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  • the new US computercrime law (Aaron's law) primarily blocked by Oracle

    "Aaron’s Law would refocus the CFAA to target more extreme criminal activities like phishing for credit card information and injecting viruses onto servers, which was actually the original purpose of the law before it became a favorite litigious tool for all manner of digital crime. This refocusing of the CFAA would come from defining “access without authorization” to mean “actual unauthorized access to information by circumventing technological or physical controls—such as password requirements, encryption, or locked office doors,” wrote Aaron’s Law co-sponsors in Wired last year.


    Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren and Senator Ron Wyden introduced Aaron’s Law last June to much fanfare and positive press—they even got the internet to look over it before they took it to Congress—and now, with the Aaron Swartz documentary Internet’s Own Boy in theaters, I decided to check on the amendment’s progress. Given the internet’s support for the amendment and for all things Swartz, I had high hopes. Shockingly, Aaron’s Law has gone nowhere since last year, and hasn’t even budged from the subcommittee it was introduced in.


    In an interview with a Canadian-based news outlet, Internet’s Own Boy filmmaker Brian Knappenberger cited Oracle Corporation and CEO Larry Ellison as the company primarily responsible for the Congressional inaction. Founded in 1977, Oracle sells tech products ranging from computer hardware like graphics cards to database software. Oracle had financial reasons for keeping the CFAA as is, Knappenberger was told, which included the continued ability to go after competitors aggressively.

  • wikileaks survives today because at the time it bought or received bitcoins at 1 dollar a piece

    Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, was able to guide his organization through massive legal and financial hardships thanks to “strategic [early] investments” in Bitcoin that paid off by growing more than 8,000 percent, Assange wrote in a new book.


    WikiLeaks' public bitcoin address shows a yield of more than $2.2 million in bitcoins from investments and donations. Edward Snowden has also received tens of thousands of dollars worth of bitcoins in donations.

    each is now at around 500 dollars but were at a certain moment at 1200 dollars

    for 2.2 million bitcoins this is the difference between 2.2 million dollars and 1100 million dollars

    which in fact make them rich enough to withhold for long enough even if the creditcard companies and paypal are still blocking most of the money transfers

  • ISIS controls in Iraq more cities and petrol than any extremist organisation ever did

    and this is just the beginning

    because as in Syria they sell that oil and there are people buying it from them

  • #ukraine how hard is it to hack a black box

    "How hard is it to hack a black box? According to technical experts familiar with their design who spoke to Defense One, the answer is not very. Modern-day flight data recorders use solid state drives, SSDs, to store information. Unlike the hard drive in most PCs, SSDs consist of a bunch of memory flash drives stacked on top of one another. They store memory with no moving parts so they are considered far more rugged than conventional hard drives. This is why engineers began using them on planes.


    Ironically, SSDs may actually be more hackable than the conventional hard drives they replaced.  When you overwrite a file on an SSD, you don’t leave the same clear record that you do when you delete a file on your computer. In fact, some members of the computer forensics community have sounded the alarm about the growing popularity of SSDs and the trouble they could cause in terms of evidence discovery and retention in the future. Graeme Bell and Richard Boddington of the University of Murdoch in Australia even went so far as to opine that “it seems possible that the golden age for forensic recovery and analysis of deleted data and deleted metadata may now be ending” because of SSDs.

    they were several hours in the hands of the russians

    luckily this isn't the only source of evidence

  • #ukraine Sevastopol (Crimae) is turning back to the Soviet closed town days

    The city government of Sevastopol has proposed that Russia make it a Soviet-style "closed" city, which foreigners and even Russians living even in other parts of the country would not be able to visit.


    On July 22, members of the Sevastopol legislative assembly formally appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials asking them to impose "restrictions on the stay of people not permanently residing in and not registered in Sevastopol." The annexation of Crimea to Russia earlier this year was accompanied by a remarkable degree of Soviet nostalgia, but the return of closed cities takes that nostalgia to an unexpected extreme.


    According to the website (yes, ".su" as in "Soviet Union"): "The initiators of the appeal are motivated by the fact that Sevastopol is the main base of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia and a factor of stability in the entire region, and so requires a special regime of secrecy and ensuring its security. The deputies believe that the unstable circumstances in the world and the fundamentally aggressive attitude of the Western community towards Russia can attract a host of provocative acts in Crimea and Sevastopol."

  • #gaza every jew is as a zionist as every white person a colonist

    it is necessary not to make an potpourri of all those different things

    zionism is not nazism as nazism has so many aspects zionism will never have, even in its cruelst forms (no gas chambers with 6 million people dead for starters) but that doesn't mean that zionism is not colonism or imperialism or militarism and in some forms even racist

    a jew is somebody who believes in that religion

    Israël is the state where jews and zionists are living together and battling for its soul and in the end one will have to win if there is to be peace in the Middle East (it will be based on military power or on peace agreements depending on who finally wins). And by firing rockets and refusing to accept Israel as a state the Palestinian extremists are making sure the zionists gain or hold on to power in Israel

    by the way those zionists are also looking at Israel in which everybody is part of a community and all members of the community have to agree with the policies the leaders have accepted (even if there has been no real debate) and those who don't agree are looked upon as traitors who are even more dangerous than the enemy

  • how Europe is subsidizing Al Qaida by paying ransoms

    if you add them up, than this makes an important sum

  • #ukraine people living at the Russian border are fleeing for the night

    invasions always start in the early morning

    everybody knows that Putin will have to invade soon if he wants to have some impact on the course of the military events

    everybody knows that the Russian troops are being readied at the border and that it are his intervention troops who are now protected with very heavy military stuff

    so some people don't want to take any risks

  • President Orban of Hungary wants to create an autocratic regime

    Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban has prompted outrage from liberal and left leaning opposition after he announced his intention over the weekend to follow in Russia and China’s footsteps to create an 'illiberal state' in Hungary.

    “We want to build a workfare society... which is willing to bear the odium to declare that it is not liberal in character,” Orban said.

    Orban cited economic unfeasibility as the main fault of liberalism and applauded the political models of countries such as Russia, Turkey and China, speaking at the 25th Balvanyos summer university and student camp.

    “The Hungarian nation is not a mere pile of individuals but a community which needs to be organized, strengthened and built,” he said.

    From the moment you start saying that a country is a community that needs to be organized and strengthened, you mean that there are people who are undermining it and that they need to be eliminated in some way (forced into emigration or put into detention or silenced).

    From the moment you start saying that a country is a community than you are saying that people have things in common and should have in common if they want to become part of that community because if they don't have things in common with the other members of that community than they can't be part of that community and so they shouldn't be in that country

    I am not making this up, after reading now 3 big books abouit Hitler, this is the basic idea of his thoughts - except that Orban or Putin or who-ever will never explicitly say nowadays that there is also a natural leader for that community - that will be done without saying

    the fact that this is happening in Austria should't surprise us because the country hasn't a very long tradition of democracy the only fact that should be worrying is that the European Commission would let this cancer grow any further in Austria and around it

    every time a political or any other leader starts speaking of community instead of humans and individuals living and working together, alarm bells should be starting to sound

    those quotes are one big alarmbell totally red and blue and very very loud

  • and so ends the dream of an independent oil-rich Kurdistan as long as there is no deal with Iraq

    After a legal show-down in Texas this week, the outlook for a handful of tankers holding some $300 million worth of Kurdish oil is not looking good.


    Seemingly unable to find enough buyers willing to take a risk on million-barrel cargoes of disputed crude, the Kurdish authorities are paying over $75,000 a day to keep all three far-flung vessels afloat. A fourth ship began filling up at a terminal on the Turkish coast on Thursday, potentially adding to the tally, Reuters reported.


    Unless they can seal last-minute discreet sales or reach some kind of deal with Baghdad over how to share oil revenues, experts say, chances are slim of unloading ships now dotted around the globe, from Texas to Malaysia. In total, they have already been at sea for nearly half a year.


    "There will not be many people who will want to take the cargo in circumstances where there is a dispute about the ownership of it," said Ben Knowles of law firm Clyde & Co.

  • #ukraine gopro like camera's used by soldiers on the battlefield

    the kind of realtime intelligence strategic military planners would like to have (but is there is encryption otherwise your opponents are also analyzing this stuff) or the kind of fulll reporting they would like to have afterwards without having to make pages of reports

    the other problem will be how to interpret and keep these images and link them to other data

  • #ukraine militarizing the Red Cross transport of wounded people or doctors

    so they are more save than in ambulances everybody is shooting at

  • #ukraine the fragmentation of the Russianrebel occupied zones

    if youi look at this map

    blue is Ukraine and red is rebel forces or Russian forces

    than you will see that the encirclement of the russianrebel held zones are being surrounded and limited

    that the corridor that the Ukr army made between the two socalled people republics is holding

    without a russian intervention this is becoming helpless in the longer term for the rebels

    we are now entering again in some very dangerous and nervous times

    because in the Kremlin everything is possible and on the table

    but as long as no official go-ahead is giving, it will all stay with some arms and some volunteers and guidance