

instant news can be instant garbage or propaganda and than you can have war instantly

even in near-war times you still have to do your job before doing a simple copy-paste

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#kiev the biggest enemy of Putin is time

when you read books about Hitler you understand that the only thing he was really worrying about was time

he had always the feelint that he had to act fast and before the enemy was ready for him (even if he thought that he would die from cancer and would have to do everything before that)

he was afraid that the western world would have finished their re-armement before his original plans to attack the west in 1942 - so he attacked in 1940

and time counted also with the weather - although that doesn't count now as it will be warm for the next 6 months

but time it always played a role

Putin has the same problem with this invasion

* the army and the intelligence services are dismissing non-cooperative officers and replacing them with people who are willing to fight faster than he can corrupt the new ones

* military aid in all kinds of indirect packages and forms is arriving as well as advice and intelligence giving the Ukr army the means to preview his moves and strategy

* Crimea is now in a real bad situation with even food running out and he really needs to stop support from coming through

* the effects of the economic and financial sanctions are starting and the hesitation is growing from the international business and financial world to go ahead with investments and they are also trying to get as money as possible out of Russia

* the political debate over Ukraine in the US is increasing and putting much more pressure on Obama to take some real measures as the Republican Party is understanding that a free Eastern Europe is something that they can use as a better banner than healthcare or budget

* the operatives on the ground have to be paid and fed and this is becoming more difficult as the russian banks which were used are under investigations and the border controls have intercepted some millions of local currency

* warships, airplanes, ground troops are arriving in limited quantities all over Eastern Europe and more is to come

* if the election takes places it will be much harder

* there is no enormous popular support from the local population who in occupied cities are beginning to have enough of the lawnesless and economic standstill and confusion - in some cities there were even big pro-Ukr manifestations

* ukr troops are digging and constructing defense lines, roadblocks and so on making an invasion more difficult every week - it can be done but the losses will be greater

this is why I think that the longer we can hold him up the lesser the possibility of an invasion

but that is rational and I am not so sure that he is a rational man for the moment


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