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  • #ukraine why anybody should stay away of Russian websites and servers


    this is from a warning of the Ukranian authorities but in fact counts for all confidential business and other information because in the present atmosphere everything is possible in Russia

  • #ukraine talk of war and cyberwar is increasing in Russia and how "Hold On security" is helping them

    source :

    It is for this reason that is important that Hold security tells who is having that billion passwords, but at the other hand this isn't important because even in this case the Russian hackers would be obliged by the Russian auithorities to hand over all that data - including the 422.000 vulnerable websites

    and it is for this reason that the fact that Hold On security is playing a very very dangerous game by not giving this data to the international community and the international organisations responsable for the security of our networks and infrastructure.

    it will mean that lots of people will have to cancel their holidays and come back and that thousands of actions will need to be taken

    but it is better that that be held ransom by Russia who may unleash a cyberwar storm uponn our information and networks like we have never seen before (because with all that data that would be possible)

  • #ukraine this won't be WWII now the US has the necessary army and guns

    at the start of WWII the US didn't have an army to speak off and the investments in the army were just neglible because with the worst economic crisis behind them they were investing much more in social security, infrastructure and economic growth

    they needed 2 tot three years to have something of an army and to have enough weapons and boats and places and so on which led to a total re-organisation of the army and of the industry

    the US can not say today that she has no army and no weapons and that it's budget is so small that you can't do anything else than just sit by and Watch

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  • #ukraine the russian invasion is now (soon) or too late to save any militias

    or will he chicken out at the last moment

    and with 20.000 troops how far will you go and how much can you as Russians occupy and keep Under control for how long

    and what will the reaction be because nobody will believe you and sanctions and blockades and desinvestments and refugees and all that will become a vicious circle in which a whole continent will be embroiled while Obama will be now forced to do something if he wants to give the Democrats still a chance to keep the White House

  • #ukraine Russian tv announces that russian peacekeeping forces are standby for invasion

    and there are the symbols again that we saw on the vehicles that were riding to the Ukranian border

    it also explained the spy drones and the continuous shelling of the border zone by Russian artillery

  • gasswire socializes online the verification of information but is easy to bypass

    Grasswire thinks it’s found a solution. Launched about a month ago and billing itself as a “real-time newsroom controlled by everyone,” it functions a bit like Reddit except instead of simply upvoting or downvoting, users can click “confirm” or “refute.” The confirmations and refutations stick with each post so that when the link is shared to social media, whatever factchecking is in place goes along with it. That way, even if a Grasswire link to a false claim is tweeted out or posted to Facebook, once its been refuted all subsequent retweets and posts will surface that factcheck. Co-founder and CEO Austen Allred says in the first two weeks since launching it’s had over 27,000 people post or engage with content on the site.

    but if you have enough accounts you can still manipulate the process because look at the numbers of active readers

    as long as quantity is more important than quality there is no guarantee because nothing will replace the vetting process of Professional standard quality newsorganisations

    it makes the same mistake that other opensource and open knowledge initiatives have made. People don't like to work and so supposing that they will be working with the hundreds at your code or information is no longterm strategy and doesn't guarantee a thing

  • how some online journalists think about online journalism

    "On journalism school: “I’d say don’t bother. Unless you’re learning how to craft the perfect story for the viral web, you’re probably not getting much out of that education.”


    “The most important thing is having a good headline.”


    And my favorite: “Nowadays it’s not important if a story’s real, the only thing that really matters is whether people click on it.”

  • Recruitment portal Linkedin has to pay millions because it didn't pay overtime

    "LinkedIn and the Department of Labor have reached a settlement that requires the professional social network to pay $6 million to 359 current and former employees in lost wages and damages. This comes after a DoL investigation found that LinkedIn failed to document and compensate workers for overtime hours, in a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.


    This is only the latest in a series of wage controversies perpetrated by Silicon Valley’s biggest tech firms, like the massive wage theft collusion scandal between Google, Apple, and others. Unlike that case, where the courts produced documents that showed Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt working with premeditation to keep wages down, there’s no evidence here to suggest that LinkedIn purposely screwed over its workers.

  • #ukraine NATO warns officially of possible impensing russian invasion

    "Stating the conflict in Ukraine was fueled by Russia, NATO said in a statement that the troop build-up had further escalated "a dangerous situation".

    "We're not going to guess what's on Russia's mind, but we can see what Russia is doing on the ground – and that is of great concern. Russia has amassed around 20,000 combat-ready troops on Ukraine’s eastern border," NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu said in an emailed statement.

    NATO was concerned that Moscow could use "the pretext of a humanitarian or peace-keeping mission as an excuse to send troops into Eastern Ukraine", she said.

    seeing that the rebels are losing roads, cities and now even suburbs of Donetsk every day and that the tanks and the military material that was send last week didn't make any difference Putin has not many choices before him

    remilitarizing the border and trying to provoke the Ukraine military in responding to the daily shelling of their territory and troops from Russia is one option, hoping that just as in Georgia he can find a pretext to go in (even if he has to invent shelling by Ukraine)

    giving the troops the looks of a peaceforce and coming in to make a corridor while the humanitarian corridors in Ukraine are first agreed upon and immediately afterwards closed by the rebels is another possible reason

    and so even if we have no war (yet) the tension in eastern europe is increasing again and everybody slowly starts getting nervous

    and sends out warnings and starts mobilizing troops, activating procédures and sending or buying new and more arms

    even if we don't have invasion, war we don't have peace either

  • #ukraine military blogger explains clearly why Russia shot down the #MH17

    This is the BUK system that shot down the airplane

    that is how they are positioned to control a certain territory

    This is how the Russian positioned their control and command posts across the blue border and entered one BUK (yellow line) into Ukraine and where the airplane was shot down (green straight line) in the zone that was controlled by the Russian command and control center (yellow filed) Inside the blue zone that at the time was still occupied by the militias


    and why did they do it

    * to blame the Ukranians  (failed because nobody believes them)

    * to get the sky free of any civilean airplane so they could shoot at anything in the air without fear (done)

  • #ukraine all these russian soldiers wish to show you their pictures from Ukraine

    where they are not there and they never have been and if they die it will be somewhere else in the Russian empire


  • Russia stops import #Polishapples, so we keep them and stop buying Russian stuff

    tit for tat

    if you want to play it like that

    ask your supermarket to change apples from another foreign country by democracyapples from Poland

  • #ukraine Russia has been financing, training and guiding the seperatists since 2009

    source with even more proof

    this is what Hitler did in Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland (finance, train and guide local nazi parties from the beginning to instrumentalize them when they were needed later on (and brush them aside afterwards))

    it is for this reason important that all the countries in the region with Russian minorities start monitoring very closely what the 'Russian' parties and movements do, who they get their orders from, if they receive training and guidance and where the money comes from

    I suppose that intelligence services will be now recruiting russian speaking agents and specialists in Russia all over the world

  • US army starts 3D printing of warheads (when terrorists ?)

    “3D printing of warheads will allow us to have better design control and utilize geometries and patterns that previously could not be produced or manufactured,” James Zunino, a researcher at the Armament Research, Engineering and Design Center (ARDEC) in Picatinny, New Jersey, told Motherboard in an email.


    The ability to print parts previously unimaginable using traditional manufacturing methods could radically open up the possibilities when it comes to what a warhead can do. For example, warheads using 3D-printed components could be designed to be more compact in order to pack in additional payloads, sensors, and safety mechanisms. Planning for printed parts in the design process will also allow the army to precisely engineer the blast radiuses of warheads for maximum effect.


    “Warheads could be designed to meet specific mission requirements whether it is to improve safety to meet an Insensitive Munitions requirement, or it could have tailorable effects, better control, and be scalable to achieve desired lethality,” Zunino wrote.

    maybe this is an idea for our ever disappearing army - we could print our new ships, our new planes and maybe later even our new soldiers :)

    so it all exists - in print

  • Spain wants to put a tax on the hyperlink (bye bye to the .es domain)

    "The hyperlink is a crazy thing if you think about it. One of HTML's most basic building blocks has completely changed the news industry, turning black text into blue (or in Motherboard's case, purple), and taking a practice that was one completely verboten in journalism—snagging a competitor's work—and making it commonplace. But soon, if you want to use them in Spain, it's gonna cost you.

    The law, called canon AEDE, would put a tax on aggregation, and would make it illegal for blogs, news sites, and perhaps even Google News to link out to original sources without paying a fee. Make no mistake, this would fundamentally change how the media industry's link economy currently works (at least in Spain—we'll see if others follow suit).

    it will also be a way to solve the unemployment because the administration and police and registration and appeal administration you would need to implement that is just enormous

  • Russian stranded all over Europe as already 4 Russian airlines went bus because of sanctions

    "Over 27,000 Russian tourists have been left stranded abroad after the collapse of Russian tour operator Labirint. The firm cited a “negative political and economic situation” as a reason for its failure, Sky News reports.


    Labirint is the fourth Russian tour company to tank in three weeks. “We worry that this is only the beginning and that there will be a domino effect,” a spokeswoman for the country’s Federal Agency for Tourism told radio station and news site Echo of Moscow.

    they have bought airbus and boeing and can't receive spare parts or maintenance and so on......

  • Siberian independence movement starting to grow online

    and the effects of it could be disastrous

    except for the enormous big part it has of the Soviet Union it also is very rich in petrol and other materials

    and Russia is even so nervous is has asked the BBC to delete an interview with the main organizer of the march for independence of Siberiaif the BBC didn't want to be blocked throughout Russia. The BBC didn't abide.

    "BBC Russian has been asked by Russian state media watchdog, Roskomnadzor, to remove an interview with Artem Loskutov, a Russian artist and activist, from

    The piece is an audio interview, first broadcast on 31 July as part of BBSeva, a programme which looks at current affairs from a human-interest angle, with a special focus on arts and culture. In it, Mr Loskutov spoke with the BBC’s Seva Novgorodsev about the planned “march for the federalisation of Siberia” in Novosibirsk. On the webpage, the BBC also added background on Mr Loskutov and his previous activities to provide further context to the story. A quote was added from a blog by Mr Loskutov in which he says that as an artist he views the event as “part parody, part provocation, but also, partly, a real attempt to gain autonomy” – but, he adds, as a Siberian, he is trying to raise serious questions about the future of Siberia.